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Real Penis Enlargement (PE)

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Started by #563464 at 04,Aug,18 23:48
I searched the forums for any recent topics on PE, and really didn't find anything of value regarding the topic.

Pills and creams are BS. Pills are only suplements that increase EQ (erection quality), and if you don't already utilize the supplements contained within them, y I u will mistake the increased EQ for actual penile gains. Creams don't do anything. Only manual exercises can increase penis size. It is all about micro tears and tissue repairs. You aren't really "growing", but merely deforming your cells and tissue.

I would like thoughts on this. Please feel free to express.

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By spermkiss at 05,Aug,18 11:34 other posts of spermkiss 
The best advice anyone can give to any man with any size penis, but especially with a small one, is to be satisfied with what nature gave you and learn to love what you've got.

One can be assured that for any size, from a micro all the way up to a super jumbo and everything in between, there are millions of people out there who like that particular size. And I'm going to repeat what I often say to men with micros: Yes, the jumbos can get a lot of attention, but a man with a micro who has the balls to expose it and put it on public display is a bigger stud.

By Andthisisme at 05,Aug,18 02:49 other posts of Andthisisme 
I saw a documentary some while ago which looked at this very issue. The technique examined involved hanging weights from your penis to stretch it and, possibly, some small surgical procedure.
Why would you want to go through that? Accept what you are and be happy.
By #563464 at 05,Aug,18 03:43
Surgery has many risks. It involves ligament detachment for lengthening, followed by almost a year of hanging (weights). Then they must do the surgery for girth, which is basically an injection.

Many have had injuries doing PE. Mainly due to inexperience, not conditioning themselves before advancing to more intense exercises, and just sheer stupidity.

Less is more, just like with many things. It took me 10 years to gain 3" in length and over 1" girth. I did it due to insecurity, but continue for penile health.

Hanging weights from your dick is an advanced exercise. Nobody should start there. I started with jelqing, which is basically pushing the **** from base to glans, and stretching. I conditioned myself for the advanced stuff and started hanging, which broke through my plateau, increasing base girth and extending length due to ligament stretch. Once I gained a couple inches in length, I started to clamp. Clamping focuses on girth AND length.

I do this for myself.
By Andthisisme at 05,Aug,18 04:05 other posts of Andthisisme 
I really was not advocating anything just pointing out the lengths that some men are prepared to go to why the need for extra length? A guy with a huge dick can be a crap lover.
By #563464 at 05,Aug,18 04:10
Exactly. That is a great point. When I was smaller, I could make my girl cum over and over. I didn't do this for others, thinking it would make me a bedroom Hercules. I did it for myself. People have to understand that size does not make you a better lover.

By #563464 at 05,Aug,18 03:47
Please, let's get more thoughts on this. I want to read both the pessimistic and optimistic views. It really needs to be laid on the table, because there is factual proof. Thank you for contributing to the debate.

By #563464 at 05,Aug,18 02:33
Here is a picture of me clamped.

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