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How many guys has you wife sucked and how bigger were they?

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Started by #526755 at 19,Jan,18 07:41
How many guys has you wife sucked and how bigger were they?
My wife has sucked 15 including me 4 were smaller 9 were bigger tell me about yours?

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By spermkiss at 26,Jan,18 19:30 other posts of spermkiss 
A better question might be: "How many guys have you watched your wife suck off?"

By #526755 at 26,Jan,18 14:44

By #547532 at 20,Jan,18 22:14
I don't know how many before we meet. But since then she has sucked the 20 something that lives on the block behind us, the husband from next door, her regular boyfriend, & of course me. She only has 2 rules: rule 1 she would never suck off a random person & rule 2 she always finishes with her mouth & swallows.
By t-rex at 21,Jan,18 17:22 other posts of t-rex 
Where do you live ? 😃

By Eerect at 21,Jan,18 10:28 other posts of Eerect 
She sucked off 9 guys in one evening,all but two had smaller dicks than me,the guys with the bigger cocks spunked less cum than the smaller ones.

By #547271 at 21,Jan,18 09:29
Way to many to count, All were both longer and thicker
--------------------------------------- added after 12 hours

Add-on; she's told me ever detail as I have her. I know since we've been together she's slept with well over30 guys, mostly my frienmy buddies. ive watched her suck and fuck most of them - none were smaller if they were she wouldn't have fucked them

By aprick at 21,Jan,18 09:05 other posts of aprick 
5 all bigger than mine.

By #548288 at 21,Jan,18 02:21
My wife sucked my buddy who was bigger and thicker

By submissivemartyn at 21,Jan,18 02:19 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Years ago my ex wife(also my Mistress)would take me dogging.Before we left I would have to wear my cock cage and once at the destination would have to strip naked.Whilst I was watching her sucking cocks and having sex I would be verbally humiliated by her and the guys.Most of the guys were much bigger than me with the odd smaller.To humiliate me further,and if the guys would let me,she would make me suck the guys and get them to cum all over my face.She would then take pictures and post them on another site we were members of.

By lawrenceo at 20,Jan,18 03:55 other posts of lawrenceo 
She never told me!

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