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Friends with BENEFITS!

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Started by leopoldij at 12,Feb,18 14:18  other posts of leopoldij
"Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment." (The Urban Dictionary)

So, what are your stories from your friends with benefits? Do you have any? It's a win win situation and both benefit, believe me! Share some below.

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New Comment

By overeight at 06,Feb,20 01:51 other posts of overeight 
Well I have to say my only real fwb was lots of fun. She and i used to have fun together. Back in the day,once she called me and said hey I need a little visit what are you up to. I told her nothing really just laying in bed watching tv right now. She said hmm well I have a dare for you then. I said ok what's that. She said how about this I dare you to come over and once you get in my elevator I dare you to get naked in the elevator and ill leave my door unlocked. Just walk in once you get here. I said ok. She lived in an old building and it had a few shops downstairs that closed around 9. She worked until about 1-2 am at a bar. There was only like 3 apartments upstairs so it wasn't like a lot of people lived there. So I got there hopped on the elevator only had on a shirt and shorts to start with and flip flops. So I pushed the button to go up and got nude. I walked off the elevator down the hall past both the other doors. I opened her door and just thinking that I was going to get some anyway plus the excitement of being naked in public and nigh be seen I was nearly erect when I walked into her apartment. I walked in and low and behold there she was in nothing but panties and another woman there only in panties and a bra. She said oh there you are I have a gift for you look here. The woman looked at me and said oh my is this for me. She said no this isn't for you just a minute. Then my friend hot on her knees and sucked me until she had me rock hard. The other woman by that time was naked and playing with herself watching. Then my friend said there now thats your gift. There I am rock hard and then my friend pushed me over in front of her. She immediately started sucking me and she had such a beautiful body she was gorgeous. Then my friend said hmmm see I told you I would get you a realm nice cock didn't I. Then she said lets go in the bedroom. So we moved to the bedroom and the woman was so hot and beautiful I started eating her while my friend sucked me.. Then I said damn your so hot I have to fuck you. So i rolled her over and started fucking her from behind. She was very tight and so hot but she got super wet in seconds. My friend said to me whispering in my ear fuck her as good and as hard as you do me she needs it bad she hasn't had any in a long time. So I fucked her in all types of positions my friend she just watched while she played with herself. The woman came over and over so much there was a puddle under her on the bed. She cried and moaned and screamed and nearly passed out. Then I started to cum. I pulled out and put my cock in the woman's face and she said oh I want it give it to me. And as I shot off she sucked me off and swallowed every drop. My friend then came watching us and said oh this is so hot you look like that when you fuck me. The woman then she laid back and cupped her twat and said oh thank you you just dont know just how bad I needed that. Just then my friend said ok are you good,the woman said oh I'm good now for another year or more ohh that was good. My friend then said ok well now go your drunk ass to sleep and ill wake you in the morning. My friend walked me out to her door and said oh yeah I forgot you came in here naked where are your clothes. I told her they are in the elevator. She said really oh let me walk you out. We walked to the elevator and on the way she told me,look that woman is a friend of mine and she is married to a state senator but he is gay and they are only married for looks. She has to go out every so often and get her some because a vibrator only does so much. I think she might come back again and want some can I call you. I said hell yeah anytime. My friend rode down the elevator with me nude because I told her ok now its your turn to be dated. So she did it. She kissed me and rode back up while I left. Man that girl was lots of fun. She got me laid by four other women while we were fwb's she was a very good friend.
By leopoldij at 06,Feb,20 08:52 other posts of leopoldij 
Awesome! You wrote a full essay!

By up-for-it at 06,Feb,20 08:14 other posts of up-for-it 
I have commented here before that i hadn't managed to find a friend with benefits.

In the mean time i have found one. A guy who has become a good friend. We chat almost every day, meet up from time to time and always have a good time together.

He has been in a relationship with a man since his early twenty's but always kept having fun with other men. His friend knows about this and is fine with it.

We constantly share the things we do with other guys, and enjoy hearing what the other has done. From time to time we do things together like sauna visits sexparties etc

I had an idea about what a friend with benefits would be, but this has turned out much better.
By leopoldij at 06,Feb,20 08:52 other posts of leopoldij 
Great, I'm happy for you. Doing it with women is so much harder... So, you're lucky and also happy. Cheers!

By 0-00 at 04,Feb,20 14:35 other posts of 0-00 
I addition to my post below...
I have had a few and every time the "No Strings Attached" idea falls flat. Making love to someone regularly always seems to lead to an emotional connection and the longer you meet with them the stronger that connection becomes. The stronger the connection the better the sex and so it snowballed. Most of my
FWB's were from the local university so the arrangement had a finite term coinciding with the academic year end. All of them are still good friends and look me up whenever they are in town.
By leopoldij at 04,Feb,20 17:04 other posts of leopoldij 
I somehow manage to disengage emotions from sex. I view sex as pleasure and I'm trying to give pleasure to my partner every time I have sex. It's easier to do this when the partner is equally minded and mature. Having sex with a younger partner typically results in what you said. It helps to have FWB in other cities or counties. This creates a natural distance.
By 0-00 at 05,Feb,20 15:24 other posts of 0-00 
You hit the nail on the head there... younger partners do tend to become emotionally attached. I manage to keep my distance but it is not always easy when the other develops feelings.
By leopoldij at 05,Feb,20 21:54 other posts of leopoldij 
No, not easy, but not impossible. Once you have things clear in your mind AND be honest about your intentions, things are manageable. No games, no bullshit.

