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Is there any girl that I can have a conversation with?

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Started by Tushar1230 at 30,Sep,19 21:07  other posts of Tushar1230
Hello,I'm Tushar.
I wanna know if there's any women out there that can talk to me and have a conversation to see where it goes...
As far as I've experienced, there are only males here or bi but I'm completely straight.
If there is, you can also check out my profile first just in case and then message me.

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New Comment

By phart at 23,Nov,20 21:13 other posts of phart 
Option? Cheap! And they don't eat!
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By Skittles at 23,Nov,20 11:58 other posts of Skittles 
Dirty Indian!!!

By Skittles at 03,Oct,19 14:05 other posts of Skittles 
There is no one at the call center for you to mingle with?

Fucks sake.
By Oddmanout at 03,Oct,19 14:08 other posts of Oddmanout 

By #551147 at 03,Oct,19 17:14

By Tushar1230 at 18,Nov,20 14:28 other posts of Tushar1230 
What the fuck you mean, huh?

By Tushar1230 at 18,Nov,20 14:31 other posts of Tushar1230 
I've been completely unaware of what's happening here, that's why just saw it now.

By Tushar1230 at 18,Nov,20 14:32 other posts of Tushar1230 
Which call center?
By #551147 at 18,Nov,20 18:39

It took you over a year to respond to Skittles?
By Dev01 at 18,Nov,20 19:35 other posts of Dev01 
call centres are busy mate.
By #551147 at 18,Nov,20 20:02
LMAO apparently!

ellO! Theese is Hah-Beeb! How may I assist you today?

By Skittles at 19,Nov,20 09:37 other posts of Skittles 
tushar1230 The one you work at, stupid Indian!
By Tushar1230 at 19,Nov,20 14:37 other posts of Tushar1230 
I don't work at no call center, stupidfuck and @President-Elect-Scorps, Yes it did cause I have a life and don't stay on here 24/7 to look at other cocks cause I'm straight since there's no pussy on here.
By HotFuckerBoy at 19,Nov,20 16:19 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Well, you were entertaining the idea of pushing it up Tiny Tim's poop chute back in April... Perhaps that didn't pan out so well? [reference is the comments under this pic /w70tc4ebfbsppic.html ]
By Skittles at 19,Nov,20 16:39 other posts of Skittles 

By #551147 at 19,Nov,20 16:43

I'll tell you about these "Straight" duds...

GJ HotFuckerBoy

By Tushar1230 at 20,Nov,20 04:36 other posts of Tushar1230 
@HotFuckerBoy Funny, how you brought up a months ago thing and you talk like I actually did anything with him, I never would, saying & doing are two different things since there's hardly any women here who actually even "talk".
By #551147 at 20,Nov,20 06:13
You're right about that...

By HotFuckerBoy at 20,Nov,20 13:39 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Tushar1230 I never said you had anal sex with Mr. TinyTim, I said you were, "entertaing the idea". I noticed you deleted the anal sex discussion under the picture, is that something in afterthought you now want swept under the rug? I agree with you in that many female members lack conversation skills, but not all, I've meet many wonderful women here and get along with them just fine.

By Skittles at 19,Nov,20 16:41 other posts of Skittles 

Listen here Chicken Tikka, shut yer call centre mouth! Get back to sorting out the long queue waiting for help to reset their Sat-TV box!

By Tushar1230 at 20,Nov,20 04:33 other posts of Tushar1230 
@Skittles Nope, listen here, extra fat cheese beef jerky, you shut your stupidass big mouth, the members opinion on your page tells me enough what kind of a person you are, "racist retard" of course you are, the reason why you have over 100 people block your ass.
By Skittles at 20,Nov,20 13:10 other posts of Skittles 

I would rather be called anything other than an INDIAN!

Now, get back into your call centre you rat Indian cunt!
By Tushar1230 at 20,Nov,20 14:02 other posts of Tushar1230 
Very funny, skittles.

