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protection for anal

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Started by #219622 at 25,Jan,12 01:19
is anal sex unsafe when not using condom
how bad is anal sex for infection heard even if not sti can lead to uti (urine track infection)
who here has had any issues
do u get a dirty cock
does emina help
im anal sex virgin also compared to pussy how do u get it ready for big cock

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New Comment

By cody8789 at 20,May,19 00:40 other posts of cody8789 
Take your garden hose, turn it full blast, and stick it up your @&&

By Smoothmann at 19,May,19 12:00 other posts of Smoothmann 
Take a bowel movement and then use a anal douche to flush out any fecal matter and flush 2 to 3 times.This works good for me and my anal toys come clean with only lube still on them.

By Dalesalford at 19,May,19 10:32 other posts of Dalesalford 
I'm a bottom gay guy.
I've been topped unprotected and used as their spunk dump by every guy that's fucked me since losing my virginity.
Boyfriends, one night stands and guys in sauna's.
Never had an sti up to now

By anyfun at 19,Jul,18 13:56 other posts of anyfun 
Condom? What's that? Lol

By #556114 at 18,Jul,18 17:09
I love to be fucked but I would never fuck unless the guy used a condom, do not bareback

By Michael19 at 15,Jun,18 06:08 other posts of Michael19 
I usually top bareback. Yeah there's a risk involved but not so much for the top. I never had any issues from doing it

By #219622 at 26,Jan,12 15:16
heard u can get a urine track infection or small peace of stuff in urn piss slit or is that uncommon.
is anal as bad as pussy sex with condom like to me being uncut n big its a huge difference and condoms seem to take heaps lube
By spermkiss at 26,Jan,12 23:22 other posts of spermkiss 
I think it's uncommon, though I won't say it's impossible. Back in the pre-AIDS days I fucked a lot of guys in the ass without a condom and I never got one. Many times I even pulled out a dirty dick and there was still no problem (except, of course, having to wash it off). I'll add here that it is very un-cool to take it in the ass when you're not clean inside. Unless you're clean not only on the outside, but dick length deep on the inside, DON'T DO IT. Very few guys are into ****.

As for your question about pussy sex, I'm not very experienced there so I'll let the straight guys answer that.
By #183935 at 29,Jan,12 00:48
Other than taking a dump, how does one in about being clean that far inside?
By spermkiss at 29,Jan,12 12:14 other posts of spermkiss 
Most of the time that will take care of things. However, depending on the texture of you last bowel movement and other factors, there might be some residue in the rectal passage. If you suspect this might be the case, a plain water enema will clean things up.

By #556372 at 13,Jun,18 07:58
If I'm expecting anal sex (and I almost,always do), I take 2 deep enemas a few hrs b4

By #435701 at 12,Jun,18 14:45
I've been called to task over my 'All sex' is unsafe And I guess I was wrong in saying 'All'. ...If you are masturbating, that is really the ONLY completely safe sex. Sadly It's simply because we humans have SO many sexual secrets that we keep from even our significant others. The fact we all live at LEAST 2 lives, one of which is the life we want our friends/family to see and believe. The other being our sexual wants and desires. Those occasionally bubble up out of our control and we do something sexual NOBODY we know would believe possible. Few of us can admit this even to ourselves.

By 2nice at 12,Jun,18 14:42 other posts of 2nice 
Wow. SYD posts never cease to amaze me.

By #551226 at 12,Jun,18 14:38
Does eminem help? I dunno I've never fucked with old slim shady playing in the background.

By #435701 at 11,Jun,18 13:10
Sadly ALL sex is unsafe now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By #539358 at 11,Jun,18 13:17
You’d have to be pretty unlucky to catch something by having a mutual hand job with another willing cock
By t-rex at 11,Jun,18 22:41 other posts of t-rex 
Sounds like fun to me 😃

By sinanff47 at 11,Jun,18 22:23 other posts of sinanff47 
Really?? "ALL" sex? Including sex with your wife/husband of 35 years, when BOTH of you have been completely faithful??
By #435701 at 12,Jun,18 14:27
Well...35 years is a long time. Time enough for something out of marriage to have easily happened and NOT be known to the other spouse...BTW. Congrats on such a long union! But such things cannot be ABSOLUTELY known to be fact...I bring up the fact that you are on this site as evidence. Even if you never had same/bi's on your mind. I know. You will say she knows. If she does, good for you. And her. Very unusual relationship. But, that does NOT mean she never did 'something' you did not know about. Or you even. Your reaction to my post WAS just a little defensive...