By onthelose at 04,Feb,20 13:19 other posts of onthelose 
Its not just societal , I just don't like every guy I come into contact with. Now women that's a totally different story. If I don't want to fuck them its because they are so huge or smelly or ugly in a non physical way. But not to worry they usually don't want anything to do with me anyway. Men like to fantasize about sex with other men but even though they are constantly horny, they seldom commit to having sex. In order to find that FWB you have to increase your odds by meeting many people. The internet helps but their are also a lot of men who are players and waste your time. The biggest problem with internet connections is men who are local. Most of my contacts are from some where far away.

By thickswingercock at 04,Feb,20 09:31 other posts of thickswingercock 
i have many friends with benefits. it works great and im never lacking for some great fucking

By leopoldij at 02,Feb,20 11:17 other posts of leopoldij 
A friend I fuck with
By Smoothmann at 02,Feb,20 15:07 other posts of Smoothmann 
She's very pretty and I love her smooth pussy!
By leopoldij at 02,Feb,20 16:37 other posts of leopoldij 
she loves being fucked

By thickswingercock at 04,Feb,20 09:30 other posts of thickswingercock 
very hot! looks nice and tight

By leopoldij at 24,Dec,18 06:19 other posts of leopoldij 
Here is one of them

By up-for-it at 24,Dec,18 10:03 other posts of up-for-it 
That looks like a benefit!
By t-rex at 26,Dec,18 15:48 other posts of t-rex 
Definitely nice

By bil47 at 26,Dec,18 11:00 other posts of bil47 
I'm a married bi guy, in the closet but very familiar with casual M/M sex. I've never had sex with a friend (unless you count some sex-play at age 13)... or become a friend of a guy I'm having discrete sex with. I'm emotionally monogamous with my wife... but physically I'm a cock-sucking slut.

By #562693 at 26,Dec,18 07:32
Somewhat of a tame version of friends with benefits... an old co-worker of mine (she was actually my boss for a while). Good friend and we both got laid off from work the same year (about 6 months apart). We stayed connected and often visited each other nearly every week just to hang out.

Sexual teasing between the two of us kept getting more and more daring, till she was flashing her tits every time I stopped over. After a while it got to the point where she’d let me jerk off with her as she flashed me and we viewed my personal set of pix and vids of my wife and I.

Great fun!

By adamgo at 22,Dec,18 16:09 other posts of adamgo 
i agree that it is hard to find this cause in many cases one of the ppl involved wants more. i did this with a girl i knew - we had a one night stand once, some time passed and we decided to just keep doin it....even tho we were in a relationship with someone else at the time. we still hook up from time to time but she lives far now so not as easy as b4. have not been able to find this with a guy yet but would love to

By JackHammer at 22,Dec,18 14:20 other posts of JackHammer 
I've not had a regular FWB but in my blog I talk about a buddy of mine. We still get together and I'm going to keep trying to convince him it could work just fine. One of these days. In fact he is coming over today. I haven't made the pitch in a while. I keep practicing lines to pitch so I don't make him uncomfortable, any ideas?

By countrynaturist at 21,Dec,18 23:18 other posts of countrynaturist 
I have had some FWB over the years. It's great to have someone you can trust when you are horny and looking to have some fun or spend the night with a guy. It's just as great to be that someone who another guy can approach in his time of need. It's just two guys who enjoy having sex.
By up-for-it at 22,Dec,18 13:12 other posts of up-for-it 
YES!! To find that kind of guy and be that kind of guy,that is exactly what i want!

It hasn't happened yet and sometimes i think it will never will. Still i keep on searching!

I will find him, where ever he is hiding!

By up-for-it at 15,Dec,18 21:13 other posts of up-for-it 
I agree it's a win win situation!

Still they are so hard to find!

That really amazes me! Anyone got any idea why it is so difficult to find?
By leopoldij at 20,Dec,18 19:07 other posts of leopoldij 
Because Our society discourages honest communication. If I tell someone, a woman in my case, I'd love to have sex with you then I'm considered as harassing her even though my intention is just asking. A No is a no. A Yes is most welcome. And yet, it does not happen. It is not allowed. It's crazy.
By up-for-it at 21,Dec,18 13:50 other posts of up-for-it 
It's crazy, it's sad!
It could be so beautifull, sad thing is so many people long for it but because of what society accepts or in this case doesn't accept it just doesn't happen enough

To all people who have friends with benefits; Count your blessing!!
By leopoldij at 21,Dec,18 17:30 other posts of leopoldij 
Just thing how many more people would be happier if they could communicate.
For every man who wants sex there's probably another woman who wants sex too.
(Likewise for homosexual people.)
And yet, the rules are such that they both suffer rather than both enjoy.
Know what I mean?
By up-for-it at 21,Dec,18 18:08 other posts of up-for-it 
I do know what you mean!

