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A handful of good fucking reasons for a snobby bitch to ban annoying turds.

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Started by #301038 at 05,Aug,13 02:58
Disclaimer: I can speak only from my own experience, and experience of other women that I communicate with.

Good Fucking Reason #1: I have a profile, it's short and it briefly summarizes my intentions and preferences. And you couldn't care less about what I want. Why should I?

Good Fucking Reason #2: You ask me to rate your dick. Why would anyone want to ban someone for that? Simply because it's a 2783rd request to rate a cock just this year.

Good Fucking Reason #3: I don't know you, never spoke to you before and you send me this: " i wanna be wid on de bed... insewrt my hands in ur panty....touch it.... tickle ur lips... n den ur clit.... gently pat ur clit... n deninsert my finger... i can feel de warmth n wetness... " Why? Shit, tell me a good fucking reason not to?

Good Fucking Reason #4: You send me your cock pic before we even had a conversation. What do you think this tells me? You think that your cock will make a better impression on me, than your ability to communicate and maintain an intelligent conversation. And I hope you noticed that a big chunk of women need their brains stimulated before their eyes. That's why men, who participate in forum find more messages from women in their inbox. And if you can't use your words, I don't want to see your cock.

Good Fucking Reason #5: I didn't express any particular desire to see your ass hole and you decided that a rosebud closeup will be a great conversation starter.

Good Fucking Reason #6: Much older guys freak me out. Maybe it's just me, but I really get turned off by men, who are much older than me.

Good Fucking Reason #7: I find your pictures disturbing.

Good Fucking Reason #8: You want to fuck my husband (he is straight, by the way, like, really straight).

Good Fucking Reason #9: You pissed me off.

Good Fucking Reason #10: You are boring.

PS: I'd like to hear from men, who have never been banned. What did you do right?

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By bannon at 20,Nov,20 07:01 other posts of bannon 
All make sense to me. Particularly no5, why? Pity you left we could have had a conversation.
By Scorps at 21,Nov,20 01:50 other posts of Scorps 
Don't flatter yourself!

She would have spit in your face.


By #536760 at 01,Aug,17 00:25
Sorry. Couldn't resist bumping.

By phart at 03,Dec,16 18:24 other posts of phart 
Kinda sad when someone aint got anything better to do than whine like a baby cause someone older than them says something they don't like.
Face it whiny bag, you will get old to, and in your mind you will be just as "cute" or "sassy" as you may think you are now. But the fact will be you will probably scare a cat off a gut truck and be just like the rest of us older people. Able to cut the mustard but there will no one around to help make the sandwich.

Have another piece of cake,on the house!
By bella! at 03,Dec,16 18:45 other posts of bella! 
Peach was not a "whiny bag", she was direct and was not afraid to say what was on her mind.
By phart at 03,Dec,16 19:23 other posts of phart 
Well perhaps i was a bit harsh but I just don't see any need to be so rude.It is possible to be direct without being so nasty towards others.

If you live,you will get older.No need to shoot older folks down while young .

By #487013 at 04,Dec,16 05:07
It had nothing to do with age initially. I made a comment on a damn pic replying to another pic and it got butthurt. The age thing just factored in after other stuff cause I knew it bothered them. Oh well. Who cares? Fuck. It's done already and I'm entitled to my opinion. I got called names to but I could give a fuck less. Its the damn internet. Im sure theres a ton of people that don't find me attractive but I'm not going to be upset and act like the worlds ending. Blacklist me and move on. Stop getting friends such as you to spy on me and continue to carry on drama like a crappy soap opera, cause all you're doing is amusing the fuck out of me. Then I'll keep saying shitty stuff because I know it bothers you and them it amuses me.

By #487013 at 03,Dec,16 17:58
Have some cake...

By licksipsuckit at 03,Dec,16 17:34 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah that about sums it up..*lix*

By bigguy at 16,Sep,13 22:37 other posts of bigguy 
I sure hope you are not referring to yourself as a snobby bitch. That is not at all as I see you. What I see is a strong willed woman that demands respect and doesn't want to be treated like a c h i l d. Yes we had issues and I said things you don't like but like the old saying "live and learn". You had every opportunity to ban me but you didn't and we are actually still on each others friends list so how could I possibly have any ill feelings toward you. Take care Peach you are a really nice lady!!
By #301038 at 17,Sep,13 02:38
I'm glad you think that way, now I'm just curious if you can apply all that knowledge, without having a temper tantrum, deleting me from friends, banning me first, and then spilling a whole bunch of doo-doo... so that we can do this all over again. Yay!

I AM a snobby bitch and the only reason I haven't banned you yet, is because I'm curious where all of this is going. It's been very entertaining, so far.
By bigguy at 17,Sep,13 07:38 other posts of bigguy 
Peach none of that was anger directed at you I get over things very quickly and never hold a chip on my shoulder.
In your case it was more like frustration and disappointment seems as though any thing I said to you pissed you off and i'm very sorry for it. Peach I never banned you thats something I will never do to anyone I want them to have the opportunity to face me and say what they want, i'm not going to hide like a coward. Yes I deleted you from my friends list that was done to keep myself from being tempted to contact you but I added you right back and told you I was sorry and it was a foolish thing to do.
OK, you want to call yourself names thats strictly up to you but don't expect me to agree with that. You are many things and a very particular lady but IMHO that title does not fit you and I will never feel that way. You say I try to hard, well that is me, I am very friendly to everyone on here in real life it's the same. I'm not trying to sell you anything and I don't want to buy anything. You can't say I was vulgar to you nor can you say I disrespected you
I know I don't ever do those things. All I ever wanted from you is friendship. I see a little piece of that is still hanging on I take it very hard to loose friends, please lets try to get along I have a much better idea what you are about now. I won't treat you like a b a b y
i'm going to be straight up and you will not be belittled.
What do you have to loose?

