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Communal showers at the gym

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Started by Leicestermarriedbi at 22,Jul,17 02:15  other posts of Leicestermarriedbi
Our gym used to have communal showers which was so nice as you could just stand with a load of guys soaping up. So many times I could start feeling my cock grow with excitement. Now they have changed to cubicles with doors!!!! No fun other than I can wank in the shower now but no cocks to look at

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By uncut1944 at 04,Feb,18 14:46 other posts of uncut1944 
Had communal showers at the boy's club I belonged to in my youth as well as in junior high and senior high. the gym I belong to now also has cubicles with doors.

By Boylover at 15,Jan,18 03:44 other posts of Boylover 
Living in Germany, the gym and the swimming pool both had communal showers. I loved to shower naked, and even shave my cock while showering. As most of the times I was the only cut guy in there, had many guys and boys watching my cock, which really turned me on. Often got hard and jacked off, but turning around with my front facing the wall.

By LittleWeewee at 31,Oct,17 12:16 other posts of LittleWeewee 
Thank God I've never had to use communal showers

By jocstfr at 21,Oct,17 14:30 other posts of jocstfr 
The gym I go to has communal showers. Everything is there to see and I can sense when a guy is checking me out. My dick starts to grow when this happens, and his does too. Its a natural reaction.
By Ramil1 at 21,Oct,17 16:10 other posts of Ramil1 
that sounds like a cool gym Where is it
By jocstfr at 23,Oct,17 12:43 other posts of jocstfr 
It's a gym I go to in Eastern Europe where I live part of the year. The fun part is that almost every guy there is uncut. In the showers, I'm the only one with a completely exposed head as I am cut. It's fun to watch as guys in the shower become excited, and penis heads start becoming visible as they slip out of their foreskins.
By Ramil1 at 27,Oct,17 18:35 other posts of Ramil1 

By Nevermore at 28,Oct,17 08:31 other posts of Nevermore 
Speaking as an uncut man, there is something about gently slipping out of your foreskin in view of a man whose head is always on show.
By jocstfr at 29,Oct,17 18:01 other posts of jocstfr 
Yes it's very exciting. I step in the shower and mine is the only head to be seen, and gradually everybody's head starts appearing
By Nevermore at 31,Oct,17 11:33 other posts of Nevermore 
I would enjoy that!

By tcputts at 15,Oct,17 22:26 other posts of tcputts 
When I was in school I played 3 sports plus always had a phys ed class to so I used the locker room showers 2 times a day all though high school. I would always get naked as quick as I could and wait as long as possible to get dressed again before I had to leave. I sure miss those days!

By PoloFields at 08,Oct,17 21:15 other posts of PoloFields 
Something that starts from about the age of 13. Not necessarily getting hard all the time, but for maybe the first time, seeing all these other cocks: Big, small, long, short, some hairy, some still smooth. Staring but trying not to stare, ya know?

By veryshyguy at 04,Oct,17 15:58 other posts of veryshyguy 
No communal showers for me! Brings back too many bad memories of my days in high school. UGH!!!

By Scottbill69 at 30,Jul,17 15:37 other posts of Scottbill69 
always love being in locker room, right from age 12in high school , when most of us only had little cocks , even when hard as we usually got in there . Then over 4 years watching as all of us developed and a few of the guys got very big cocks .Today its communal showers at the sports centre my boyfriend and I use an the sauna is also separate for men/ women so most guys sit on their towel with all of package in view

By spermkiss at 30,Jul,17 15:19 other posts of spermkiss 
You've made an interesting observation which seems to contradict other things in this internet age.

Now-a-days it seems like a right of passage for young men, all young men of every orientation, straight, bisexual and gay, reaching adulthood to post nude photos of themselves on the internet. Many of them kick it up a notch and post a full motion jack off video. It's as if they are telling the world "Here I am, I'm an adult, I can get hard and ejaculate. To prove it, here's my sperm."

For young gay men it seems to be posting a full on sex video. That seems to be the final step in the coming out process. It's a public announcement that they are gay, that they are cocksuckers and they are proving it by sucking a guy off on camera.

So what the big deal about letting other men see them nude in a locker room or the showers? Hard to understand.

By liketoedge at 22,Jul,17 13:42 other posts of liketoedge 
My fym still has community showers. But many of the people shower in there beiefs. Growing up nobody was modest. Nowadays urinal dividers and shower stalls so there is no peeking has become far to common.
By kebmo at 30,Jul,17 14:28 other posts of kebmo 
Showering in their briefs? That's disgusting. They won't be clean after that and what do they do with the wet briefs? Wear them under their pants? They might as well not even shower. Prude to the extreme!

By cutroundhead at 23,Jul,17 06:30 other posts of cutroundhead 
Same at the gym I go to...seems that men aren't men any more..terrified of their cocks being seen, many don't shower at all and most of those who do, perform the 'towel dance'...what's this new wave of prudery all about?
By richardsed58 at 23,Jul,17 13:36 other posts of richardsed58 
I notice the same thing, guys going to shower with their underwear still on or wrapped in a towel. Seen more older guys walking around the locker room nude than younger. Generational thing?
By cutroundhead at 23,Jul,17 13:47 other posts of cutroundhead 
yes, we older guys were brought up not to be shy about being nude in a male sports or school environment...and heaven help you if you were shy...merciless teasing would follow. I guess the modern nanny state has changed this all.

By Gary5 at 30,Jul,17 10:21 other posts of Gary5 
Agreed! I'm in Asia, and it's not a problem though.

By #517796 at 29,Jul,17 17:34
Oh the days of boys showers at school. An all male revue in itself!
By Gary5 at 30,Jul,17 10:21 other posts of Gary5 

By DeadEnd at 30,Jul,17 09:48 other posts of DeadEnd 
Still common here in Sweden to have shower rooms where everything is in full view and it's never been a big deal. So used to it after always sharing communal showers with the class after physical ed and after soccer practice.

Never seen anyone get more than a semi

By Ramil1 at 30,Jul,17 08:26 other posts of Ramil1 
sounds like you should join the army. And enjoy your shower time for more than one reason. Great fun to look around while you wash and feel you haven t been spotted looking around.

By #519017 at 22,Jul,17 02:59
When I was at school from age 11-18 we had communal showers after school PE and sports. We'd all get naked together. In those days of surging hormones I seemed to be permanently erect. In the showers one boy would get a boner, then seeing it we'd all get erect. Having a hard up stiffie in the showers was never taboo in my school.
By Nevermore at 22,Jul,17 13:08 other posts of Nevermore 
That sounds great, much healthier than my school. I only ever saw one guy get erect, though he was looking at my early developing pubes at the time.
By #519017 at 23,Jul,17 04:56
In my school changing room we dared one boy to masturbate because he had such a big stiffy. We gathered round him and he jacked one off shooting his load a couple of feet. First guy I ever watched masturbate.

By Aarin at 22,Jul,17 02:57 other posts of Aarin 
One guy in my phy ed class always stood at the shower entrance swinging his very big dick at all of us. He was hard not to watch
By bella! at 22,Jul,17 13:22 other posts of bella! 
He was HARD because you watched.

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