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Sexual objectification of Cheetos and other orange stuff.

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Started by #487013 at 05,Aug,18 04:21
So when did this place become a Donald Trump forum? Jesus fucking Christ, one forum post should have been okay unless you know you find his little hands sexy and daydream about him giving you an old fashioned as his skin glistens like a soggy dorrito drenched in spray tan. His hair all tangled up and messy like a rat got caught in corn silk. I for one donít care if people like him or **** him, but letís get back to the important topics on this site like my prostitude cousin and watching people piss at urinals.

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By #540287 at 08,Aug,18 05:10
Right haha... This is a sex site not a trump site...

By Dong69 at 05,Aug,18 17:11 other posts of Dong69 
Lol my prostitute cousin, omg i could not read all of his story
Especially when he said he would keep it short!!! Lol

By JustWill at 05,Aug,18 08:37 other posts of JustWill 
What about watching people piss on Trump? Kind of a smorgasbord of gross, stupid things...

By HunterAce at 05,Aug,18 05:27 other posts of HunterAce 
Hahaha more important topics

By #563464 at 05,Aug,18 04:37
Please, no urinal pissing.

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