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It's just a DICK, FFS!

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Started by JustWill at 04,Oct,18 12:40  other posts of JustWill
Seriously, guys, I don't quite understand what all the whining is about.
It's just a damn DICK, not a barrel of toxic waste!
If you think you'd like to suck on one...just to give it a try...then why dither and cry about it?
You might like it or you might not. least you will KNOW.
You're not going to catch "gay cooties" or develop a sudden urge to join an interpretative dance troupe.
Shit or get off the pot, fellas!
In any case, please quite whining about it...

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By kebmo at 09,Oct,18 04:58 other posts of kebmo 
When I first discovered Craigslist about seven years ago I was always worried that I would meet unsavoury guys who didn't care about my personal health so I decided to seek out first timers.
I had specific requirements to fit my personal taste and I was willing to wait and never rush them. I avoided the "right now" guys and I never had fun unless I felt perfectly safe and I know those guys were looking for anything with a cock.
I made a point to only seek out curious guys because I thought that it would be fun to be their first cock and I also knew that they would be safer than the "players" out there that I tried so hard to avoid.
I met about 25 first timers in my time and they all loved it. Every one had been curious from two to five years. One guy had been curious for TWENTY years before he finally met me!! Many of them came back again and again and I have four friends who I've known for about five years and they only need to visit me because they know I'll send them home safe and clean.
Just once it didn't work out. He came to my place, we got naked and were 69ing in my bed and suddenly he said "No. I can't do this." OK then. I was disappointed of course but he got dressed, we shook hands and he left but he was no longer curious. About six months later he called me and asked if I would suck his cock without him sucking mine which I thought was just fine because his cock was a lovely specimen. He visits every few months for his blow job and leaves happily after he cums in my mouth. He told me that his wife hasn't sucked him off in five years!

So yes, it's just a dick and I can tell you something that I have found out and that is that the 'I want to suck cock feeling' NEVER goes away!

By #562152 at 08,Oct,18 23:51
I understand being BI or being straight and being curious. I also believe that a guy that sucks dick is gay while he's sucking,and straight when he's done. No one is 100% straight and "being curious" is an excuse to bring out that part of his character that is gay. Having said that, coming out,even for a little bit, is hard.

By spermkiss at 07,Oct,18 11:35 other posts of spermkiss 
My sentiments exactly, Will. What's the big deal about straight guys sucking cocks? After all, don't they spend about 95 per cent of their waking hours thinking about getting their girlfriends to suck their own dick?

Come on, guys, and loosen up. Get down on your knees and give a buddy a BJ. It takes a real man to have the balls to give sexual satisfaction to another man. And you don't have to turn in your Straight Membership Card after you've done it. Or as Will said, you're not going to catch "gay cooties". Real men suck cocks.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 hours

Better yet, suck your buddy off with your girlfriend watching for two reasons. One, to show her how it's done. And two, to turn her on. And it WILL turn her on. Trust me on that. Most women find man-on-man sex ultra exciting. After she sees it she will fuck and suck like a wild woman.
By JustWill at 08,Oct,18 13:53 other posts of JustWill 
It's just a blowjob, not a life-time contract.
Hell, would you spend so much time wondering what pistachio ice cream tasted like, or would you just try a scoop the next time you were in an ice cream shop?
If you don't like it, you never have to try it again, but at least you would have your question answered.
I am not suggesting that sucking dick is for everyone. (Although, personally, I am a HUGE fan, and will be forever grateful to my buddy Mark for introducing me to what would become one of my favorite hobbies when we were boys!)
Just saying that you won't know until you've given it a shot.
Sometimes, I think guys really overthink sex stuff.
Like I said...IT'S JUST A DICK.
Stop being "curious" and find out what it's like.
Think of all the room it would make in your brain for other thoughts once you get it out of the way...

By 2nice at 04,Oct,18 22:27 other posts of 2nice 
What is your number again??
By JustWill at 04,Oct,18 23:30 other posts of JustWill 
I'm #1!
By #562152 at 05,Oct,18 11:16
Well,,,you certainly don't want to be #2,,

By bella! at 05,Oct,18 00:12 other posts of bella! 
What prompted this? Having a bad day? Did your souffle fall?
By JustWill at 05,Oct,18 08:20 other posts of JustWill 
There were a half dozen "I really want to suck a dick, but I am afraid it will make me gay" and "bi-curious, but scared" topics on the first page of the Forum.
It annoyed me...
By bella! at 05,Oct,18 08:26 other posts of bella! 
Oh, the infamous gay topics! I hadn't noticed.

By #562152 at 05,Oct,18 11:13
I thought all this gay stuff on site was fake news,,,
--------------------------------------- added after 108 seconds

I remember those days. I used to agonize so much. Should i or shouldn't I???? If I give it a try,,will I get prego??? And what about kissing him??

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