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Pegging : The Mrs gave me some strap on fun

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Started by Cakes85 at 28,Oct,15 09:52  other posts of Cakes85
Me and the Mrs have been together for about 12+ years. We have done lots of fun stuff in the pass but she has never r ally been into playing with my ass... Or so I thought. So many years ago she fingered my ass while sucking me off but nothing more than that.

The other day while away we were in a sex shop and as we walked past the strap on section she casually asked if I wanted one. I was surprised and laughed and said not right now.

A few days later she was giving me a nice lubey handjob and using a small vibe on my balls and then slipped it towards my ass. Before I knew it she was pushing it inside... I was shocked but happy.

Fast forward five minutes I'm kneeling on the bed and she is ramming this thing home and making all sorts of sexy noises... This was getting her turned on. I sat up and turned around and felt her pussy and she was dripping. I mean saturated!

I couldn't take it anymore so I put her on her back and slammed it home until I exploded inside her.

After getting cleaned up I went straight online and bought a harness, soft 7" dildo and some anal lube.

It turned up a few days later. Well as soon as we got through the door from work I open up the package. As soon as she saw what was in there her eyes lit up. I was so happy too. I'd been at work with my cock twitching all day long honking about it. When she asked me if I wanted food first or her to fuck my ass I nearly came! I'd never heard something so sexy come out of her mouth.

I took the stuff upstairs and got ready as fast as I could. My cock was rock hard and tingling I was so horny! When she came up she started by sucking me and rubbing the butt lube into my ass. After a short while she started to use the small vibe from the other day to work me into it.

About five minutes a of cocksucking and vibe later she asked if I was ready. I told her yes and helped her strap up. She looked like a goddess!!! Amazing body, massive beautiful tits, pretty face, long beautiful hair and and incredible lubed cock!

I was on my back as she started to push it it. It was not going in at first and then bam! It popped in and the rush I felt was unbelievable! I nearly shot straight away!

We started slow and then worked up the pace, depth and dirty talk. 15 minutes later she was ball deep as I'm on my knees and she is smacking my ass calling me a filthy little bitch. Slamming me so hard I was making howling noises.

She pounded me for about an hour in every position possible and truly made me her bitch. It was my first time doing this and I was addicted!

I couldn't take much more so put her on her back and fucked her pussy while she still had the strap on attached. I begged her to wank it and as she did I pulled out and exploded all over her... Pussy, stomach, tits, face and cock it went everywhere. I've never came like that before!

I really wanted to lick my come off her and suck the cock clean by didn't want to freak her out. Maybe next time if I'm lucky. I'm hoping next time she makes me suck her off before she dominates me.

Either way I'll let you all know.

This was my first experience with being pegged the other day and I can't express how much I loved it! Are any of you into it? If you're thinking about it but not sure I suggest you give it a go!

Me and the Mrs both said we wish we had started it years ago!

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By Eerect at 02,Mar,18 07:08 other posts of Eerect 
I love it,my Wife fucked me with a strap-on while her friend sucked my cock.I spunked in her mouth and she peed in mine while my Wife continued fucking me,I stayed rock hard and stuck my cock up both their arses.Fucking great sex session!

By cumonme1 at 02,Mar,18 06:49 other posts of cumonme1 
The best orgasm I ever had when my wife was strap on fucking me.

By Cakes85 at 28,Feb,18 12:55 other posts of Cakes85 
Just over two years on and going stronger than ever.

I beg my lady now to fuck my ass all the time. The only difference now is that we've moved up to a 10" monster and she absolutely goes to town on me. Sometimes she makes me wear my cock cages as she fucks me for ages and then after about an hour she'll stop and tell me she's finished

She tells me if I want to cum I have to wank myself off in the toilet.

By #512261 at 11,May,16 00:29
I came so hard when my woman was pegging me. There was no cock stimulation at all. I was a good little bitch for her
By 61-69 at 11,May,16 12:37 other posts of 61-69 
I've never come from it, it's more like a constant "on the verge" thing. Very pleasurable anyway.
By yeahright at 11,May,16 20:39 other posts of yeahright 
One of my exes did that a long time ago and WOW. She went at it for a good 10-15 minutes and I had that same right on the edge feeling but never came from it. However when she pulled out and climbed on top of me I probably blew my load in about 30 seconds.

By 61-69 at 02,May,16 07:33 other posts of 61-69 
Here's my girl giving it to me.

By Cakes85 at 07,May,16 13:42 other posts of Cakes85 
Great stuff!!!