I have been chatting to men who have been fantasizing about other men for years, still they just keep fantasizing and not acting!

They dare to communicate ( at least online) But they dare not act upon it!

One guy has been sending me detailed fantasies about him having sex with me, but i feel it will always remain his fantasy.

How sad is that? He has me to live out his fantasy, but he never will.
By leopoldij at 21,Dec,18 18:11 other posts of leopoldij 
Very sad. Maybe he's concerned that you'd do something he wouldn't like. But I'm sure you won't. It's pleasure that most people seek, not torture.
By up-for-it at 21,Dec,18 19:25 other posts of up-for-it 
I already told him we should just meet and talk first.
But he has a scenario like a porn movie, how it all should happen, what he should do, what i should do!

No i wouoldn't do anything he wouldn't like and i understand he wants to be in control, but i am no porn actor!

I like to be spontaneous, ask what they like at that moment and not follow a script.
By leopoldij at 21,Dec,18 20:25 other posts of leopoldij 
Ah, we're irrational humans.
We seek pain rather than pleasure.
By up-for-it at 22,Dec,18 10:40 other posts of up-for-it 
I don't mind giving a little pain if anyone wants

And yes we are irrational
By leopoldij at 22,Dec,18 10:54 other posts of leopoldij 
He he. That's a different kind of pain my friend.

By countrynaturist at 21,Dec,18 23:19 other posts of countrynaturist 
Yes, they are hard to find but they are sure worth nurturing when you find them

By #482237 at 16,Feb,18 10:01
I have several friends with benefits. These are people i've hooked up with and formed a long time relationship. We get together when life throws us together but we don't seek to live together or even have "an understanding". Many times we have cried on each other's chest about some other relationship and we made love while talking about someone else, then we continue with our lives until the next time we meet. Some are very long time friends,,others are casual encounters that i like to keep as friends
By leopoldij at 16,Feb,18 13:03 other posts of leopoldij 
I love your lifestyle!
By #482237 at 21,Feb,18 10:30
And I love you,,,you could be one of those
By leopoldij at 21,Feb,18 11:24 other posts of leopoldij 

By Poodle2noodle at 23,Feb,18 19:38 other posts of Poodle2noodle 
I like that ..I thought I was the only one doing that !

By up-for-it at 15,Dec,18 21:18 other posts of up-for-it 
That is exactly what i expect and would give to a friend with benefits!

By licksipsuckit at 15,Dec,18 17:03 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l think you do get emotionally involved, just at a different level, you can love the with out being in love with them and you can care for them, once theyre your friend, you get attached, just means you don't want to live with them. *lix*
By leopoldij at 15,Dec,18 21:15 other posts of leopoldij 
Of course you care.

By #573046 at 13,Dec,18 01:14
I had one guy friend when I was 19.He was my friend from childhood and we touched each other before. So there was a time we would meet only for sex.One evening he would visit and without talking as soon as he in my room we get naked and he blows me.I would blew my load and he enjoyed swallowing my cum. Then I would suck his dick and let him give me a facial.Then he just left and we won't talk about emotions. Next evening I visit him and we blow each other again. If we were in a shower after gym we would always give each other a handjob. IT all ended when he got a girl and started dating.
By leopoldij at 13,Dec,18 02:10 other posts of leopoldij 
You got to find someone else...

By leopoldij at 11,Dec,18 19:27 other posts of leopoldij 

By 0-00 at 23,Feb,18 22:18 other posts of 0-00 
I have two FWB, both black girls and both much younger than me. I dont think you can make love to a girl and feel absolutely nothing for her, there is in my mind always going to be an emotional connection but without the commitment. My friends are both bisexual and we have had a 3some on a few occasions.
By leopoldij at 23,Feb,18 22:21 other posts of leopoldij 
Lucky guy. That's Nice. Yes, of course you feel some connection. We're not robots

By #549130 at 23,Feb,18 20:48
Met a guy in a queue, went for coffee, made friends and went back to his place to get anal fucked, we often still meet up so that he can fuck me screaming

By AussieMan187 at 12,Feb,18 16:51 other posts of AussieMan187 
Met this chick on the bus a few years ago. I took her back to my place, we fucked, she left, came back the next day, then every other day after that for months. She came over & would suck my cock for hours while I was watching Game Of Thrones. It was great! Too bad she was such an annoying bitch. I ended up telling her to piss off & leave me alone.

By licksipsuckit at 12,Feb,18 16:35 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l had many friends with benefits, for many years, they are all still good friends and would do anything for me still, they all care about me and wish l was still single, and if l was ever single again wouldn't hesitate to come visit again for more fun *lix*

By leopoldij at 12,Feb,18 14:18 other posts of leopoldij 
Here's my visual contribution from a friend with benefits, it's mutually beneficial:

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