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I want so suck friends cock but i dont know how

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Started by TinnieWinnie at 23,May,18 02:36  other posts of TinnieWinnie
I am bi curious and im dying to try his cock,i know that he is bisexual but i dont know how to ask him,and is our friendship going to be the same?

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By kebmo at 23,May,18 05:22 other posts of kebmo 
If you drink together it's always a bit easier after a drink or two. Just ask him what it's like and he'll start talking about it and it will be easy to get the conversation going in that direction. He'll probably ask if you want to try it!

Your friendship will never be the same. There will be a line of before sucking and after sucking. I have had four friendships improved by sucking cocks.

If you don't ask, the answer is always no!

Good luck and make sure you reply here if it does happen.
By bella! at 23,May,18 09:01 other posts of bella! 
Interesting response, kebmo.

You mention that you have had four friendships improve after crossing the line of before sucking and after sucking. Have you had any friendships compromised because your friendship was taken to the next level? And if so, how many?
By kebmo at 23,May,18 14:54 other posts of kebmo 
Yes I have lost a friend. Just one though. We were drinking buddies for ten years and he knew I was interested in sucking his cock. He told me that he's OK if I'm gay but he's just not interested. Twice I did things to piss him off and we drifted apart. Of course it's a longer story than this so I might write a blog story about Jim and I.
As an aside, there are three women that dated both of us at different times. One of them was my ex wife! But that's another story.

By spermkiss at 23,May,18 11:27 other posts of spermkiss 
Superb advice.

As for getting the ball rolling (pun definitely intended), a cocktail or two is a good way to lubricate (again, pun intended) your social interaction. Asking him what it's like to suck a cock is a sure fire way of letting him know you're thinking about trying it. He WILL get this. It's only a matter of time until he offers his cock for you to try it out on.

Will your friendship change? Of course it will, but this is not a bad thing. From the moment you begin sucking each other's cocks you will not only be friends, but suck buddies. And this can be (correction: will be) a really lovely thing. Like kebmo I have had friends that became in addition suck buddies and in each case it was a rewarding experience for both of us. In no case was there an adverse reaction.

Finally, about your orientation. If you suck your friend's cock do you have to turn in your Straight Membership Card? No you do not. There a lots of men who identify as straight and who live as straight who never-the-less like to suck cocks. I call these men straight cocksuckers. In my own life I've known several and there are undoubtedly millions worldwide.

And, please, let us know what happens in your adventures with this gentleman.
By kebmo at 23,May,18 14:56 other posts of kebmo 
Spermkiss, if you wanted to be so punny, it's not social interaction it's social intercourse.

TW,if for whatever reason it doesn't work out, you would probably be able to go back to being friends. Sometimes curious guys are just that, curious. They want to try it for a while then they know what it's like and don't want to do it any more. One of my friends was like that and now we are just friends again. This is my blog story about Andy. /blogs/15418.html

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