By Dehnbarer at 21,Apr,16 01:46 other posts of Dehnbarer 
Wow... a. very hot story. Thanks for sharing.
And enjoy the cleanup next time. 😋

By lilbuttlvr at 20,Apr,16 18:49 other posts of lilbuttlvr 
luv to strapon my guy, and he luvs it

By spermkiss at 28,Oct,15 20:06 other posts of spermkiss 
As you have so eloquently stated, the asshole is NOT just a place thru which gay and bisexual men can derive pleasure. A LOT of straight men enjoy taking it in the ass.
By leopoldij at 20,Apr,16 03:24 other posts of leopoldij 
True, especially by those they get turned on by. I don't think I'd enjoy being butt fucked by a person I want attracted to. It's all in the brain isn't it?

By leopoldij at 20,Apr,16 03:28 other posts of leopoldij 
In fact, I did buy a but plug (in San Fran actually) hoping my gf would express an interest or curiosity in using it to me, but no... she hasn't. However , I do enjoy sticking it to me while fucking her, especially doggy style (this way she can't see I'm doing it). The result is a more intense orgasm. Simultaneous stimulation of my ass and prostate from the plug and of my cock from pussy penetration.
By spermkiss at 20,Apr,16 15:41 other posts of spermkiss 
A few comments, if I may, pal:

Many men derive pleasure from prostate stimulation by anal penetration. How many? From what I've read, roughly half of the male population. This has nothing what-so-ever to do with sexual orientation. For example I'm as gay as they come but the pleasure I get from anal penetration is so slight it is virtually non-existent. You, on the other hand, identify as straight, but you get a lot of pleasure from it. So much that you have sex toy(s) to use on your ass even when having intercourse with your gf.

"I don't think I'd enjoy being butt fucked by a person I [wasn't] attracted to. It's all in the brain..." Yep!
The brain is the biggest sex organ.

"Simultaneous stimulation of my...prostate...and my cock..." Been there, done that. But not as the guy who was being stimulated. I've been the cocksucker for a guy who was also being fucked. [Actually several guys at various times.] When a guy really enjoys anal penetration, to give him oral stimulation to his cock while it's happening is a real treat. He really shoots a load. On another occasion I was in a threesome with another gentleman and a lady. I fuck him in the ass while he fucked her in the pussy. A good time for all three of us.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

By the way, it's really too bad your gf isn't interested in giving you anal stimulation. I bet having her mount you with a strap-on and give your ass a good pounding is something you'd really enjoy. But at least discretely slipping in your plug while you fuck her is something.
By leopoldij at 20,Apr,16 18:35 other posts of leopoldij 
We agree in everything, and this comes from experience. Thanks for your input too, from a gay perspective. Always interesting to know what turns people on. We make the mistake to think that others are like us. Not just in sex, but in many other aspects of life. How wrong! People are different, and it is these differences that makes people interesting.

Yes, I enjoy anal penetration. I do do it whenever possible, all alone I'll continue with a private message.

By #509402 at 19,Apr,16 22:44
My girl friend plays with my ass.with a small dildo and beads.i would love her to fuck me with a strapon.
By spermkiss at 20,Apr,16 15:47 other posts of spermkiss 
Ask her.

By #186885 at 18,Apr,16 08:24
Great story. I am jelous

By Cakes85 at 17,Apr,16 16:54 other posts of Cakes85 
Quite a few months n and still going strong... I can't believe we didn't do this earlier! So much wasted time.

By heylittleman at 02,Nov,15 10:46 other posts of heylittleman 
My GF regularly gets busy with her fingers.. I'd love to try being pegged, I just don't quite know how to ask/tell her
By Cakes85 at 02,Nov,15 18:30 other posts of Cakes85 
Ask her... If she says no then no harm.
By #420420 at 21,Nov,15 03:21
yeah, just say you want to try it, but let her know you are nervous and unsure, and just make it something you do together, as a couple, if she is willing!!
I NEVER imagined what AMAZING feelings a girl could give me, in my bottom, until one really WONDERFUL one suggested it, one night!!
Go slow, relax, and don't tense up!! You aren't 'gay' if you let a girl play with your bottom and love it, and they aren't going to make you wear pink panties after!!
There are literally THOUSANDS of years of art that depicts homosexual, male, LOVING male in the Greek and Roman art!
Some women like playing the 'Dominant' and trying on a 'penis' for the first time! Maybe she is willing to share your fantasy!! Just ask, and explain what you want. She can say 'No' if she's not into it.
By Cakes85 at 17,Dec,15 06:21 other posts of Cakes85 
It is just the best.

