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Ever shave someone else

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Started by liketoedge at 02,Jan,19 03:40  other posts of liketoedge
Have you ever shaved a friend.

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By DemonCleaner_!LF! at 23,Jan,19 17:37 other posts of DemonCleaner_!LF! 
When an early to mid teen - a few girlfriends (coz i was sick of pubes in my mouth)

By Outsidenudist at 19,Jan,19 08:14 other posts of Outsidenudist 
I have a hobby I been enjoying for a few years, that is grooming men who would like the silky smooth feeling down below. To date I have groomed 4four married men and one college student. Two of the married men asked me if I would trim and shave their ass pussy, I did it was a lot of fun...

By #576878 at 13,Jan,19 23:34
Yeah I had one time. I shaved him and then he shaved me under a shower. Then we jerked each other off as it felt smooth and nice for both of us.

By newlicker at 02,Jan,19 21:51 other posts of newlicker 
My husband shaves me all the time !
By t-rex at 06,Jan,19 23:47 other posts of t-rex 
Lucky man 😃

By drkxtc at 06,Jan,19 23:18 other posts of drkxtc 
Yeah me and my buddies used to save each other all the time Easier when someone else does it.

By submissivemartyn at 06,Jan,19 00:56 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Me and my ex wife used to shave each other.

By BirdDog at 02,Jan,19 23:46 other posts of BirdDog 

By countrynaturist at 02,Jan,19 23:07 other posts of countrynaturist 
Sure have. It's wonderful to step into the shower with your boyfriend and shave each other

By Eerect at 02,Jan,19 18:55 other posts of Eerect 
Yes,have shaved previous girlfreinds and my wifes pussies,much prefer pubic hair now though.

By leopoldij at 02,Jan,19 17:42 other posts of leopoldij 
Oh yes, I have. I've shaved many girls before fucking them.
It's a very sexy thing to do.
Start with a hairy pussy and end up with a smooth one
that you actually eat and fuck.
Great feeling!

By liketoedge at 02,Jan,19 17:12 other posts of liketoedge 
I had a friend and we shaved each other

By wycowboy at 02,Jan,19 10:42 other posts of wycowboy 
Not a friend but I have shaved my wife a few times years ago. It was fun and we had some hot sex after.

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