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Started by Icudoiwill2 at 07,Oct,17 00:34  other posts of Icudoiwill2

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New Comment

By leopoldij at 13,Oct,17 18:43 other posts of leopoldij 
Saggy hash hi deb hard no cam kirch Kath kik 10th can't no brick.
By Icudoiwill2 at 13,Oct,17 23:06 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Hash brick yea i hear ya.

By Icudoiwill2 at 11,Oct,17 18:55 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
I fell down and can't get up.
By phart at 11,Oct,17 20:53 other posts of phart 
well if you are laying on ye back,just kick and wiggle your arms and make noises till someone comes along to flip you back over like a beatle bug.
By Icudoiwill2 at 12,Oct,17 01:10 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Not working?

By RealTitsLover at 12,Oct,17 00:06 other posts of RealTitsLover 
You must be old as fuck... don't you have a woman around that can help you out? I read somewhere that you both know how to use the web. Seems like she could pick you back up, assuming you're not fat as hell.
By Icudoiwill2 at 12,Oct,17 01:11 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
She's just kicking me and surfing.

By sinanff47 at 08,Oct,17 00:00 other posts of sinanff47 
But how can it be? I didn't hear 'the fat lady' sing yet.
By Icudoiwill2 at 08,Oct,17 02:49 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Your too late.
By licksipsuckit at 08,Oct,17 05:10 other posts of licksipsuckit 
la la la *lix*
By Icudoiwill2 at 08,Oct,17 05:51 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Yoldel yey ee rr (how about a fat man)

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