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Why I have decided to leave

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Started by #384365 at 10,Dec,14 10:39
It is a desire of mine to comment favorably on people's pictures or appearance. I have tried every tactic. Give gentlemanly comment, be more sexual, but usually no one replies no matter what tactic I use. Actually I mostly just want people to message about normal (non-sexual topics - everyday life. Now most people seem have their comments box blocked so you cannot even give comments.

That is one thing, but I watched a drama about how people today, including young people use social media sites and tell strangers far too much about themselves and leave themselves open to communications with people who may not be who they seem to be and certainly have motivations which are undesirable.

I know most people on this site hide their identity, which is good, get so many messages, they cannot reply, or women get so many messages from straight men because there are so few of the former (or latter). I just like women, but ithe way of being more kind and caring natured in general, attractive. It is OK if men contact men - I don't mean it isn't. Yet I get the impression that most on the site just want to "look" and not message. which is OK, but I now realise the dangers to women of all ages of replying to people they do not know or who may be messaging for dangerous reasons for the responent, so I have decided to withdraw.

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New Comment

By admin at 10,Dec,14 12:47 other posts of admin 
May I ask you, why you are looking for messaging about "everyday" stuff on a site like this and not on facebook for example? This is not a sarcasm question, I really want to know. I'm trying to figure out why people are still so lonely despite presence of facebook and other social sites.
By #124665 at 12,Dec,14 07:19
Wow admin, that was a great reply.. I'll have to sip my beer and ponder this one a bit..... O.o..... Ok,.. Everyday "stuff" no one really gives a toss about.. Well many people do, or seem to. But I cannot for the life of me understand why all this facebook shit is so popular.. Yeah you got family and blah blah n it's nice to talk to long lost friends that have nothing in common with you anymore and you don't give a toss (shit, I already used "toss") about snotty nosed kids breaking their faces off the pavement from a spill from a Big Wheel in the driveway.. Then what was had for dinner..

The reason for the lonelyness is cuz it's all so superficial now. We're all just Life Tourists. And it's fucking sad. All this tweeting and trending, makes one feel special, and a part of something. Tomorrow, no one cares or remembers, on to the the next flavor of the day. People do all this to kill the boredom and not feel alone. And at the end of the day, it just you, alone, anyway.

This is a time of great change, and awareness, to those who accept it, and munipulate it, and live vicariously through it, the ethereal Netherlands unexplored. In this intranet, the reality we've all clung to is left to a tap of the mouse or, for some, we still have the photographs of the good times, in Kodachrome in picture books that mean so much more..

But, back to loneliness.. I feel that this is a great site, and a many come here from lonliness in some form or another. I think that those who stay are the most lonely. I been there. I am here. Whether we are depressed, lonely, drunk, horny, fucking sick of it all and all of the above.. Facebook, Twitter, all them stupid little trying to get me to join shit sites.. Can go kiss off! I've met the most Awesome people here. HERE. You're family, then fucking CALL me, otherwise, I'm busy looking at, and talking to, a different family, people I have a lot in common with, people I have fun with.. AND IF YOURE NOT DOWN WITH THAT..........
By #431354 at 12,Dec,14 07:23
Hey My cat is lost can you help me find her....
By #124665 at 12,Dec,14 07:35
Don't fucken make me pussy whip you.. Go to work

By boc at 12,Dec,14 19:41 other posts of boc 
Call 911.

By admin at 12,Dec,14 07:46 other posts of admin 
Thank you for the reply. I personally don't use facebook. I should, because couple of my friends are there now and I would like to follow their stories and photos, but I'm just too paranoid - I don't like sharing my personal data.

But from what you and other people say about facebook I guess it is more for keeping up with people you already know (family, old friends, etc.) than for finding new friends by common interests.

By #472648 at 10,Dec,14 16:12
Hi! I'm still wondering about the blocked comment box thing. I didnt even know you could do that and still havent figured out how, cause apparently mine is blocked cause you said you couldn't leave a comment also I've never deliberately ignored any of your messages, I hope you don't think I did.
By admin at 10,Dec,14 16:46 other posts of admin 
There is no such thing. You may set it to friends only. Otherwise it's always open.
By #472648 at 11,Dec,14 03:43
That's what i thought (: thanks!
By #384365 at 11,Dec,14 06:35
It puzzles me too Peekatchu, but many times when I click on a reply, no box comes up. Prehaps they are set at "Friends onl", but though tye send you a message you, or at least I, cannot reply to their messages.
By admin at 11,Dec,14 10:18 other posts of admin 
that's rather something in your browser. some incorrectly working pop-up or ad blocker.

By boc at 11,Dec,14 11:01 other posts of boc 
Perhaps you should try to befriend them first then?

By boc at 11,Dec,14 11:00 other posts of boc 
I will talk to you about any subject you like. I am a Renaissance man and not interested only in sexual topics. Though sex is certainly the orbit around which all sexual reproductive life revolves.

By leopoldij at 10,Dec,14 15:26 other posts of leopoldij 
i have replied to your comments/messages. i'm sorry i'm not a woman, but polite i have been.
thanks for chatting.
take care.

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