Go eat a skittle and get choked on it until you suffocate & die, haha.
By HotFuckerBoy at 20,Nov,20 14:39 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Wow, kinda flying recklessly in the face of karma there, aren't ya big guy?
By Tushar1230 at 20,Nov,20 15:05 other posts of Tushar1230 
@HotFuckerBoy Sorry there, didn't see your message cause of this lowlife skittle. So I deleted that conversation cause I don't want to put misconception in people since I know I'm straight, that was the first and only time I even had a conversation like that with a male otherwise in actual real life, I'll never even get too close with a male at any cost, again for you, saying & doing are two different things.
By Skittles at 20,Nov,20 15:46 other posts of Skittles 

Delete your scummy page, jam boy!!
--------------------------------------- added after 6 hours


The Jam Boy was first introduced as early as the 1800s when the British Empire occupied India. When the British gentry went to play golf, they would have two men, the caddy and a Jam Boy.

The Jam Boys sole purpose was to keep the mosquitoes away from the golfer. To do this, the Jam Boy would cover himself in Jam to attract the mosquitoes away from the players. When the game was over the Jam Boy got to keep the jam he was wearing to take home to his family.
By Tushar1230 at 20,Nov,20 16:21 other posts of Tushar1230 
@Skittles Nah, little skitty boy, the best thing I'm gonna do now is to have some self respect and ignore a lowlife like you cause you shouldn't even be respected enough to get a reply from anyone. Period.
By #551147 at 20,Nov,20 16:56
Question is... Have YOU tasted the rainbow?
By bannon at 20,Nov,20 20:02 other posts of bannon 
I rate your dick - poor
Your opinion doesn't count
By dgraff at 20,Nov,20 21:41 other posts of dgraff 
Hey little girl who gave you permission to voice your opinion I will tell you when you may speak now shut your trap and bake me some fresh chocolate chip cookies bitch
By Tushar1230 at 21,Nov,20 01:34 other posts of Tushar1230 
@dgraff Who? You in my favour?
By dgraff at 21,Nov,20 05:07 other posts of dgraff 
I was talking to bannon

By Tushar1230 at 21,Nov,20 01:43 other posts of Tushar1230 
@Skittles Want me to buy jam for your whole family? But do let them know that daddy gave it and I'll be waiting for all if you to come lay down on my feet for that box of jam.
By Skittles at 21,Nov,20 08:00 other posts of Skittles 
@Skittles Nah, little skitty boy, the best thing I'm gonna do now is to have some self respect and ignore a lowlife like you cause you shouldn't even be respected enough to get a reply from anyone. Period.

No your place jam boy. Now get back to your other job: Taxi driver.

A dirty Indian who is now my site piņata.
By #551147 at 21,Nov,20 16:42

How do you know he's not a Doctor, or owns a 7-Eleven OR a Dunkin Doughnuts as Joe Biden said? Maybe he's the HOLE maker in the doughnut room?

By #551147 at 21,Nov,20 01:46
 Not here!

Proof, that reading is FUNDAMENTAL...

You, Tushar1230, along with thousands of others always CONVENIENTLY ignore the sign-up page, where it CLEARLY states...


1. Many men expect that they can show their pics on this site to women. In fact, most of the comments will be from other men, mostly gay.
2. Many people expect good comments on their pics, but in fact you may receive bad comments or even be insulted. So if you are not ready for this - DO NOT PROCEED.
3. Some members of this site may be fake, not being who they claim to be. Some can intentionally make provocative comments in order to mock you. So, be wise.
4. Many "FEMALE" members are FAKE, NOT REAL WOMEN, but men pretending to be women. They are NOT employees of the site. The world is simply full of liars."

Yet, you came here anyway, and then start bitching or inquiring like, WTF? 

Piece of friendly advice, Men AND Women view these types of places VASTLY different. Therefore, the one's that are on sites like this, are the fringe, and even then, I assure you, their not gonna act like dogs in heat, like most men do. If you just so happen to find one like that, odds are it's a MAN too! Good luck!
By Tushar1230 at 21,Nov,20 03:37 other posts of Tushar1230 
I know that, you don't need to tell me again.
By #551147 at 21,Nov,20 03:39
I was on a roll, cause I was attempting to help another.

By Tushar1230 at 21,Nov,20 10:48 other posts of Tushar1230 
Alright, sure.

