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First time you tried on a jock

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Started by liketoedge at 24,Oct,15 19:56  other posts of liketoedge
Did you get a boner the first time you put on a Jockstrap?

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By briefsguy773 at 19,Mar,18 10:02 other posts of briefsguy773 
oh yea. was required to wear one for 6th grade gym class so not only putting a jock on gave me a hardon, seeing all my friends wearing them made it just as exciting. still have a jock fetish.

By skinb at 18,Mar,18 01:20 other posts of skinb 
Yes I did. It was for karate. Grew up in a very religious household and had to get one for class. I instantly popped a boner and had one until I got home to put it on. It was about the time I learned to masturbate but before I shot loads.

By cut5x5 at 01,Jul,17 09:29 other posts of cut5x5 
Had to have a jock for gym class in 8th grade. I was 13. Went to the store to buy one and got an immediate boner when I picked the one to take home. I think my little dick was hard all the way home until I rushed into my room and pulled the jock out of the box. I was leakin precum as I put it on for the first time. I looked at myself in the mirror from several angles and then jerked off wicthmy jock just below my dick. To this day my dick still swells a bit every time I put one on.

By bil47 at 01,Jul,17 06:42 other posts of bil47 
It was 7th grade when jockstraps were first required for school athletics at my school. Group showers too. I loved showing off my body, wearing just the jock, and then completely naked. Loved seeing the other boys in that state of undress too.

I still have a semi-fetish for jockstraps, and I often wear one to masturbate or when I'm "playing" with another man.

By cutroundhead at 01,Jul,17 06:37 other posts of cutroundhead 
I can't remember....but I still wear jockstraps for running and gym...

By JustWill at 30,Jun,17 20:41 other posts of JustWill 
No. It is just an article of clothing. I also did not get a boner the first time I put on socks or a hat.

By leopoldij at 30,Jun,17 20:10 other posts of leopoldij 
What's a jock?

By liketoedge at 30,Jun,17 15:57 other posts of liketoedge 
i dont think jock straps are mandirory for school sports anymore

By #244836 at 06,Nov,15 08:10
I was in junior high and got one for baseball. I was hard as a rock before I even got it on
By liketoedge at 15,Dec,15 15:57 other posts of liketoedge 
I got my first jock in jr high also...Had a Boner during the entire PE class

By 67malibu at 06,Nov,15 13:21 other posts of 67malibu 
I got a boner the first time I tried on bikinis , JC penny

By jocstfr at 06,Nov,15 08:59 other posts of jocstfr 
the answer is yes and the jock did not do its job as you can see from this pic

By #498446 at 24,Oct,15 21:59
Fuck did I, beat off all day
By licksipsuckit at 24,Oct,15 22:20 other posts of licksipsuckit 
What is the purpose of these jock straps, they just look like arseless undies. Ive never seen a real pair or know anyone that wears them *lix*
By Avillager at 05,Nov,15 00:23 other posts of Avillager 
The purpose is to support the scrotum and testicles during exercise. Adding a cup also provides some impact protection. First cup was little league baseball, about 10 years old) and I was a bit bigger than the biggest one the league had thought to buy for catchers.
By licksipsuckit at 06,Nov,15 02:38 other posts of licksipsuckit 
Lucky you, big is beautiful and thanks for the definition, we dont have them here much, lve never seen one myself *lix *

By liketoedge at 04,Nov,15 02:43 other posts of liketoedge 
First jock was in 6th grade and i popped a boner as soon as i put it on

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