By #556372 at 11,Jun,18 14:17
As usual, 10% have a positive opinion,,,10% have a negative position,,10% don't give a fuck,,,and the other 70% are clueless. Bottom line (no pun intended), do as you like but there COULD BE CONSEQUENCES,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or not. I like bareback with certain "buts",,,with people I know and trust. Some danger? yes, there is danger. I also like to drive fast, drink hard, and love a good knock down, drag out fight. So: 1st question----yes. 2nd question---yes (maybe). 3rd question---issues can be many or few. 4th question---yes,,how much depends on preparation by ass owner. 5th question, yes, enemas help and should be used but not just any enema,,google it and find out type (deep colon). 6th question,,yes, you need to train your anus to take dick (obviously there's no hymen). Good luck

By #557050 at 07,Jun,18 13:53
I don't care if it's safe or not the only way a men is going to fuck my ass is with no rubber I am a slut and I like to take a cock bareback
By #556372 at 11,Jun,18 14:02

By #404292 at 21,Nov,13 19:49
What kind of bullshit post is this.what a buncha fucks sound like a bunch of idiots going back and fourth

By #131063 at 29,Jan,12 10:01
well said by you and leahcim.

When I read crap like those that say 'live and let live', 'what we do in private affects nobody else', etc...they are likely the least responsible and are not to be trusted in an intimate situation.

One that recognizes a fellow brothers concerns and appreciates the honor in giving and being given heartfelt advice regarding their health and well-being is my kind of intimate partner.

Someone that takes offense at well-intentioned concern is highly untrustworthy. Frankly, perhaps it is best those do act foolishly and suffer their well-deserved consequences. Unfortunately, they don't go down alone, and it is the victims of their selfish self-indulgence I grieve for.
By #201583 at 31,Jan,12 01:23
Well I'm offended that the anti gay club posts general knowledge. Always trying to keep curious Straights, straight. You guys must truly be pastors. don't do this, don't do that. To the John S. Asshole savior club, please stay on your side of the rainbow.
By #68656 at 31,Jan,12 03:00
Dear Mr. Dumper.
Thank you for the compliment, I feel sure "hornybrat" and "leachim" will also be pleased. It was also good to read your comments as they give an alternative point of view as well as subtly proving we are correct.
To say we are "anti-gay" is an assumption and allusionary on your behalf and more reactionary than fact.
All we are doing is pointing out the possible or implied dangers of particular activities, if you care to peruse the medical books you will see these are actual and not speculation on our behalf.
Finally I am neither a pastor or religious fundamentalist, in fact a fundamentalist will demand arbitarily that someone does not do a particular action whereby we simply point out the possible outworkings of their choices.
Finally we like the metaphor about the rainbow as it sounds like a cross between two movie tunes being "raindrops keep falling on my head" and Julie Garland singing the famous tune from the Wizard of Oz."
Regards and greetings.
By #201583 at 31,Jan,12 18:35
In other words, you have the same knowledge as a sixth grader on the subject. Next you are not Bi, so what qualifications do you have, what experience do you have taking it in the ass, you don't. Maybe you are slow. Do you know what Bisexual is. That is someone wh o belives a lot different than you do.

So with you being a straight guy with no experience sucking, taking, or giving cock to another man, and the info you do provide is what everyone in the world already knows. Why post the same crap other than to annoy bi guys.

You said I was wrong that you dislike gays. How can you like gays if you are against anal and oral? That would be exactly like saying you support heterosexual relationships, so as long as they don't get past first base. Don't you see what you are preaching when it is reversed.

For a bi guy to accept gay sex info from a straight guy would be like me accepting information on how to better my marksmanship at a mile from a tree hugging hippie who has never held a gun in his life.

By #131063 at 31,Jan,12 06:06
What always stands out in these particular discussions is the pro-anal extremists in the gay community always trying to connect promoting responsible sexual practices with anti-gay (anti-anal) h@te speech, thus reinforcing the misperception that gay = anal and that all men with feelings of same gender affection 'go there'.

Cumdump: It's spelled r-e-t-a-r-D-e-d, not reTARTed, unless you happen to be a strawberry pastry. In which case, I'd love another...and I'd be proud to claim I'm re-tarted.

Also, there are likely to be no sixth graders on this forum, but the individual who asked the original question is 23. You've got 13 years experience over him but I didn't see you step up with any good health advice. Instead, you present the viewpoint that those with any degree of concern for our youth are full of shit, and that health advice on this forum is unnecessary.

