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Dick falling out of your pants in public.

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Started by #559941 at 22,Sep,18 17:31
Has anyone had this unfortunate event of your dick falling out while a woman points to it with anger on her face?..
Can you go to jail for this or is it just an accident..

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New Comment

By Beercan10 at 24,Sep,18 15:04 other posts of Beercan10 
If fell out in the hotel lobby.

I tried to contain it with hancuffs

It accidentally falls out quite often. I guess it's the weight against the zipper.

By onthelose at 22,Sep,18 19:56 other posts of onthelose 
No cant say that I have, but that's only because I have a cause and effect mindset. Here in the states we are getting twisted pretty tight when it comes to women and any public display of the male body. Of course its perfectly alright for a women to wear a skin tight outfit that leaves nothing to your imagination or a pair of pants that are cut so high she wouldn't have to remove them to have sex. IF you are so crass to notice, you are branded a pig in capital letters and a sexual predator. As to the law well that just depends where in the states you are at the moment.
By #559941 at 22,Sep,18 20:52
You are correct on a political standpoint. If a woman appears to accidentally show her genitalia it is not labeled and most men enjoy looking as long as they aren't caught. But if they are caught looking the men then are labeled perverts..

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