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World cup 2018

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Started by gradurgaur at 13,Jun,18 11:13  other posts of gradurgaur
Soon the world cup will start.For the first time ever Iceland will take part of world cup is going to be awesome moment for us little island in the mid of Atlantic to see the Icelandic team walk into the stadium to battle with the best teams in the world.

am so proud to be Icelandic and is going to be something i will remember for ever

I know is this site is not for this but i hope is ok to post this

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have a great week everyone

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By #556372 at 14,Jun,18 18:21
Today Russia won over Saudi Arabia 5 to 0
By gradurgaur at 16,Jun,18 14:38 other posts of gradurgaur 
I saw the game is was good game for Russia and Russia start strong in the tournament

By justcock at 15,Jun,18 00:48 other posts of justcock 
I wish your country all the success
By gradurgaur at 16,Jun,18 14:36 other posts of gradurgaur 
thank you my friend

By kebmo at 16,Jun,18 07:06 other posts of kebmo 
I saw a story on CNN about the Iceland team. It was a great piece, just like yours! I hope they kick some serious Argentinian ass!!!

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By gradurgaur at 16,Jun,18 14:35 other posts of gradurgaur 
Iceland played today with strong team from Argentina and we draw 1-1.

It was awesome to see my country team walk into the stadium and play against one of the strongest teams in the world..

1-1 is great results for us is win

By Arexa at 16,Jun,18 08:04 other posts of Arexa 
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By Jb11 at 14,Jun,18 11:34 other posts of Jb11 
I haven't much interest but I too hope Iceland does well, cause a great upset and take delight in doing so. Good luck!

By steve3095 at 13,Jun,18 17:46 other posts of steve3095 
Australia is there too even though soccer is not the major football code here and not many people really care. I hope Iceland causes a major upset.
By gradurgaur at 13,Jun,18 20:54 other posts of gradurgaur 
Australia have good team and wish them all the best in the tournament and hope to see them in finals

I hope soo too my friend hope we can bring some good victory hopefully with victory over Argentina
By #556372 at 14,Jun,18 09:42
Not a chance but good luck anyway

By bella! at 13,Jun,18 12:56 other posts of bella! 
This was the PERFECT place to add the YouTube video and song! And thank you for including a video with words, I was able to sing along!
By gradurgaur at 13,Jun,18 20:52 other posts of gradurgaur 
nice is going to great world cup and viking chant will be chanted in Russia..

By #460523 at 13,Jun,18 18:23

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