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Any straight guys here...

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Started by #404042 at 04,Aug,13 02:31
...just dying to suck a MASSIVE, FAT, VEINY COCK!? Holy shit guys, I have fucked about 250 women already, and I have never touched a man, but god damn I am DYING to suck some massive DICK! Fuck!

I don't care for guys bodies, guys asses, or any gay shit like that. But fuck if I don't want to suck about 30 dicks right now! I'd love to taste all these dudes cum, too! Fuck yes!

Any other STRAIGHT guys feel the way I do? God damn!

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By #445126 at 06,Jun,15 08:18
Yah, dude. You sound totally straight.
By JustWill at 06,Jun,15 09:08 other posts of JustWill 
I am sad that he is gone. Now I can't ask if all 30 of the dicks have to be MASSIVE, FAT and VEINY. Would he accept wieners that met only two of the three requirements?

Also: How can you doubt his straightness? He has "fucked about 250 women already". How many more must he claim to have fucked before you will believe that he,"DYING to suck some massive DICK!" aside, isn't down with any of that "gay shit"?
By niceonebighead at 24,Jul,17 14:25 other posts of niceonebighead 
im a size guy im straight no kissin butt fuckin nut suckin like ngeice cock im picky sorry butim not age orlooks picky like most gays
By 2nice at 24,Jul,17 19:01 other posts of 2nice 
By bella! at 24,Jul,17 19:50 other posts of bella! 
What part don't you understand?
By JustWill at 25,Jul,17 10:39 other posts of JustWill 
Which part DO you understand?
By Scorps at 31,May,19 14:33 other posts of Scorps 
ROFL Agreed! 😆🤣😂

By #588373 at 31,May,19 01:49
The real question is this: is he qualified to suck a cock he describes? I suck a man who has 9x 6 3/4 " white veiny uc cock and cums a heavy load. He told me most guys bite, nibble, whine and when he wants to push his dick down their throat, he said, it's like hitting a brick wall with his sensitive cock. He tells me I should get paid( that's funny, me charge to serve axman? Never, it's my duty).Oh yeah that man is a grab your face fucker from zwuare 1 and he don't want to wait to slam his dick down my throat from the minute I open my mouth around his cock until he shlots his load deep into my throat. First time and like I said, who cares about what your cock supposedly lacks, he is not qualified is the main point.
Every man deserves to be treated like a king if you drop to your knees in front of him. And a cocksucker would never do anything to hurt a man's cock; that's exactly what he would do. Every man needs a little head my suggestion is keep his fantasies but practice on an average cock first like maybe 5 1/24.5"?
By JustWill at 31,May,19 06:35 other posts of JustWill 
Nope, that's not the real question at all.
By #588373 at 02,Jun,19 02:18
I will agree a straight man will not suck cock, nor allow a man to fuck them. There's no doubt about that. But str8 men fuck all kinds of holes and none of them say a thing about their preference, not one because unless a man is turned on by plastic dolls, melons, their own hands, toilet rolls and who knows what eese many men will stick their dick in to cum, it's nothing more than that. That's why some str8 men let some ugly real old women blow them, do u think they turn em on? No, is the answer. Just a hole to cum in, better than his hand or any of the other objects mentioned. That is why there are so many straight men, go to an ABS stick there cock in the hole, cum, zip up and go back to work during lunch breaks. Do you think they believe a woman has her mouth in front of the hole? Think again, they don't care. They myth is , oh a guy has to worry about getting his dick bit off, oh really? There isn't a gay cocksucker alive who would pull a Loreena Bobbitt, why? They're not in love, they just want cock in their throat and lotsa cum.
The other myth is oh you could get HIV, I've sucked cocks for years and never had an STD or HIV. In fact my doctor told me itls a very low chance for me so for a man on the other side of the hole it's about 0. The only men who have to be concerned is the ones who know they are very thick and possibly long. And if they even get teeth brushing v. their cock, they need to go to nother hole, find a cocksucker that can handle the biggest jobs. And thats not about attraction, it's about blasting a load. Period!
By JustWill at 03,Jun,19 10:46 other posts of JustWill 
Nope. That's STILL not the real question.

By #550841 at 17,Apr,18 19:49
Yep. After a female wank conversation.

By #554957 at 17,Apr,18 19:28
i`ve had my 9-inch cock sucked by many men. it`s wonderful. the great thing is,these guys are everywhere! love to find some playmates here...

By #435701 at 31,Jul,17 13:57
For Christ's sake!! There are NO straight guys on the face of the Planet! Just guys that lie to themselves...

By stroker11 at 29,Jul,17 07:22 other posts of stroker11 
We're all straight here....straight dick, straight cunt, its all good! What's your pleasure...worship the humanity.....its all good.

By #538650 at 24,Jul,17 15:28
Nope... straight guys don't suck cock

By CountryCouple54 at 06,Jun,15 05:57 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Nope. That's what makes me straight.

By anonkev at 06,Aug,13 02:38 other posts of anonkev 
Straight here. I'd venture as far as "bi-comfortable" - meaning I'm cool with MM contact if there's a woman who's the focus of attention. I'm not inclined to go down on another man though.

By #402670 at 04,Aug,13 23:16
Yes I feel the same way

By #316255 at 04,Aug,13 02:35
I'm buying a ticket to watch.
By #404042 at 04,Aug,13 02:43
ok that will be eleventy billion dollars
By #316255 at 04,Aug,13 02:52
Can you make change for fifteenty kajillion dollars?
By #328554 at 04,Aug,13 02:59
I'm not sure if this is a spectator sport or participation sport, but eleventy billion seems quite steep.
By #316255 at 04,Aug,13 03:08
I don't know... eleventy billion is a bargain, at half the price
By #328554 at 04,Aug,13 03:13
Hmm okay, eleventy billion with the stipulation that I get a refund if he's (a) crap at sucking and (b) gives up before the full 30
By #316255 at 04,Aug,13 03:25
I tend to think that's a good deal. John, what do you say to that? We'll require full refunds if you fall foul of the full 30 cock requirement? Deal? Full refunds, mind. None of this namby pamby store credit BS.
By #404042 at 04,Aug,13 03:31
nope, eleventy billion dollars up front with no refunds
By #328554 at 04,Aug,13 03:48
Hmmm may still work, but Emm and I will need to see you 'in training' before we commit the cash.
By #316255 at 04,Aug,13 05:00
I'll be his coach and personal masseuse.
--------------------------------------- added after 40 seconds

And I want my fees up front.
By #328554 at 04,Aug,13 05:30
I'll offer myself as 'stand-in cock' for the training, again fees up front and no funny business.
By sinanff47 at 04,Aug,13 18:54 other posts of sinanff47 
Now that, 'jjb' has seemingly "given up", I would like to volunteer as 'the fluffer', and then Emm can continue 'testing' you, as I'm certain yours meets her "standards".

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