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Started by talk4s at 06,Sep,18 14:47  other posts of talk4s
as stated to a friend that wants a leaky ole MG...

Really. We are living a history NEVER before experienced! Even tho history repeats itself!...Take advantage of a near perfect MG in a World coming apart...Always wondered what it might be like to be a witness to 'HISTORY'. Just like all those shows I have watched...But I have NEVER...EVER seen or read about a president saying what our 'wonderful' El Frumpler' just stated!!!...I say, even tho I might be crazy (yeah, I be) that our superb LEADER, al la Kim al la BIM, is COMPLETELY 'CRAXY'(deeper state of crazy)!...Does it really FEEL like we are living a history like NO other?! Watching a US President coming totally unglued, day by day?...Here's the hard part. What does this mean next year? Next decade?...Caus you are livin' it...RIGHT NOW...Do you feel as blind as I do? As blind as all those people we read about in history's hindsight?...And think, 'How could they be so dumb as to NOT see what's coming?!'

"Trump: I Have 100 Pics Of Robert Mueller And James Comey 'Hugging And Kissing'"

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By #562152 at 06,Sep,18 14:49
Baby,,i hear you,,,scary,,,
By talk4s at 06,Sep,18 14:56 other posts of talk4s 
Thank you, Two. I thought it was just me!...We are about to see some real HISTORY! It WILL not be funny.
By #562152 at 06,Sep,18 14:59
not at all,, i'm always getting up in the morning dreading putting the national news on
By talk4s at 06,Sep,18 15:10 other posts of talk4s 
Watch FOX! It will allay all your fears! Kidding, Two...Oddly, I HAVE started watching 'Fox and Friends' and my all time favorite 'Hannity'...Just to see IF the 'Trumpilites' will EVER wake the fuck up...No sign so far.
By #562152 at 06,Sep,18 15:13
i watch the late show monologue with Colbert
By talk4s at 06,Sep,18 15:23 other posts of talk4s 
How come it's ONLY the late show hosts that can SEE??...They...or at least one of them should be president...I know why it's NOT that way...Running for el prezidente costs so much MORE than people with real sense can afford...It's ALL 'twue'. Money and MORE money OWNS the World. And particularly...'Muricah'...
By #562152 at 06,Sep,18 15:24
i agree,,the days of poor politician getting elected is gone

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