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Ever wonder why CUM smells like BLEACH?

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Started by JustWill at 17,Jun,17 20:04  other posts of JustWill
During ejaculation, SPERM, which is carried in a small amount of mucus-like fluid, leaves the EPIDIDYMUS, and travels up the VAS DEFERENS (there is one from each TESTICLE) and past the SEMINAL VESICLES, which sit atop the PROSTATE GLAND. The SEMINAL VESICLES contribute about 70% of the fluid volume that makes up SEMEN.

The fluid excreted by the SEMINAL VESICLES contains:

FRUCTOSE (a NATURAL SUGAR)—to give energy to the SPERM and help it to swim

CLOTTING FACTORS—to keep the SPERM in the female reproductive tract longer

PROSTAGLANDINS—hormones which suppress the female immune system so the VAGINA doesn’t react to the SPERM as if it were an invading bacterium.


ALKALINE FLUID—which neutralizes the acidity of the male urethra (from residual urine—PEE and CUM pass through the same tube) and the acidity of the VAGINA (the normal pH of the VAGINA is between 3.5 and 4.5. This slight acidity helps to kill bacteria in the female reproductive tract, but it also makes it a hostile environment for the poor damn SPERM).

The normal pH of the fluid provided by the SEMINAL VESICLES is between 7.2 and 7.8, which makes it slightly basic, and helps to account for that BLEACHY, CHLORINE-like smell.

FUN FACT: 1 in 5 people don’t have noses sensitive enough to detect the smell of SEMEN.

You’re welcome,

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New Comment

By pifad at 21,Jun,17 21:30 other posts of pifad 
Thanks Will. Now kindly pass me a load

By 2nice at 19,Jun,17 20:15 other posts of 2nice 
You are starting to piss me off.
By JustWill at 19,Jun,17 22:35 other posts of JustWill 
Just "starting"? Looks like I'll have to work a little harder, then.
While we're on the subject of PISS...ever wonder why a guy doesn't pee while he's ejaculating? Or why it's difficult to take a leak with a boner?
By CountryCouple54 at 19,Jun,17 23:14 other posts of CountryCouple54 
I can remember that guy named Dr. Drew had a late night talk show. When women would call in and say that they thought their man was pissing in them during sex. Dr. Drew would insist that it was medically impossible for a man to urinate with a full blown erection. Bullshit, I have always been able to piss with a boner.
By JustWill at 20,Jun,17 10:49 other posts of JustWill 
Of course it's possible to pee with an erection. If it weren't, every guy who woke up with a morning piss-boner would be in agony until his woody went away. It's just a little harder to do so. (Not just because a stiff dick is tougher to aim at the toilet.) You actually have to think and focus a little bit to get the muscles to relax and get the flow started when you have a hard-on.
It is, however, impossible for a guy to piss during orgasm. The musculature won't allow both things to happen at the same time.
--------------------------------------- added after 114 minutes

That's with healthy men, btw. Guys with prostate issues or serious bladder issues may have trouble with urine leakage (or the inability to pee when needed), and should see a doctor.
By RealTitsLover at 20,Jun,17 23:27 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I have to get it to go down at least halfway or it's impossible to aim it downward anyway.

I've always figured morning wood was to help prevent pissing in your ****... do you know or think there's some truth to that?
By JustWill at 21,Jun,17 12:41 other posts of JustWill 
That's a commonly held misconception. Though the pressure of a full bladder may cause some guys to get an erection, it is actually tied to the amount of testosterone released in your body while you are asleep.

By 2nice at 20,Jun,17 09:45 other posts of 2nice 

Please do tell!
By JustWill at 21,Jun,17 12:44 other posts of JustWill 
Your wish is my command.

By #149019 at 21,Jun,17 00:18
By JustWill at 21,Jun,17 12:44 other posts of JustWill 
I'm not quite sure what the photo you've posted has to do with your answer.
Are you saying that the owner of that mouth gargles with bleach before giving a blowjob?

By bella! at 17,Jun,17 20:25 other posts of bella! 
Oh, yippee! Now I can have all the facts when I open the discussion on Monday at the lunch table!

I look for installment #5 of JustWill's Men's Health Concerns and Issues!
By JustWill at 19,Jun,17 22:45 other posts of JustWill 
This WAS installment #5.
By bella! at 19,Jun,17 23:28 other posts of bella! 
I did not count your thread "Contrary To Myth..." as Men's Health installment. I thought you spun total BS based on a "nutritional guideline" meme you found somewhere on the internet.
By JustWill at 20,Jun,17 10:45 other posts of JustWill 
Nope. It was actually on a site about the nutritional values in semen. They put the info in label form, and I copied it. The stats on that pic are accurate.

By Blade at 17,Jun,17 23:53 other posts of Blade 
Wow, lot of good info dude, thanks.
By JustWill at 19,Jun,17 22:39 other posts of JustWill 
You're welcome!

By furluvr at 18,Jun,17 23:55 other posts of furluvr 
I didn't come here to learn, dammit!
By bella! at 19,Jun,17 21:23 other posts of bella! 
No, you did not come here to learn, it's a residual effect. C'mon, furluvr, doesn't it make you feel warm and fuzzy that JustWill is willing to share so much with so many? JustWill, the resident "good guy"!
By JustWill at 19,Jun,17 22:39 other posts of JustWill 
Okay...knock it off with that "good guy" stuff! (I have a reputation to keep, dammit.)

By CountryCouple54 at 19,Jun,17 22:34 other posts of CountryCouple54 
The wife swears if I eat celery and pineapple makes it all yummy. But she can tell if I've eaten asparagus, fried food, or beer. So it's safe to say I eat healthy with lots of pineapple.
By JustWill at 19,Jun,17 22:38 other posts of JustWill 
It is a fact that a guy's diet can effect the taste and smell of his spunk. So, if someone is kind enough to give you a "treat", it's only fair that you make sure that they get a tasty one in return.

By #533843 at 17,Jun,17 21:19
I thought it was remind the misses to do laundry.
By Ravioli_Max at 17,Jun,17 22:57 other posts of Ravioli_Max 

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