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your partner ever talked about a bigger dick experience?

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Started by hypoboy at 16,Jul,17 07:23  other posts of hypoboy
I wonder if there are any stories you heard from your partner (gf/wife/bf) about some bigger dick(s) they have had before.

My wife once told me (very neutrally) about only having had sex with one guy before me and he had a "sligtly bigger dick" than me. I played it down as i am obivously her man but i honestly felt really turned on about him being bigger than me.

Still today i wonder sometimes how it would feel for her if she would suddenly have a bigger dick than mine inside, if she would react much different or not... Any stories you heard? Any stories some girls want to share about different penis sizes and the feelings?

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By hypoboy at 16,Aug,17 08:39 other posts of hypoboy 
before i had sex with my wife for the very first time, i had no other woman.

she however had one partner before and naturally asked her how big he was. she said "he was slightly bigger"... and that left me in peace.

a little bit is okay, a looot would have been intimidating and humilating, making me less of a man somehow haha....

By hypoboy at 16,Jul,17 07:28 other posts of hypoboy 
imagine such difference in penis size - what about the feelings??? LOL

By RealTitsLover at 16,Jul,17 18:53 other posts of RealTitsLover 
That ugly one's hard?! That's nuts...

(no offense to anyone that small, I've just never seen such a thing)
--------------------------------------- added after 55 hours

Ugh, please excuse and ignore this comment of mine. I was drinking, which impairs my thinking before speaking/posting, and I didn't realize it was your own, the way it seemed like you were making fun of it.

I do agree that it's a funny comparison, and am curious what your response would be to your own question - "what about the feelings???"
By hypoboy at 20,Jul,17 16:50 other posts of hypoboy 
haha no need toapologize, cocks are the way they are and opinions upon them are allowed of course. some find it horny as fuck and others think it's ugly, fine with me.

as to the feelings question: i have no real idea but as i use a finger for my ass or her clit and it already works so nicely to reach orgasms - i can only imagine that anything bigger/thicker would be even more intense probably.

yet still, the horniest times we had sex together was when we didn't do it for longer time before or when we did it super passionately and so on so i guess all that adds to the experience as sex happens in the brains a lot as the say...

By onthelose at 16,Jul,17 18:01 other posts of onthelose 
I have often wondered if a woman complaining about size would be interested I letting her man wear a hollow dildo to penetrate her with. My wife isn't interested in sex so I cant ask her. I would get the largest fattest hollow cock I could find and give her the fucking she says she is missing. I think she might change her mind after being **** by something as big as she thinks she wants. Most of us are not above 6 inches and those that are wont let us forget it. I don't think most women care about size but we are led to believe they do by the porn industry. Mostly curiosity on a woman's part I think.
By hypoboy at 20,Jul,17 16:46 other posts of hypoboy 
funny, my wife once said to me as i asked her if she ever wants to try out a dildo:

"no i don't need one, that's your job...!"

it made me so happy and proud :-)

By submissivemartyn at 18,Jul,17 21:15 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Mine is not exactly a story as I was actually there.My ex wife and I had a Mistress/submissive relationship and we met a local guy online who was a Master.He said he would give my ex some lessons in B.D.S.M as at the time we were fairly new to it.When we arrived at His home I was ordered to strip,once naked He gave my Mistress a cock cage to put on me.Once this was done we went to the bedroom where I was tied to a chair facing the bed.The two of them then started kissing and caressing each other and removing their clothing.When they were both naked I noticed that His cock was twice the size of mine and my ex made comments like'now that's what I call a cock!'and'look how big he is compared to your tiny thing'.They got on the bed and started having sex and both saying things to me like 'this is how you satisfy a women','this is so much better than your tiny cock'and whilst moaning with pleasure'your tiny cock will never be able to satisfy me like this'.I felt embarrassed and humiliated yet was also turned on,but with the cock cage on could not get a hard on.Once they had finished the Master untied me and ordered me to 'clean' my Mistresses pussy.As I licked His cum out of Her pussy they both laughed at me(more humiliation)and when I had finished my cock cage was removed and I was ordered to masturbate onto a side plate,which the Master had supplied,and the lick it up(even more humiliation).
We went back to Him several times after the for more 'lessons'.....

By t-rex at 16,Jul,17 19:34 other posts of t-rex 
I had a partner once that said she was with a guy that was almost 11 inches, she said it was so big, she just had to measure it, she did say that she could only let him fuck her with about half, and she could only suck on the head because of his girth, I smiled as she was swallowing my cock after telling me this 😃

By RealTitsLover at 16,Jul,17 19:11 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Partner means someone you're in a relationship with, right? Assuming that's right, no, the closest was one saying one of her exes was about the same length, but much thinner.

If we're just talking about sexual partners, yeah. One was one of the only two black girls I was with and the other was a slutty co-worker. Both said they'd been with more than one up to nine and a half inches, but never one as thick. They'd been bottomed out hard by the guys they mentioned, causing serious pain that hurt enough that they couldn't continue and didn't wanna try again with them.

Other than being sympathetic, it didn't really bother me that they had those awful experiences, since it doesn't seem like a turn-on for me to picture another guy with any girl I've been with. Not that it would necessarily bother me since I'm content with my size, but I wouldn't find anything about it exciting.

By Littledick4 at 16,Jul,17 12:09 other posts of Littledick4 
My wife and I have had many conversation about our pasts. Shes told me the size of all her passed boyfriend's cocks. The biggest was over 10" and beer can thickness. Most have been between 8 and 10 inches. Im the smallest she's ever been with! She never lets me foget that fact!

By Ramil1 at 16,Jul,17 08:46 other posts of Ramil1 
I cant even imagine it. I don t think any girl would. In a strange way it makes me smile to think of a girls saying "how come it s so small". I had a ex girl friend of my friends, tell me his dick was small. Although I didn't agree.

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