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Jerking off in Hotel.. Maid comes in.. Catches you.

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Started by #559941 at 02,Jan,19 15:58
Jerking off in Hotel.. Maid comes in and you pretend it was not on purpose and you didn't hear her knock..She turns red but doesn't leave and pretends you aren't there..You keep going until you cum..
Anyone ever had thoughts on this?

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By wycowboy at 04,Jan,19 12:06 other posts of wycowboy 
It happened to me once about 2 and a half years ago in Las Vegas. I was stroking it and close to cumming when there was the knock and she immediately opened the door. Too fast for me to cover up or even stop what I was doing. She stopped though and saw me cumming. She looked embarassed, apologized and left the room while I cleaned myself up. I got dressed and went out to enjoy myself. The grins and comments by the maids on that floor, all in spanish, were worth it, lol.

By #556376 at 02,Jan,19 20:45
I was in Chicago over the summer and the news at the time was reporting that this had become illegal even if it was incidental. I can't remember the details but somehow they were cracking down on this behavior. Apparently it is common and the hotel workers were fed up.
By asskramin at 03,Jan,19 17:01 other posts of asskramin 
I like ass in your profile picture as a big ass So that means I should like you more right Right

By Scorpio69 at 04,Jan,19 05:24 other posts of Scorpio69 
It should be! As I travel a LOT with my job, and have stayed in countless hotels/motels. I have NEVER seen housekeeping, NOT knock before entering. Therefore, if you don't answer purposefully, just to be caught. There should be repercussions. I wouldn't like it either, if I were the cleaning person. But so many men live in fantasy worlds where they think women want to see that kinda bullshit. Like they are really gonna enter, see you fondling yourself and make a mad dash over to take over for you, or start blowing you or fucking you instantaneously. Gimme a break! It's pathetic anyone that pulls that shit. Not to mention, the countless cleaning people I've seen, only a handful weren't gross.

By tinypenissaggyballs at 03,Jan,19 18:04 other posts of tinypenissaggyballs 
it happened to me once, she was around 35 and chubby i was naked on the bed stroking it and sbout to cum when she came in and there was no stopping she just stood there and watched me until i was done, it was one of the best orgasms ive ever had!

By asskramin at 03,Jan,19 17:00 other posts of asskramin 
Well if I logged into remote tell right now if you guarantee I'll leave the door unlocked and I'll post the address and room number

By Skittles at 02,Jan,19 21:31 other posts of Skittles 
Bella got a new job..??

By HotFuckerBoy at 02,Jan,19 20:33 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Most likely she would be embarassed, apologize for interrupting and leave the room.

By onthelose at 02,Jan,19 16:48 other posts of onthelose 
I am not saying in cant happen but you have been watching too much porn. Most likely she would report you to the manager and you would be lucky if all they did was ask you to leave.
By #559941 at 02,Jan,19 19:01
But what happens if you are deaf and can't hear the knock? That's discrimination..

By Eerect at 02,Jan,19 18:54 other posts of Eerect 
Nice thought but never going to happen!

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