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Adjusting your dick in public

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Started by max212 at 08,May,11 02:23  other posts of max212
Something I am curious about:

Are you regularly adjusting your dick through out the day while walking around in public? And why are you doing it?

I almost never adjust my dick in public. Not now, or anytime in my life. I have no need to. Is it because I have a small dick, or is my dick small because I'm not constantly grabbing it?

Also it seems more straight guys grab, pinch, and tug their dicks in public more than gay guys? Yes/No?

Either way I love seeing it.

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New Comment

By licksipsuckit at 22,Sep,17 10:09 other posts of licksipsuckit 
how did you guys go with that in the seventies, when pants were so tight, your package would have been pressed hard in you dacks?? could you adjust or was it comfortable like that with all you gear on show??? *lix*
By #536760 at 22,Sep,17 22:33
When your pants are that tight nothings going anywere.
could,nt adjust if you wanted to.

By PillowPrince at 22,Sep,17 14:40 other posts of PillowPrince 
sometimes I do. i try to be discrete about it though so people don't get wierded out.

By biggerdick at 25,Feb,17 17:33 other posts of biggerdick 
Reading these comments makes me want to adjust in public so i can watch the reactions!

By Odin_york_pa at 25,Feb,17 12:42 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
I haven't met a guy that doesn't adjust, str8 or not. It's a guy thing, and most probably doing it subconsciously. As for myself, I adjust all the time. Usually becasue balls are sticking to my leg or, like was said, it just falls out of a comfortable spot. It's constantly varying size all day, specially in the winter here in PA. Tends to be cold, then working inside it's hot. Plus as a guy we think about sex all the time, that tends to make it "move" a bit

By Blade at 23,Feb,17 22:59 other posts of Blade 
I think I figured this out. for me personally, I think when I/we wear tight underwear, your dick can move/fall into a strange position, and the underwear that is tight, holds it there. If you wear boxers, etc, then you dick will just swing back to normal rest.

By JustWill at 21,Feb,17 18:18 other posts of JustWill 
The "Also it seems more straight guys grab, pinch, and tug their dicks in public more than gay guys? Yes/No?" bit seems like a pretty odd observation.
What does a guy's sexual orientation have to do with how often his underwear rides up?
By sinanff47 at 23,Feb,17 01:12 other posts of sinanff47 
As for another of his 'observations', how does he know who is gay and who is straight, when in public?
By JustWill at 23,Feb,17 07:47 other posts of JustWill 
Because the straight guys start every conversation by saying: "I am totally, 100% straight, BUT..."

By Lenatur at 22,Feb,17 00:34 other posts of Lenatur 
is this okay ???

By 3fdfd at 21,Feb,17 18:22 other posts of 3fdfd 
I think it has to do with size of a guy's soft dick and/or the size of his balls. My soft dick is very small & I never need to adjust it ... public or private. I don't think being gay or straight has much of anything to do with it ... it's the size of the guy's soft dick.

By #417542 at 21,Feb,17 17:19
I ajust in public places and love girls looking at me doing it

By Odin_york_pa at 15,May,14 23:22 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
I love seeing it too, and do it quite often myself. I don't know why mine needs so much adjusting, just does for whatever reason. I am not shy about it either, I just have at it. Where I work it's mostly guys under 23 and they do it nonstop too. Specially in the summer when your balls tend to stick to your leg lol. My s.o.n can't keep his hands of his, but as a guy once you discover it when your 2 or 3 you never take your hands off it

By jack_coolero at 15,May,14 09:20 other posts of jack_coolero 
I don't adjust my dick in public regularly. I do it only when my dick is in an awkward position (when it slides to the right/left, I prefer it upwards against my abdomen) or when it gets squeeze by my pants. I adjust it discreetly, when there are girls around.

By spermkiss at 08,May,11 17:57 other posts of spermkiss 
OK, to answer your questions in order:

Am I regularly adjusting my dick in public? No, not usually. When I get dressed and when I visit a rest room I put it away in my pants so that it is in a comfortable position so it doesn't usually require adjustment. If things get uncomfortable, I do some adjustment. How discrete I am about doing this depends on where I am. I would not do it, for example, in the dining room of a fancy restaurant. At a gay bar, however, I make adjustments quite openly and might even do a little playing.

The size of your dick was determined by genetics at the moment you were conceived and it cannot be changed by anything before or since birth. So no, your dick is not small because you haven't constantly grabbed it. And yes, because you are smaller than many men you probably have less need to make adjustments.

Do straight guys play with their dicks in public more than gay guys? That depends on the public venue. In mixed public places I would say that straight men are indeed more brazen about grabbing, adjusting and tugging on their dicks than gay guys are. In a gay bar or other gay cruising area gay guys play with their dicks all the time. It pays to advertise.

Do I like seeing it? Absolutely! When a hot looking guy adjusts, tugs on or fondles his dick it really gets my juices flowing.
By tb1 at 14,May,14 10:02 other posts of tb1 
I like seeing it too
By spermkiss at 14,May,14 12:24 other posts of spermkiss 
I think most people do, whether they admit it or not.

By max212 at 09,May,11 19:57 other posts of max212 
Thanks for the comments guys!

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