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Started by #487013 at 26,Nov,18 22:20
This is a place to share all things METAL. (Canít post in the other thread, but anyway). Heard a new album, song or band lately and feel like sharing? Do it here. Or maybe you have an old fave, or general metal news or trivia youíd like to discuss. Metal is sexy.

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By MyArtwork at 08,Feb,19 20:33 other posts of MyArtwork 
Strapping Young Lad - Relentless

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By 2nice at 08,Feb,19 20:09 other posts of 2nice 
There are many levels of Metal.

Not Metal.
Marilyn Manson - mOBSCENE (❤️
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Kinda Metal.
Five Finger Death Punch - Wash It All Away
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Slayer - Raining Blood
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Extreme Metal
Behemoth - At The Left Han Ov God
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Black Metal 🖤
Gorgoroth - Carving a Giant.
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By #541363 at 08,Feb,19 08:12
New Tribe of Pazuzu

By #541363 at 07,Feb,19 10:38
The new Rotting Christ, Prion and Katechon will be awesome too.
Heard a few tracks already.
By #487013 at 07,Feb,19 13:42
Love Rotting Christ.

By #487013 at 04,Feb,19 11:17
What if American slaves had embraced Satan instead of God?

Slave metal. Zeal and Ardor.
Ships on fire 🔥🤘🏻
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By #541363 at 07,Feb,19 13:42
awesome stuff!

By #567021 at 02,Feb,19 18:41
Iíve been on sort of a death metal kick lately (which is funny because Iíve never been a huge fan of the genre) but I came across the Ukrainian metal band Jinjer. They have reallly blown me away!! Great riffs, awesome composition of the songs and their singer, Tatiana, has some incredible pipes!! She goes from clean and melodic to a dark growl in the blink of an eye; it works really well! And, not to mention, sheís super fuckin hot (weíll I think she is)!! Lol

Also, check out Behemothís new song Bartzabel. Those dudes are ALWAYS badass but this song I thought was exceptionally good!!
By #541363 at 03,Feb,19 03:40
Check out NordWitch too! Also Ukranian and female vocals.

By #487013 at 03,Feb,19 06:18
Love death metal but Jinjer gets on my nerves.
By #567021 at 03,Feb,19 11:05
1972, Thanks for the recommendation of Nord Witch; will definitely check em out!!!

What about Jinjer gets on your nerves AoD??
By #487013 at 03,Feb,19 12:40
Liquid metal played the fuck outta piscis because she's pretty ... Their dings are not good. Her voice is all right but she puts wrong emphasis on certain words too. Just annoys me
By #567021 at 04,Feb,19 00:32
I have caught the emphasis thing the more I listen to them, for sure. The first song I heard was Outlander and it starts out with her ďcleanĒ vocals. I thought she sounded pretty good but was kinda like ďeh, whateverĒ. Then the growl kicked in and I was like WTF?? Totally caught me off guard!! Lol...

But I totally get what your saying AoD! You know I respect your opinion more than anyoneís when it comes to metal!!!
By #487013 at 04,Feb,19 11:15

By #487013 at 03,Feb,19 06:17
Check out Mark Mortons solo stuff. Not a fan on Alyssa White Gluz, but she's not bad on the song she did with him and Randy Blythe.
By #567021 at 03,Feb,19 11:06
+1 for this!!

By #567021 at 19,Jan,19 01:51
Check out Noose Rot - Worship the Crypt...excellent stuff! I also discovered Thy Art is Murder and was very impressed!

By #487013 at 07,Jan,19 23:35
Check out a band called Alien Weaponry. Cool trio of teens with a sick story behind the name. Kai Tangata reminds a bit of New Zealand version of Sepultura. They sing in Moari.
By #567021 at 08,Jan,19 00:15
Iíll second this!!! These guys are really badass! Truly do have that Sepultura Roots sound
By Dev01 at 08,Jan,19 01:43 other posts of Dev01 
Whatever happend to Max?
By #487013 at 08,Jan,19 10:43
He's still around. He's in a few projects. Soulfly just put out a new album and are on tour. He did that song with body count, and killer be killed with Greg from Dillenger escape plan and Troy from Mastodon.
By #567021 at 08,Jan,19 11:55
Killer be Killed was fucking amazing!!! And Soulfly is always killer...I highly suggest seeing them live!! They put on one hell of a show!!

By Dev01 at 09,Jan,19 23:44 other posts of Dev01 

By #541363 at 10,Jan,19 11:46
yes, i know them. I played them on my show too!
By #487013 at 10,Jan,19 20:40
You have a show?
By #541363 at 11,Jan,19 12:46

On metal messiah radio

By #487013 at 13,Dec,18 05:27
Fucking SLAYER announced one more US tour, they will be touring with Lamb of God, Cannibal Corpse (hopefully since Pat Obrien was hallucinating and had the cops show up to stop the "rapture) and Amon Amarth. Im stoked since they will be doing a show in my town. Last time I drove over 700 miles to see their supposedly final show here.
By #567021 at 11,Jan,19 00:14
No more Gary Holt in Slayer though?? Phil from Machine Head has some huge shoes to fill!! Gary is a monster of a guitar player...
By #487013 at 11,Jan,19 10:26
Yeah, but Phil's not bad. Of course no one will ever replace Jeff. RIP Angel of death.

By 2nice at 11,Jan,19 12:32 other posts of 2nice 
I had a feeling they would keep touring. Probably will for the next 2-3 years.

