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Are all men bicurious?

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Started by Leicestermarriedbi at 19,Jul,17 02:58  other posts of Leicestermarriedbi
As a married **** bisexual my question is are all men bi? Whenever I an out running in my tight running shorts I seem to get more looks from men in cars than women. Do all men have that burning question in the back of their mind; I wold love to fuck that ass or him to suck my dick?

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By #540402 at 24,Aug,17 22:08
I've been curious and attracted to the thought of playing with another sexy penis since my early teens. However, I've never acted on them and only been with girls. Only the thought of fondling and sucking a hot throbbing cock is appealing. I'd love to have a guy cum in my mouth and taste him but am afraid of STD's. Also, I've noticed when masturbating while thinking of men the drive to be with a guy leaves right after an orgasm. I could never kiss or be in a relationship with another guy.

By ReallyTooSmall at 23,Aug,17 23:04 other posts of ReallyTooSmall 
I agree , I think both men and women are bi-curious. I think as you get older , you realize or think is their something more to your sex life. I am straight and in my 60's and horns as ever and I am bi -cautious what would another cock feel like in my hand . Never been with another male. Curious to feel what a large cock would feel like since I am on the smaller size. Also, curious about sucking a cock . . Don't want to be fucked , but holding and sucking seem interesting too NEC.

By Scottbill69 at 20,Aug,17 08:23 other posts of Scottbill69 
I think many are , I'm a gay guy and have had a few sessions with straight guys who want to experiment
By talk4s at 23,Aug,17 13:22 other posts of talk4s 
That second censored word is i l l e g a l...WTF has 'Amuricah' cum to??? So much for free speech...
--------------------------------------- added after 81 seconds

this did not even post in the right place....not meant for you Scottbill69. Just my following post

By talk4s at 23,Aug,17 13:19 other posts of talk4s 
Not only are all men bisexual All women are, too! In fact...ALL humans are naturally bi sexual...It's just that societies and religions **** them to cover up their natural feelings... Life on Planet Earth is perpetually clouded by what OTHER people think reality SHOULD be. Governments in particular constantly making laws against most things sexual...Do you know lots of States STILL have laws on their books making sodomy/fellatio ****??...Einstein once said; "Reality is an illusion. Albeit a persistent one". Or something similar...and he be the MAN...
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Crap...I don't REMEMBER what that censored word is!!!!

By Eerect at 20,Aug,17 05:49 other posts of Eerect 
I suppose so,I have sucked cock and swallowed spunk and enjoyed it,I have also had my arse fucked and enjoyed that as well but do not like the thought of a "relationship" with a guy.The thought of kissing a guy does not appeal to me at all.

By fatcock66 at 17,Aug,17 10:38 other posts of fatcock66 
think of it from the female perspective. "all men are pigs and all they think about is sex". Cock and brain in men are sort of connected in a brain stem manner. Any sex is good. I guess that's why some would fuck a goat if horny enough.
By spermkiss at 17,Aug,17 11:20 other posts of spermkiss 
Man, you got that right. A man's brain is hardwired to his cock and when he's horny he'll fuck anything that moves. Or even if it doesn't as long as it's still warm.
By fatcock66 at 17,Aug,17 13:09 other posts of fatcock66 
ha ha... always love your perspective on things. I get a giggle from wife... she says, just go ahead and I'll just lay here (she's either too tired or not interested at the moment), and I tell her OK, you know I come from a long line of cadaver fuckers
By Icudoiwill2 at 17,Aug,17 16:52 other posts of Icudoiwill2 

By spermkiss at 18,Aug,17 17:49 other posts of spermkiss 
'Reminds me of a bit from a Woody Allen routine in which he talks about his wife watching television while they had sex, even changing channels with the remote.

By spermkiss at 17,Aug,17 11:55 other posts of spermkiss 
First, to answer your question if all men are bicurious. No. There are some men (not many, but some) who are so absolutely and totally heterosexual that they could never, ever have any kind of sex with another man under any circumstances. The converse of this is that there are some men who are so absolutely and totally homosexual that they could never, ever have any kind of sex with a woman under any circumstances. There aren't very many men in either of these categories.

The vast majority of men would be open to some kind of sexual contact with another man if it were the right man and if circumstances were right and if the stars were properly aligned. These men may not be aware of this (though some are), and things may never fall in place for sexual activity to occur in many (perhaps most) men's lifetimes, but man-on-man sex between ostensibly heterosexual men does occur more often than most people realize.

Now, to address your point about more men than women checking out your crotch. Yes, of course this happens. The truth is that man, ALL men, straight, bisexual and gay, like to look at other men's dicks. Looking at other men's dicks is a guy thing, not a gay or bisexual thing. The popularity of this site proves that. And as you have observed, most women don't notice.

Perhaps you've heard that old rhetorical question: Do women dress to impress men or to impress other women? That's easy, most men don't notice what women are wearing, but other women do. The converse of this is when men put on snug pants that show a nice bulge in the crotch, they may think they are doing this to impress women, but the truth is that most women don't notice. But other men do. Checking out other guys crotches is a guy thing that all men do. They may do it discretely, but they do it.

By lawrenceo at 20,Jul,17 05:33 other posts of lawrenceo 
If you did it as a boy, it often resurfaces later
By #476377 at 11,Aug,17 13:36
Yep, can confirm that...

By Nevermore at 16,Aug,17 17:24 other posts of Nevermore 
This happened to me too.

