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Who has been circumcised as an adult?

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Started by cutroundhead at 27,Mar,17 03:33  other posts of cutroundhead
I was circumcised in 2009 at age 65 after suffering years of balanitis problems, so no choice in the end...but the result has been fantastic...not only has the problem been cured, but my helmet is more sensitive in wanking and sex; I also think my cock looks better (but that's a very personal view...) and so much easier to I'm a happy convert. What are other guys' experiences and views?

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By SIRcumcised at 16,Jan,20 00:21 other posts of SIRcumcised 
I was Circumcised at 19 and Iím thrilled with the outcome. Sex is far better now and not getting itchy and inflamed under the foreskin is such a relief

By Cutcocklover at 03,Dec,19 14:04 other posts of Cutcocklover 
Iím 32 now I was circumcised at age 27 for reoccurring balanitis and l just simply wanted to be circumcised for sexual/ hygienic reasons. Best thing I have ever done in my life! Always clean no infections or UTIíS all forms of sex and jacking off feels 110% better then ever before and the best part is I have pleased serval men and women with it and they were well pleased with my thickness but most of all my thick mushroom head which has flared out nicely since the cut
By cutroundhead at 04,Dec,19 05:58 other posts of cutroundhead 
I agree entirely!
By Cutcocklover at 04,Dec,19 13:03 other posts of Cutcocklover 

By Skittles at 03,Dec,19 12:43 other posts of Skittles 
Well, if you have second thoughts JeffinKS can help glue it back on

By liketoedge at 03,Dec,19 12:05 other posts of liketoedge 
I had a friend that got circumsized just before jr high school because he didnt want to look diffrent in the gym showers that were mandatory back then

By kebmo at 03,Dec,19 02:29 other posts of kebmo 
Cutroundhead, and now you just can't stop showing it to your friends and strangers alike! I don't blame you, it's a fine looking cock!!
You must have spent the first couple of months staring at it and playing with it. Does your wife like it better?
By cutroundhead at 03,Dec,19 11:49 other posts of cutroundhead 
Thanks...I still get a thrill when I unzip for a pee and see a nice bare helmet pop out rather than a bit of shrivelled foreskin! My wife has never stated any preference other than a hard cock!

By sandy_99de at 02,Dec,19 18:09 other posts of sandy_99de 
I was circumcised at 25. I love it

By cutroundhead at 03,Dec,19 11:47 other posts of cutroundhead 
Good for you...was it done for medical reasons?

By champstamp at 03,May,18 18:14 other posts of champstamp 
I wasnít ever circumcised but my cousin did at age 16 and he said it hurt like hell. I donít have foreskin issues though. When Iím fully erect I can pull the skin back and youíd never know.
The biggest thing is to make sure you keep your stuff clean. The one big benefit is when masturbating it is like you have a built in vagina and your hand doesnít touch the head. No lube required.
By #539358 at 09,May,18 19:23
Iím uncut but I always wank off with my skin right back, feels amazing
--------------------------------------- added after 29 minutes

The tighter itís pulled back the more I enjoy it

By Boylover at 16,Apr,18 23:46 other posts of Boylover 
I was cut at age 27: looks better, feels better, always clean, also better for wearing a Prince Albert piercing. Never regretted it, should have had it done much earlier.

By #556195 at 03,May,18 15:42
I did it for the same reasons when I was about 40. I love now 👍🏻😆😉

By #513813 at 05,Apr,17 00:18
I was circumcised in my 20's for my then wife. She preferred it that way.
By #482836 at 17,Apr,18 14:59
She prefers it, but what about you?

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