By #487013 at 13,Dec,18 05:31
Former Machinehead guitarist Phil Demmel is filing on for Gary Holt for the rest of the Slayer shows. Good for him, what an epic opportunity.

Also Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat Obrien is possibly facing serious prison time after a throw down with the cops at his house. He was supposedly hallucinating pretty bad and thought the rapture was occurring. He was taken before the judge in a suicide dress...

By #487013 at 29,Nov,18 22:36
Iím posting a blog with some new metal song recommendations.

By BCFresh at 26,Nov,18 22:25 other posts of BCFresh 
What if I wanna share a song I wrote and recorded itís not metal but some one might like it?
--------------------------------------- added after 80 seconds

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By #487013 at 26,Nov,18 23:09
Go for it. 🤘🏻
By BCFresh at 26,Nov,18 23:12 other posts of BCFresh 
The link is up. Check it out.
By #487013 at 27,Nov,18 15:12
I guess it was okay. Sorry I donít generally listen to hip hop rap stuff so Iím not the best to give feedback.
By BCFresh at 27,Nov,18 16:15 other posts of BCFresh 
Itís cool. Different strokes for different folks!!! I totally get it. Thanks for checking it out 🙏. By the way your profile... GEESH... Fucking amazing 😉. Enjoy your day and keep rocking out 🤟🏾. Head banging and all that good shit.

By #541363 at 28,Nov,18 14:50
I took a listen to it. It has a good vibe and good production.

One note i have to make though. Try to get the vocals more on the beat. Talk as if you copy the beat you hear. And then change the vocalized beat you create into words. It is rhythmic talking.

Now your vocals sound as if there are two beats are going on and they are not actually in the same speed and timing.
By BCFresh at 28,Nov,18 15:03 other posts of BCFresh 
Good advice. Thanks
By #567021 at 29,Nov,18 13:57
Good stuff BC! I dig it!! Like AoD, Iím not a huge hip hop follower (although, I do think Straight Outta Compton may be one of the greatest albums of all time) but youíre stuff has a great groove!! Keep it up man, hope to hear more from ya!!!
By BCFresh at 29,Nov,18 16:27 other posts of BCFresh 
Thanks brah! I appreciate you taking the time to listen.✌🏾

By bella! at 29,Nov,18 15:28 other posts of bella! 
I tried to listen to it and nothing. Do I need to download an app?
By Scorpio69 at 29,Nov,18 15:35 other posts of Scorpio69 
Hey B, I'm using my S7 and just clicked on the link and it came right up. No app needed. I had to hit the play button and it started, then I realized why I wasn't hearing anything... I had the sound all the way off. DOH! 😣
By bella! at 29,Nov,18 16:04 other posts of bella! 
Haha! Thanks for the reminder but this time I did check the Media volume before the post, nada. A green background, lots of lines and 3:54 long, nothing......

I just went back and kept tapping on my screen and it bingo, it finally began to play. Thanks for your post, that c encouraged me to be persistent.

By #487013 at 28,Nov,18 20:28
I donít know if many will read this, but I get asked a lot for recommendations on new metal Iíve heard. I am thinking of maybe making a group or it could be posted here but anyway I would like to maybe post 10 songs or so a week that Iíve heard both new and old that Iím digging at the moment and have others also post their 10 of the week. I think that would be a good way to help others get exposed to something they may not be aware of.
By HotFuckerBoy at 28,Nov,18 21:27 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Sounds like a cool idea 🤘
By #487013 at 28,Nov,18 23:32
By #567021 at 29,Nov,18 13:54
Iím totally down with this idea!! Youíve steered me in the right direction on several occasions when it comes to metal!!

Seriously everyone, if youíre into metal, AoD is the authority for all genres of metal in my opinion. If you love heavy music, keep a close watch on her recommendations; theyíre ALWAYS great!!!

By #567021 at 26,Nov,18 23:02
Someone that is a great metal scholar on here turned me on to a couple great metal bands; Killer be Killed and Powertrip. There are some others that Iíll add to the list when I remember them...
By #487013 at 26,Nov,18 23:09
😉 Glad you like them. I love Powertrip got to see them last month with Danzig and Venom Inc.
By #567021 at 27,Nov,18 11:50
Powertrip is bad ass!! How was Danzig? Never heard of Venom Inc; Iíll have to check them out! Got anything else I should look into? Even send the death metal stuff my way...if itís like Behemoth, Iíll dig it!!
By #487013 at 27,Nov,18 15:11
I think you might dig Gate creeper. only registered users can see external links

Danzig was okay. I had a hard time seeing him after someone showed me this weird Shakira mashup only registered users can see external links. I kept cracking up.
By #567021 at 27,Nov,18 17:42
I canít look at him seriously now after you called him Sigourney Weaver!!!
By #487013 at 27,Nov,18 20:25
I guess you havenít seen all the memes then? Lol
By #567021 at 28,Nov,18 14:34
No I hadnít but thank you for sharing them!! That was fucking hilarious!

By #487013 at 26,Nov,18 22:21
The new Behemoth album is fucking sick as fuck. So is the new Deicide.
By #567021 at 26,Nov,18 22:58
Yes, new Behemoth is amazing! You know Iím not a huge death metal fan but those dudes fucking bring it!!! Havenít heard new Deicide yet though. Iíll have to check it out!

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