By bigone21 at 06,Aug,13 18:39 other posts of bigone21 
Good Fucking Reason #11: why can't you spell?? must have been a school in the near of your white trash camp!!
By #301038 at 06,Aug,13 20:39
Quite a few native speakers can't spell.... it's just not something that they think is important. Some people just never bother to proof read.... if I'm not sure about a spelling, I will always look it up, but what do I know, English is my third language.
By sinanff47 at 07,Aug,13 04:11 other posts of sinanff47 
In every one of the 6 browsers I have in Windows, and the 6 in Mac, every time I type anything here or anywhere else, and make a typo/spelling error, a squiggly red line ALWAYS underlines that word! It's not difficult at all to see when typing; and seems to me then, there is no reason for the errors, even without a final proofing, which is simple also.
By #301038 at 07,Aug,13 06:20
Same here, but sometimes I butcher a word beyond recognition and even the spell check can't figure out what I had in mind, lol...
By sinanff47 at 07,Aug,13 20:29 other posts of sinanff47 
Ha ha--would like to see one of those 'butcherings' sometime.
And of course now the 'butcherings' is underlined because I just made it up-- And I haven't yet taught my Windows to recognize the way that other English speakers than Americans spell: honour, favourite, travelling, etc.

And also, as seen here constantly in the Forum, many folks just can't get straight: there-their-they're, to-too-two, your-you're, its-it's, etc.; which spell checkers won't pick up, but all those years of English classes/teachers should have.

By bigone21 at 07,Aug,13 13:46 other posts of bigone21 
Doing well in your 3rd language!

By cockslut69 at 17,Sep,13 06:41 other posts of cockslut69 
Third language out of curiosity what are thee firsr two

By _avg_ at 17,Sep,13 00:06 other posts of _avg_ 
"Simply because it's a 2783rd request to rate a cock just this year."

Must be a slow year...

By #124665 at 08,Aug,13 06:51
There is no reason to ban anyone unless they have caused you grievance off the site. Just ingnoring the weirdos and assholes
By #301038 at 08,Aug,13 07:22
Hmm.... I don't know. I would ban someone if I don't desire any further interaction or communication with that person. I don't want them to have access to my page, my pics, my inbox or to any of my topics in the forum. That's my way to have a selected audience. Just ignoring them still requires some effort, banning is the easiest way to limit everything all at once.
By #124665 at 08,Aug,13 08:47
That's basically what I said.. But to ignore don't require all that much effort. A "selected audience"? Jeez you'll be playing to a crowd of none.. This is an exhibitionist site, and a sex chat site, let ppl enjoy what you have to offer here..

By akaMrK at 07,Aug,13 22:50 other posts of akaMrK 

By #366913 at 07,Aug,13 14:50
Put your tampon back in
By 3rdtime at 07,Aug,13 15:17 other posts of 3rdtime 

By jackthestripper at 06,Aug,13 18:25 other posts of jackthestripper 
Well... isn't this site supposed to surpass the nicenessess and go straight to the point? I mean, isn't this place like facebook pnly instead of "face" it's "cock" and/or "cunt"? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that people here can be rude, but what do you expect? People come here to show off what they keep for theselves the rest of the time . you can do whatever the hell you want, so if someone bothers you ban them. But are you actually surprised that giys want you to rate their dicks on a site that's explicitly (also) made for that kind of stuff?
By #301038 at 06,Aug,13 20:35
after being here for about 2 years, nothing surprises me. However, this is not "ratemydick.org", it's SHOW your dick and cunt, key word - SHOW. Just because people want to show and other people want to look, doesn't mean that rating each others dicks is required.

Speaking of rating dicks, guys that do have amazing dicks know that without anyone rating their junk, and they get complimented without asking to do so every member who is online, it's the one's that have a not so great dick, who seek reassurance and praise. Lot's of bi/gay men are into praising less than great looking dicks and I'm very thankful that someone is doing it. If this was a site to rate dicks, there would be a rating button.

It's hard to be honest, when you know that your honest comment will upset a person and you don't know what kind of psycho is on the other side of the screen. Just saying.

Yes, it's not a facebook, but it's not "pick a hoe", either, and I'm not getting paid to sex chat, you know.
By jackthestripper at 06,Aug,13 21:08 other posts of jackthestripper 
Are you getting payed at all? If so i want in :p. seriously, i agree that it's hard to be hpnest without being crude and yes, some dudes do ask for a rating so you're right to get ticked off about it. But what can you do? It's. almostt inevitable to cross or be crossed by a pushy perspn, especially in a place like this. you ban or report people. People though shouldn't expect to be treated with respect if they themselves don't. do thsamewith others. sorry for the mistakes... I'm using my phone to answer.
By #301038 at 07,Aug,13 01:06
What can I do? Ignore, ban and post rants like these.
By jackthestripper at 07,Aug,13 03:46 other posts of jackthestripper 

By bigguy at 07,Aug,13 00:50 other posts of bigguy 
Well Miss Peach, i've never been banned but I guess there is always the chance of a first time. I think the reason that I havn't got banned maybe has less to do with what I did right and more to do with what I didn't do wrong. That would include all the ten things you listed plus many more.
Just to name a few, i'm very polite, I treat a lady with respect and I take special care to not use vulgar language when I talk to a lady. Ask my lady friends they may be able to tell you how a gentelman treats a lady. I'm glad you started this thread. I challenge the nice guys to come out of the woodwork and show some of these fine ladies how a gentleman can treat them!

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