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Which way does your penis's curve

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Started by #454187 at 13,Jul,14 07:11
Hi guys obviously every guys dick has a curve in it whether it be very slight or very curved but I've noticed that pretty much every cock I've seen seems to curve in the same direction and mine seems to curve the opposite direction from all the ones I've seen is it just me ? Post pics if you like I'm curious to see if I'm right or not

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By knewbi at 21,Nov,19 12:48 other posts of knewbi 
Curves up. It was straight as an arrow but was injured from so many masturbation session in a short period. Yes, you read that right, too much jacking off injured mine. Over time it has straightened out some and gotten thicker. Yep, I still jack off daily but I use to 2 to 3 times a day. Just once a day in most cases these days.

By lawrenceo at 21,Nov,19 05:11 other posts of lawrenceo 

By cutroundhead at 20,Nov,19 10:31 other posts of cutroundhead 
Mine curves up slightly...good for fucking your girl...

By Wbs1978 at 20,Nov,19 10:27 other posts of Wbs1978 
Slight left curve

By #566980 at 15,Sep,18 10:13
Mine curves to the left.

By #566722 at 15,Sep,18 02:13

My hard cock curves a little to the side.

By 67malibu at 19,Apr,18 12:34 other posts of 67malibu 

By Toasty at 19,Apr,18 00:19 other posts of Toasty 
Upward curved but also the head is slightly bit rotated counter clock wise from my perspective but it's not noticable always

By GloriD at 18,Apr,18 21:20 other posts of GloriD 
Up slightly

Otherwise pretty straight

By #554679 at 18,Apr,18 19:21
Meiner geht nach Links

By joyraja at 18,Apr,18 06:26 other posts of joyraja 
right way

By kebmo at 17,Apr,18 19:19 other posts of kebmo 
Mine used to be straight but now it's curved up. Here's my blog story why. /blogs/31791.html

By PoloFields at 17,Apr,18 18:28 other posts of PoloFields 
By #539358 at 17,Apr,18 19:10
Nice furry body too

By #539358 at 17,Apr,18 18:14
My penis is real left curver, as you can see on this picture. I love all my penises little quirks though, it makes it unique

By #553294 at 17,Apr,18 14:26
I'm 62. My shaft is straight when I'm hard. My erection-angle while standing is ~5-20 degrees from vertical & my cock points at my belly-button.

By iowaguy at 15,Jul,14 18:55 other posts of iowaguy 

--------------------------------------- added after 59 seconds

Upward slight curve and to the right. A bottom view of it really shows curve just don't have any ATM

By raybo36 at 13,Jul,14 09:59 other posts of raybo36 
mine always curves to the left

By #374353 at 13,Jul,14 09:46
mine curves to the left and down. If a line were drawn straight in the direction of the shaft at the base, the head is to the left about an inch and down about an inch at the tip. Total cock length is 4.5 inches.

By boombastic at 13,Jul,14 09:09 other posts of boombastic 
Mine also to the left (slightly)

By #454187 at 13,Jul,14 09:02
Yeah that's what all the dicks I've seen do mine curves to the right

By Ramil1 at 13,Jul,14 08:33 other posts of Ramil1 
slightly to left

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