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Is there a way to clean up private uploads efficiently

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Started by champstamp at 21,May,18 21:11  other posts of champstamp
Hello like the title says. is there a way to mass delete private uploads or is click one by one the only way?

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By admin at 21,May,18 22:55 other posts of admin 
Private uploads are deleted automatically after 14 days. So normally you don't have to delete them at all. I'm kinda surprised you found the page with them. Most people here don't even realize it exists.
By champstamp at 22,May,18 15:51 other posts of champstamp 
Oh ok I didn’t know that they automatically delete after 14 days thanks for the info..I’ve known about the Private Upload Page for a while .

“Favorites and Uploads” and it’s the first choice from the expanded menu
“My Private Uploads”
By admin at 22,May,18 16:27 other posts of admin 
I know where it is, but as I said most of people can't find it. In fact, many people can't find most of things that are inside expanding menu. You seem to have curiosity or alertness that is above average.

No, seriously, these days people can't see shit unless you flash it right into their eyes. I don't know whom to blame - the attention economy or something else, but it's so.
By champstamp at 22,May,18 20:28 other posts of champstamp 
Yea I’m sure you know a lot more than anyone when it comes to features. I mainly explained it and especially with the quotation marks for those who don’t and if they stumble on this thread than maybe and hopefully I could’ve been of help to them.

I’ve showed a couple of newer members how to more privatize their pictures by choosing friends and private uploads. Some newer people think that all the oictures they upload will show up for everyone and usually hold back so when they find out they can have some control and they can decide who can see them I find they’re happy and that way they’ll post even better pictures

I love to explore all the options and features of websites and menus on all things. I’m a geek that way.

This website has a lot of really cool features and options.

One thing I’d love to see, or wish there was is being able to create albums with names so that when people click on your profile not all pictures show up but maybe have some of the more exposed or revealing pictures be behind a clickable icon of some sort.

Another option I love is the “Sort By” drop menu on your profile pictures. A lot of nice options.

One option I wish that there was on that drop down menu is sort by “Category” but these are just wishes and not a big deal. Just my opinions
By admin at 22,May,18 21:16 other posts of admin 
It's not hard to add sorting by category, it's just that it's not very useful since categories do not have any logical order and most of pics are dicks anyway. That's probably why no one asked for it before.

Albums are possible, but after seeing how tags feature is used I don't think it's worth spending time on programming. A whole lot of thinking how to implement it conveniently and so that it does not blow up already messy interface and for what - that a couple of dozens people actually use them?
By champstamp at 22,May,18 22:48 other posts of champstamp 
I agree. It isn’t a big deal to me. The features that are currently on the site or more than satisfactory. Thanks for your tips and responses Admin.

You’re right that most oictures are dicks. If you (admin) are straight it must be a torture to have to look at all the dicks since I’m sure because of your administrative duties you probably have to.

Anyway thanks again
By admin at 22,May,18 23:19 other posts of admin 
Well, I organized this site in a way that most of time I don't have to look at dicks. Occasionally they appear anyway but being over 15 years in porn biz I learned long ago to mostly ignore what I don't want to see.

By bella! at 21,May,18 21:32 other posts of bella! 
Nope, you gotta delete each one individually.
By champstamp at 21,May,18 21:39 other posts of champstamp 
It’s what I thought...

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