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Started by #8995 at 26,Dec,09 21:00
how old were you, when u lost your virginity? and
how old were you, when u made someone else lost their virginity?

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By Ohioguy at 04,Oct,19 22:10 other posts of Ohioguy 
26 and 26. I was a late bloomer. She was 19 and was a virgin also.

By deepchocolate2071 at 04,Oct,19 18:44 other posts of deepchocolate2071 
Thursday December 11th. 1987 aged 16

By Smoothmann at 02,Oct,19 18:50 other posts of Smoothmann 
I was 15 when the girl up the street let me fuck her in the woods by our houses.

By #578931 at 02,Oct,19 15:11
17 a very accomodating friend of a friend and two months later my first virgin, she was a near neighbour I'd known for years, afterwards she said,'at last'. I never saw her again because that weekend I went off to University.

By bil47 at 02,Oct,19 10:09 other posts of bil47 
Does oral count?

By wycowboy at 02,Oct,19 08:47 other posts of wycowboy 
I lost mine at 14 and the first cherry I popped was at 17, she was 14

By Dev01 at 02,Oct,19 01:25 other posts of Dev01 
Well it was band camp so yeah I was young Given my eldest daughter is 31...some time ago

By Maxream at 02,Oct,19 01:03 other posts of Maxream 
16.been chasing the dragon ever since

By 3fdfd at 01,Oct,19 23:41 other posts of 3fdfd 

By Bigdaddy402 at 01,Oct,19 23:18 other posts of Bigdaddy402 
I was 13 when I lost my virginity

The first time I took someone's virginity I was 15 she was 13

By SpiceySkin at 05,Apr,10 22:14 other posts of SpiceySkin 
I was 16 and nieghbor friend was 18, heading into the Navy following week. BEST BJ I EVER HAD!!! First female was at 18, she was 23 looking for easy fun from college.

By #46787 at 01,Apr,10 06:47
I'm 21, and still a virgin.

By #59212 at 01,Apr,10 00:30
I guess you guys that have never had pussy are still virgins?

By #59212 at 30,Mar,10 23:51
25, I had a limp noodle the first time I tried and was scared to try again. It was cold in that truck though. I finally ran into a lady that seduced me and I thank her for that.

By #1501 at 24,Feb,10 18:26

By #37169 at 21,Jan,10 06:51
I lost mine when I was 14 with a girl also 14 who was also loosing hers to me! Since then the virgins I punctured were 19,21,18,20,24, 25, 21, 20 and 20[wife]. Then I got to an age when I stopped meeting virgins alas.
By #53780 at 22,Feb,10 17:06
bullshit prove it .

By Olddude at 21,Jan,10 04:25 other posts of Olddude 

By #28110 at 28,Dec,09 10:15
I was 28

By Exrated at 27,Dec,09 15:50 other posts of Exrated 
First real fuck was at late 13, she was the same age, but not cherry.

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