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fakes or real

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Started by #459351 at 03,Sep,14 20:39
Ok so ever since I started coming here...I hear all this stuff about fakes...and really who cares. This is a sex site isn't it built on the idea of sexual desire and sexual fantasy. .fantasy as in something you fantasize about? I mean it's nice that there are the handful of people that don't want games and drama and display their true self..but the others are here for what sites like this have been made for...it's an escape from the real world with some hot cocks and beautiful cunts to look at and play with. Everyone needs to chill out and realize this is a sex site people. .not a courtroom, nothing even close to a serious professional environment. HAVE FUN, RELAX, LET YOUR HAIR DOWN, AND RIP YOUR CLOTHES OFF!! Now do it and get to fuck...lmao!! Xoxox

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By Scorps at 15,Nov,19 13:50 other posts of Scorps 
Fakes are not good for the site, imo...

By #431354 at 09,Sep,14 18:01
member #472228 was an obvious fake... Spread the love my friends
By bella! at 09,Sep,14 18:43 other posts of bella! 
It's really quite sad that you do not "approve" of members, you find it necessary to call them fake and have them deleted.

Maybe the site needs to conduct a poll ( where members are assured that their "opinion" will be kept anonymous ) to determine whether you're viewed as the real deal or "an obvious fake".

Go ahead, blacklist me! Oh, that's right, you already did!

By #472228 at 07,Sep,14 15:24
If you could post it on my behalf, I would be most grateful. I don't like how she is insinuating that her and I are friends when that couldn't be farther from the truth. The message was.... "And what exactly are you eluding to? Yes, I PM'd you in regards to your comments in this thread. I can assure you that Heavenbesideyou is NOT Krystal. K, however is a very dear friend of mine and you had better think twice before you say anything negative or malicious about her. You sure have a fond way of demonstrating that you are a nice person. Ban someone and then talk rubbish. You have painted a very clear picture of who you are and what you stand for". 2nice
By bella! at 07,Sep,14 15:44 other posts of bella! 
Although both of their birth names have been used in this thread, I choose not use them. For what it is worth, I can assure you that heavenbesideyou and the former EvilFairy aka fairydust are two very different people.

The only thing that they once shared, they both had beautiful long, raven colored hair. Evidently, heavenbesideyou has gone blonde.

By bella! at 05,Sep,14 21:20 other posts of bella! 

By johnp at 04,Sep,14 23:28 other posts of johnp 
The fake pics r annoying if u ask me ... Big ole dick superimposed .. Stupid

By boc at 04,Sep,14 23:26 other posts of boc 
I am hoping you are not a fake. Can you really play guitar with your tongue?

By #196416 at 04,Sep,14 09:35
Unfortunately most fake profile's are created to attack others while the creator can continue to look all sweet and innocent.
By #303133 at 04,Sep,14 10:08
Member "cockfighter" comes to mind...
By #354861 at 04,Sep,14 19:38
Not a post designed for your personal agendas and vendettas. Please go post your muck elsewhere on one of your own posts and not one of my friend's. Thank you.
By #303133 at 04,Sep,14 20:18
Or...WHAT? You going to threaten to go all ninja on my ass again?
Dude...it's a public forum, no matter what you and your Overlord think.
Were elections held to make you Minister of Forum Affairs when the rest of us weren't looking?
You have no power here...

Learn to live with it, Billy Jack.
By #459351 at 04,Sep,14 22:51
What in the H E double hockey sticks is your problem douche boy..back off this guy already. .jeeze..
By #303133 at 04,Sep,14 23:20
If you check carefully, HE jumped on me ("Not a post designed for your personal agendas and vendettas. Please go post your muck elsewhere on one of your own posts and not one of my friend's.") when I had not even addressed him. He could have chosen to just move along. I am not sure why he took such offense at my mention of "cockfighter".

Are you suggesting that I should just roll over and let Billy Jack dictate where and when I am permitted to comment?

Would YOU allow another member to tell you what you can say in the forum?My "problem" is that the self-appointed Minister of Forum Affairs does not have the power he believes he has...
By johnp at 04,Sep,14 23:24 other posts of johnp 
Ur feisty thes days jw... I like it ... Don't take shit from those fuckers

By leopoldij at 04,Sep,14 11:50 other posts of leopoldij 
To attack others? In what way?

By Avillager at 04,Sep,14 13:42 other posts of Avillager 
Fakes or flakes, they exist here and in real life as well. It is more difficult to build up a trust relationship here because you have no verifiable information about the other party. It is always wise to tread lightly here when dealing with personal information and money. Since there is not common channel where you can check on how members interact with other members it is difficult to know if the member that you consider to be a personal best friend and confidant is treating other members the same way. It is also difficult to know what part(s) of their interactions that they are sharing with other members. If a member, who is a troll in real life, puts up photoshopped pictures and tells sweet stories about themselves you may never find out the truth, but you may enjoy interacting with the persona that they present on here. This is the land of sexual fantasy, not e-harmony or christian mingle so have fun, but be wary.

By big9inch21 at 04,Sep,14 09:14 other posts of big9inch21 
Well said girl. that's why your the awesome person you are babes

By bella! at 03,Sep,14 21:59 other posts of bella! 
Unfortunately, it seems that there will always be dissension. The other day, I saw that one of your friends was the subject of an "attack" and you posted a message of support on your friends page. It's sad that some folks only purpose for being here is to make others miserable.

With that said, I can honestly say that you have a friend that I'm not fond of and I'm certain I have a friend or two that you're not fond of. I hope that our friends won't impact or tarnish OUR relationship and I truly mean that.

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