By thesevenpointfive at 20,Nov,15 03:18 other posts of thesevenpointfive 
great story..made my dick twich
By Cakes85 at 20,Nov,15 17:57 other posts of Cakes85 
Thank you. I find writing a great way to think about things. It gives you a chance to analyse and think about what more you want.

By #497425 at 20,Nov,15 03:22
I love it when my wife does that to me
By Cakes85 at 20,Nov,15 17:56 other posts of Cakes85 
Care to share?

By licksipsuckit at 20,Nov,15 09:09 other posts of licksipsuckit 
She sounds like a great woman and you are a very lucky man to have her *lix*
By Cakes85 at 20,Nov,15 17:55 other posts of Cakes85 
You're 100% correct.

By Cakes85 at 20,Nov,15 03:08 other posts of Cakes85 
As I promised I'll continue.

It's been a few weeks now and this has become a regular thing. I can tell she is really getting into it because her pussy is soaking after she has stretched my ass.

So a few days ago we are sat on the sofa and I ask if we can go upstairs for sex. She said okay. So we go to the bedroom and this time she initiated the question. "Do you want me to fuck you?", if only you knew how sexy that sounds coming from your girlfriend. "YES". Well she obviously wasn't making it that easy for me. "Beg me. Get naked, get on your knees, wank your cock and say fuck me in the ass"... Wow! I wasn't expecting this!!! I've never heard her say things like this. I think my cock has never got hard so fast!

"Get on your knees then". I climb on the bed and on all fours push my ass up in the air and pull the duvet over my head. She starts slowly with lots of lube working it in. Slowly she manages to break the seal and before I know it she pretty much balls deep. The feeling of having your beautiful missus balls deep inside of your ass is something that words cannot describe. It's pure ecstasy.

After a while I turn over so she can fuck me while I'm on my back. Again I pull the duvet over my head as she pounds my ass. Now she has poured lube on my cock and balls and is running her hands all over them. Stroking and teasing while annihilating my ass. She is really going for it now and making all kinds of sexy sounds. Out of nowhere she stops pounding and sits back a bit while still inside of me. "Fuck my cock like the little cock whore you are".

I think I nearly shot! I arch my back and bounce up and down as deep as her cock goes as she tugs me. This goes on and I can't take much more. She tells me to stop and pulls out. "Come here. I've seen the way you watch my cock as you fuck me".

My lady stood off the bed and pulled the condom off her cock. "Get on your knees and wank as I wank over you!". Fuck this has me on the edge. I'm on my knees wanking as she stands over me wanking her cock. She tells me to look at her. As I do this she starts smacking me with her cock and asking if I like it. Of course I say yes. I'm nearly cumming so I decided to go for it.

I open my mouth and she smacks her cock in and I immediately starts sucking it. She grabbed my hair a started face fucking me. "Look at me" she said. I'm starting up at her past her amazing big tits with this cock in my mouth... Deep. She is ramming it so deep I start gagging! I'm going to cum. I pull it out of my mouth and cum all over her feet. I'm so horny that I lick it up.

I felt so delighted after that I had done this. What an amazing fuck.

She made it even better by calling me her little ass bitch and telling me to clean up my toys. I think she is starting to like this as much as me

I can't wait for my next go! I really want her to wear a latex mask while doing me so I'll ask her and see what she says. I'll keep you updated.

I'd love to her similar experiences. From men and women. I'm interested to her how women feel about it.

By shackles at 02,Nov,15 09:01 other posts of shackles 
Pics or it didn't happen! Hot story. Made my cock twitch!
By Cakes85 at 02,Nov,15 18:29 other posts of Cakes85 
It most certainly did my friend. Since I have wrote this we haven't used the strap on again yet but we have used a vibe while she sucks me off.

Earlier today we had some more fun. As my lady was driving the realistic dildo into her snatch I was licking away while wanking myself silly. As it plunged in and out I was licking all the juicyness off it. Pure delight.

I shot all over her dripping pussy and really wanted to eat it off but as she had came at the same time I didn't go for it... Next time maybe.

I'll keep you all in the loop.

By #131042 at 02,Nov,15 08:39
Love it
By Cakes85 at 02,Nov,15 18:24 other posts of Cakes85 
Thank you.

By cumonme1 at 02,Nov,15 08:21 other posts of cumonme1 
My lady turned me on to anal play many years ago we started out with a vibe and worked up to the strap on I love it in the ass

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