By submissivemartyn at 15,Aug,17 22:27 other posts of submissivemartyn 
I read somewhere that we are all born gay,men and women,and that it depends on your upbringing,surroundings and other things as to whether you turn out gay or heterosexual.
Being bi-curious does not make you bi or gay just that you wonder what it would be like to have sex with someone who is the same sex as you.And I imagine that everyone,men and women, have at some point in their lives wondered what it would be like.So I reckon we are all bi-curious.

By talk4s at 19,Jul,17 12:23 other posts of talk4s 
Sex and what is acceptable is ENTIRELY a National thing! It has nothing to do with Nature anymore. If it did, everyone would do whatever they wished! If you are raised in the Middle East...you have some SERIOUS sexual limitations!!; for which you could even be executed! Raised in 'Amuricah' lots less...but for a man even today admitting to having EVER had the SLIGHTEST inclination to break the heterosexual rule and therefore his 'manhood'...it's still pretty much taboo...If you're in California it's much more pliable than if you're in that M state with all them letters...I's n P's n stuff lak that thar...So, to all you guys saying you're NOT gay or bi but just looking @ big dicks on this site , I say you're just not being truthful with yourselves.
By CountryCouple54 at 07,Aug,17 12:14 other posts of CountryCouple54 
So a guy living in California is much more likely to admit to his wife, family, or friends that he is Bi, or has had Bisexual experiences than a guy living in Mississippi. I ain't buying it.
By 4soft7hard at 07,Aug,17 15:56 other posts of 4soft7hard 
Me either!!!!! Are you from Mississippi cause I am!!!
By talk4s at 14,Aug,17 13:24 other posts of talk4s 
That was just an example. You're missing the BIGGER picture. About Societies on Planet Earth and how different they all are. Particularly when it comes to SEX!...Apologies for the generalization about southern states...

By leopoldij at 11,Aug,17 13:45 other posts of leopoldij 
No. Some men are just curious. Curious to look.

By #534172 at 10,Aug,17 06:53
Nah - I'm an exhibitionist not bi. Never have doneanything to a cock except my own, never fantasise about it either. I love my own cock, so I show it off because it excites me for other people to see my cock stiff and excited. If I visit, I go through who visited your profile, comments on your pics, the forum, and then SYC - though there are only a few pics there that turn me on. If I spend points here it's either this photo is hot on SYC, or sticking a pic of my cock up on the banner. I guess most of the guys here are bi, but not me, and really, who cares? We are what we are, and apart from really extreme and insane people what does it matter?

By Samcro816 at 07,Aug,17 06:19 other posts of Samcro816 
I read an article years ago that said that "Most" men have bisexual urges. The problem is that it hard to know whotold the truth in the study and who lied.
By licksipsuckit at 07,Aug,17 09:28 other posts of licksipsuckit 
if it was an internet poll, most of then lied lol, or 'enhanced' the truth somewhat.. then theres the age old problem of how bi are you? a little, l lot, or consider yourself straight but like men to suck your cock bi.. *lix*

By cardinal at 20,Jul,17 01:49 other posts of cardinal 
it's gay if dudes think of other dudes perverted most men do but I can't see a straight dude like looking at other men's dicks that's bi or bi curious because men do think of sex alot when they don't get none they think more feminine just it may make them grossed out rather then enjoying it.

By JustWill at 19,Jul,17 10:44 other posts of JustWill 
All men are bi-curious.
Every single one.
They also all like sports and cars and drinking beer until they pass out.
By Andthisisme at 19,Jul,17 10:57 other posts of Andthisisme 
I am surprised that you didn't mention sports. Maybe we need your definition of bi-curious because I can't agree with you.
By JustWill at 19,Jul,17 12:15 other posts of JustWill 
I DID mention sports. It's right there where I say "...all like sports...".
For the record, my definition of bi-curious would be: wondering what it would be like to experience a sexual encounter with someone of the same gender as yourself. Pretty much the textbook definition of bi-curious.
Also for the record, if you DO have such an encounter, unless you weren't paying attention while it was going on, you are no longer bi-curious. If you go back for seconds, you are bi.
By Andthisisme at 19,Jul,17 16:12 other posts of Andthisisme 
Sorry, my mistake, I read 'sports cars' rather than what you actually wrote 'sports and cars'.
Your definitions appear sound to me.

By Andthisisme at 19,Jul,17 10:34 other posts of Andthisisme 
I really don't think that they are.

There is sometimes a risk that people can take the view point that just because a man is interested to see other dicks, on a site like this, that they must have a 'bi' tendency. I really do not believe that is true.

We guys may like to check out dicks but that is just curiosity nothing more.

By oldbugle at 19,Jul,17 03:52 other posts of oldbugle 
Not ALL men, no. This keeps coming up here,..the veiled implication that, actually, all men have at least a bi inclination but that they choose to mostly leave it dormant until they are seduced by another man......

personally, I have never seen a man I was in the least part sexually attracted to, and I never even considered it or thought about it until coming to this site when I was already in 'advanced middle age'.

Put another way, I like most men, am quite interested in the male organ and enjoy viewing handsome specimens on this site......But, am yet to be actually 'turned on' by one! Compare this to looking at the SYC side of this site where it's still possible for me to get quite excited after looking for a few minutes!

The American sexologist Kinsey was largely responsible for the idea that sexuality is on a sort of 'sliding scale' from straight to gay and that 'all' men thus have a variable setting which is 'part gay', or 'part straight' depending on where one is on the sscale...... Personally, I have, like many straight men, always been at 'zero' on the straight side!

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