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Started by #578610 at 12,Feb,19 00:25
I was in bed with Mike the other night and he says, "I want your ass, baby. I stopped in my tracks. Mike, I said, I haven't prepared. He answered he didn't care. I repeated, "Mike, i really didn't "prepare". He grabbed me, turned me around, spit on my ass and his cock. And he, as you guys say, wen't to town. It was glorious, I cummed twice and he gave me all of him, but, then he pulled out. I wanted to hide under the bed from the embarrassement. He was all, ahem,,all brown. Skatt all over. He started to laugh and took me into the shower where he washed us both. A little extra, He actually cleaned, not fingered, my ass, So, my question is this. Have you ever done anal and have something like this happen? And do you leave it to last?

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By spermkiss at 29,Jul,19 15:45 other posts of spermkiss 
My dear Madam,

As a gay man who has done anal hundreds of times, both as inserter and as receptor, may I give you a few words of advice?

First, my own experience. As receptor if I'm not absolutely positive my ass is scrupulously clean, both on the outside and dick length deep on the inside, I just won't let guys go there. As a result I've never had an embarrassing moment like this.

However as inserter I've had guys practically beg me to fuck them and when I did, I ended up with a shitty dick. I don't know what's with these guys. They had to have known they weren't ready. It seems as though they wanted to get their skatt (I'm using your spelling to avoid the censor) all over me.

Moving on to your situation. My guess here is that Mike was so horned up he wanted your ass regardless of the consequences. Despite your warnings it was "Full speed ahead, damn the tor****es". That's thinking with his small head instead of with his big head and we men are often guilty of that. To his credit he did not try to shame or belittle you about this, but rather he laughed it off and you hit the showers.

An underlying question here is "Is he into skatt?" Distressing as it is to think about, some people are. That's a whole different can of worms that I really don't want to open because I don't think he is. But you know him better than I, and if you have reason to believe he is, it will be up to you to re-evaluate him and your relationship.

Regards, spermkiss
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

Despite my attempt to avoid the censors, it happened. The censored word is t-o-r-p-e-d-o-e-s.
By #578610 at 29,Jul,19 16:47
I know he's not into skat. I can laugh now but I really was beet red. Thank you for your very thoughtful info. I like anal. The man who trained me, for lack of a better word, showed me how to prepare myself. Poor Mike, I don't think he'll ever be so eager again.

By tinypeepee at 12,Feb,19 02:41 other posts of tinypeepee 
I do love anal when it goes right but beside being painful sometimes it can be messy even when I've prepared myself. I've messed up a few guys' dicks and it is embarrassing. I try to get him to put on a condom.
By #578610 at 12,Feb,19 02:43
Yes, it is the best way. Even so, it can be messy.
By tinypeepee at 12,Feb,19 04:30 other posts of tinypeepee 
If I had a real cunt like you I wouldn't need to bother with the hassle of using my ass!
By #578610 at 12,Feb,19 09:30

By SluttySarah069 at 29,Jul,19 14:31 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I always insist that guys wear a condom when they fuck me - stops shit getting on his dick and protests us both from HIV and other STDs.

By #578610 at 29,Jul,19 07:51

I was looking at the first page of the POLLS listings. Skittles authored 12 dedicated to me, HOTPUSSY.


By #578610 at 14,Jul,19 10:08
Sometimes, the danger is from assholes that want to fuck you in a real bad way, like CountryCouple54, Phart, and The One Eyed Bitch Witch

By Minimalglory at 12,Feb,19 00:39 other posts of Minimalglory 
Thats why i will never do anal. Never tried it. Dont want to. Im sorry that happened. Im sure its normal and natural. Dont be embarrassed
By #578610 at 12,Feb,19 00:45
I love anal but the rule is they tell me b4 we do. In that case I use a couple of fleet enemas to make sure it's safe

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