By dgraff at 05,Oct,19 09:10 other posts of dgraff 
How about me cupcake I will have a conversation with you
By #551147 at 18,Nov,20 18:57
He's been manning the Fingerhut help line and very busy for the last year. So busy in fact, he's just now responding to Skittles from over a year ago.
By Dev01 at 18,Nov,20 20:16 other posts of Dev01 
They try to syskey this FFS

By Tushar1230 at 19,Nov,20 14:39 other posts of Tushar1230 
@President-Elect-Scorps, Don't talk nonsense.

By SrCums at 18,Nov,20 16:14 other posts of SrCums 
YOu can't count bella since she is a shaved big fat hippo. There is no females other than fakes.

By cody8789 at 01,Oct,19 12:47 other posts of cody8789 
Try a blind girl with no legs, she can't get away from you
By #551147 at 01,Oct,19 18:27
By phart at 01,Oct,19 19:00 other posts of phart 
Perhaps that is what I need to find!
Then the conversation could go whereever I carried her!
By cody8789 at 01,Oct,19 20:30 other posts of cody8789 

By #551147 at 02,Oct,19 00:58
Good one Phart

By dgraff at 05,Oct,19 09:08 other posts of dgraff 
OMG I refer to them as a nugget

By phart at 01,Oct,19 14:55 other posts of phart 
You might have better luck finding a unicorn.
I am sure some of the profiles are women,but they have a LARGE number of males to choose from.
And I don't know if Undercoverangel is a real woman behind the pictures but, that is 1 damn fine looking babe In the pictures regardless of who posted them.
By aoneeyedmonster at 03,Oct,19 14:46 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
she's real for sure.....
By Skittles at 05,Oct,19 08:56 other posts of Skittles 
UCA is for real!.

By Dev01 at 03,Oct,19 15:11 other posts of Dev01 
Skittles is your lady...let me know how that works out. And No he has no virus but might fall for the tree command
By Skittles at 04,Oct,19 10:27 other posts of Skittles 

By #551147 at 01,Oct,19 03:06
Hey Tushar!

Of course there are some Women here! Silly! You have about 40 to choose from out of 23,500+ members. Have some fun, reach out to'em, good luck! 🙂

Arexa - Bella! - BustyAsian - CumDumpster - **FlyingCum** - FootLuvrsGirl - HintOfLemons - Indigo - InkedSnow - Jroc - LatinaPink - Leilani - LushLips - Lyssa - Mi-Lips - MissPeach - Redh1 - RTLs_Girl - SexyBrownEyes - SherryAnn - Sweetness37 - SweetSlit - UnderCoverAngel - Vivian - Wifey - Xo_Blair - XoXo1234 - Zoe797 - 63YrOldPussy

I saved the best 2 for last...

They are REAL treats! Enjoy!
By aoneeyedmonster at 01,Oct,19 13:18 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 

By Tushar1230 at 01,Oct,19 15:36 other posts of Tushar1230 
Thanks, I'll definitely message some of them
By #551147 at 01,Oct,19 18:28
Good Luck 😉

By cody8789 at 01,Oct,19 20:31 other posts of cody8789 

By 2nice at 01,Oct,19 17:11 other posts of 2nice 
Ah...the elusive women on SYD/SYC.

What you need to understand is the male versus female ratio here is quite large. So female members are constantly bombarded with hundreds of messages daily. Most women are nude here, so therefore for some reason many male members feel its acceptable to treat them disrespectfully. Why grown men do not understand most women do not respond to that sort of behavior positively, escapes me. But, they deserve to be lonely. I expect many female members do not even bother to check their messages anymore. Another unfortunate is many "female" profiles are moderated by men. So, do not expect any interaction with them. Why do men do this? I have no idea, and don't understand it, but it is a reality here. Stray away from profiles that have polished or professional pictures. They are most likely fakes accounts.

My best advice to you is to stay active. Comment pleasingly on members pics, videos and blogs. Stay active in this forum. Float your favorite picture of yourself in the top banner. I've been a member here on and off for many years now. During that time I've only secured a handful of female members that I interact with regularly. All that being said...it is well worth it.

Good Luck.

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