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Have you ever skinnydip?

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Started by #41993 at 25,Dec,09 13:53
Have you ever skinnydip with other friends? who had the bigger penis? Do you get hard when swimming naked?

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By BirdDog at 31,Jan,20 15:23 other posts of BirdDog 
yes, many times! First time when younger around 12 yrs old with friends out in the countryside in a creek. Most memorable was at my one of my pre-wedding pool parties

By overeight at 21,Jan,20 23:50 other posts of overeight 
Used to go out with groups of our friends when I was in my twenties and we would go to the bars until about 1:00 then we had this one apartment complex that didn't lock the pool at night and we all went skinny dipping. A few times some of the college kids who lived in the place would see us and come join in. It was cool and lots of hot girls lived in that complex back then. Now its more like a trash haven and to far from the college. The have torn down most the houses near the college now and have like five story 6-800 apartment complexes all around the school.

By nekekal at 14,Jan,20 14:17 other posts of nekekal 
A few times. Mostly in coolish water. Cold water does not give me, or anyone else, a hard on. Later, when laying in the sun, and looking at naked women, I did get a hard on. No one offered to help me with it.

My cock is almost always bigger than others.

By XXXKing808XXX at 02,Jan,20 12:35 other posts of XXXKing808XXX 
Yes I have skinny dipped with both men and women at the same time, and yeah the other guys had bigger, but I never got an erection while skinny dipping

By new2day at 01,Jan,20 06:40 other posts of new2day 
Many times, with mix of friends on holiday, hotel pools, back garden pools, beaches. Love the feeling of freedom.

By Smoothmann at 01,Jan,20 05:57 other posts of Smoothmann 
If anything I am more relaxed while swimming nude so getting a hard on does not happen when I am swimming nude.On the land is another story!

By licksipsuckit at 01,Jan,20 05:41 other posts of licksipsuckit 

By wycowboy at 31,Dec,19 23:43 other posts of wycowboy 
I've skinny dipped many times, with both men and women. Yep, I usually had a raging hard on at some point. It has always been a good time.

By Smoothmann at 31,Dec,19 20:54 other posts of Smoothmann 
I always swim nude at my resort and at Gunnison beach.

By Piercedmeat at 31,Dec,19 20:40 other posts of Piercedmeat 
I am larger so I fat dip instead

By mn751 at 20,Jul,11 18:32 other posts of mn751 
Today I went skinny dipping on a public nude beach for the first time. Earlier I've only done it in private places.

It felt great and was really exciting. I managed to stay relatively soft, but I kept dripping precum:-)

It's definitely something I will do soon again!

Skinny dipping
Skinny dipping
Skinny dipping

By #95006 at 10,Mar,11 20:34
I don't go as often as I would like, but yes I do skinnt dip and/or take a bath when camping.

By MackyJay at 16,Feb,11 23:48 other posts of MackyJay 
Way too many times to count. Never really checked penises out much but when soft who knows who is bigger. Plus many times with women too.

By supablack at 01,Feb,11 14:40 other posts of supablack 
I've skinny dipped plenty of times once a couple of my friends snuck into an apt pool and climbed the fence, and didn't have suits and so we all took off our clothes and swam, it was like one of two that stayed in boxers and one female friend stayed in bra and panties, she eventually took off her top, and my friend fell out his boxers a few times when he got out the water to jump in, that was a great night though..........and another time my cousin and I and a few friends skinny dipped in a lake and swam around for a little bit it was fun

By boc at 29,Jan,11 09:39 other posts of boc 
Yes, I have skinny dipped. I have a grower, so at times it looked like others were about the same size or slightly bigger.

By Stiffcock47 at 29,Jan,11 07:44 other posts of Stiffcock47 
In the summer I go every time om sunshine skinny dipping

By #21471 at 27,Jan,11 16:00
Once for a minute or so in front of a male friend, just for a laugh. Hoped he'd do the same to be honest A few of us have asked the "ever skinnydipped?" question before and I wanted to be the one to say yes (as it was all "no".. they're all worse wimps than me). Had to put my hand over the goods coming out of the water though as I had a semi-to-hard by then
By spermkiss at 28,Jan,11 14:01 other posts of spermkiss 
Only once for about a minute?! Wow, you've led a sheltered life. I've been to nude beaches hundreds of times and spent whole days there in the nude.

By mn751 at 26,Jan,11 17:27 other posts of mn751 
I love skinny dipping...just like this...

Just out of the water

By #6236 at 22,Jan,11 05:48
every second saturday at the pool with the nudist club,mixed swimming, not a sex club

By BushPilot at 21,Jan,11 19:34 other posts of BushPilot 
I can't count the times. It's been part of my life since childhood. Seems pretty normal to me.

By COCKSUCKERSLUT at 24,Aug,10 01:02 other posts of COCKSUCKERSLUT 

By #22198 at 28,Dec,09 02:15
Yes, when I was 15. With three other guys. Two were bigger and one was smaller. I could not stop getting a hard-on! I was embarrassed because the other guys were all soft, but I couldn't help it.

By Exrated at 25,Dec,09 18:01 other posts of Exrated 
Yes a few times, the first time at 13 I was embarrassed because my cock was smaller than the the other two guys.
The second time was at a lake at my Uncles place where I knew , but was not real frindly with 3 other locals fellows. We got naked to swim, I saw one of the fellows [my age 13 ish] he was a bit chubby, and like me had almost no cock hair. My cock got full hard as we looked at each other. I was embarrassed but felt real sexy and turned on. His cock went up quickly too. We became close friends

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