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Pet Hates anyone?

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Started by Andthisisme at 14,Jul,18 04:42  other posts of Andthisisme
I do appreciate that I am a dinosaur, someone who always replies to any text or email. Anyway, I am in mid conversation with someone on here who approached me and then suddenly they are no longer talking. If I want to end a conversation, and sometimes I do I say ‘thanks for the chat, bye’ . How hard is that?
I am not talking here about a quick message and response that my be a question, in those cases it is obvious when the conversation is over, but a conversation over a period of time.
I know I know, ‘wake up to the new world grandad’ but I just thought I would get that off my chest.

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By #540726 at 14,Jul,18 13:00
Hello! I understand what you say. I try always to end "properly" a conversation and of a cam show. It's at my opinion people little politeness towards others.
By Andthisisme at 14,Jul,18 15:20 other posts of Andthisisme 
That is it exactly, politeness.

By kebmo at 14,Jul,18 07:18 other posts of kebmo 
I always think that someone walked in the room and he had to go NOW.
By Andthisisme at 14,Jul,18 07:52 other posts of Andthisisme 
That is possible and I accept that could indeed be the case. If that happens to me, I always send an apologetic explanatory message.

By #556372 at 14,Jul,18 08:39
Anything is possible, but, if that's the case, he/she should come back later and say "sorry, i had to leave in a hurry". It takes so little to say, "got to go, chat later???"

By bella! at 14,Jul,18 07:01 other posts of bella! 
I agree with you on this matter. If you are engaged in a conversation, how hard is it to say "bye"?

A hundred years ago, I was with this guy who actually lived with me. His mother would call from time to time, sometimes for me, most of the time for him, but whenever she was finished talking, the conversation was over and she would hang up. DAMN, THAT GOT ON MY NERVES! Just how difficult is it to say "goodbye"?
By Andthisisme at 14,Jul,18 07:53 other posts of Andthisisme 
Good to see it is not only me who feels this way.

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