Iliketoshowit: No, you are on here to 'have fun' and you are sour that some guys take a more sober view of sexual intimacy. You say (basically) that most people know the risks...but yet, time and time again we see young men ask very pointed questions that deserve honest and pointed answers. We're making them aware of the risks, and that rains on your parade. You don't like that, because you just might be the one untrustworthy guy to use them and toss them aside and we're a roadblock in your path of deception.

As long as guys keep trying to steer youth in a direction that disregards the realities of our m2m sexual world, you can be sure someone is going to step up and display that not all homosexuals are such poor role models.

By the way, I am not a pastor either, just a man (24 years your senior) that has seen too many of his friends die of AIDS. They too, didn't want to hear the truth because it wasn't 'fun'.
By #201583 at 31,Jan,12 17:58
Sorry hominy bit. You obviously can't read. YOU GUYS DON'T GIVE NEW INFORMATION. YOU GIVE THE SAME INFO A FIFTH GRADER GETS IN HEALTH CLASS. Its like being told a trillion times not to touch the stove. Everyone knows its hot.

And once again I didn't offer advice, Because spermkiss hit the home run. Stupid is as stupid does, he wants to get an std that's his problem. I belive in natural selection, if someone wants to not wear a seat belt who cares, If someone wants to smoke who cares, we are adults and in charge of our own destiny. The last thing someone wants to hear is Daddy preaching. You being 24 years senior should know that, oh you do. You are STRAIGHT giving Bi advice, that's like an farmer giving advice to a brain surgeon.

By #2331 at 29,Jan,12 06:50
Most AIDS infection is spread by anal sex-yes protection should be used.
By #201583 at 31,Jan,12 01:00

By #68656 at 29,Jan,12 06:19
Just bear in mind that anal sex can cause lower bowel and sphincter muscle damage along with other problems and should be avoided.
Also, just my opinion but keep your virginity in that area.
Regards to a fellow Aussie.
John S.
By #200411 at 29,Jan,12 06:29
my god man you always have to try an put a downer on what people do on here we are all on here to have fun not get a fuckin lecture give it a break !!
By #201583 at 29,Jan,12 12:59
No shit, I agree liketoshowit. John forgot to mention that you can catch an STD through vaginal sex. Also he forgot to mention that a man could bruise a cervix, or tear a vaginal wall, or the labia minora. He also forgot that you could give a woman a yeast infection. He must not care about womans vaginas. So John to be one sided. Funny, John my turds are much larger than the average cock, so are you saying I have greater odds of sphincter damage by pooping than anal sex? Just wondering! By the way I have tore up vaginas, and never harmed a sphincter. Why dont you avoid posting in anal, oral, gay, and bisexual threads. Everyone learned your point of veiw in health class and Sunday SCHOOL?Oh thats right your a gay bashing Eunick! TO CONSTANTLY REPEAT THE SAME FACTS IS PREACHING. People dont mind opinions but, they h-a-t-e being preached to like they are r-e-t-a-r-t-e-d sixth graders.
By Ray10754 at 29,Jan,12 13:06 other posts of Ray10754 

By spermkiss at 25,Jan,12 02:04 other posts of spermkiss 
First, and most important, ANAL SEX IS NOT SAFE WITHOUT A CONDOM. Unprotected anal sex is a major way that AIDS is spread. Even if the man does not ejaculate inside you, he can still infect you if he is infected because the HIV virus is often present in semen (pre-cum). AIDS, of course, is the major issue, but other diseases can also be transmitted, both from the inserter to the receptor and from the receptor to the inserter. These are generally not life threatening and are generally treatable so they are not the worry that AIDS is, but they can still be a problem.

Do you get a dirty cock? Well, usually not but sometimes if the receptor wasn't clean inside. And yes, an enema prior to anal sex does indeed help.

OK, your last question about getting ready. Do you want to be the insertor or the receptor? Or both? First of all, just about any anus can open up to receive just about any penis. I'm sure that there are some exceptions to this if the anus is really tight and/or the penis is really large, but by and large this is true. The **** is to learn to relax the anal muscles. This is not especially difficult, but it does take some practice since the normal state of these muscles is to be slightly tensed to keep the anal opening closed. If these muscles are not relaxed, entry will hurt. This causes more tension and you get in a vicious cycle of ever increasing tension and pain. If they are relaxed, however, entry will be quite comfortable and even pleasurable.

An unwritten rule of anal sex is that the receptor gets to control the entry. This is best accomplished if the receptor is on top and lowers himself or herself onto the man's penis. Of course this rule is not always followed and some men do **** themselves in. Whether or not this is **** depends on how much the receptor likes being taken by ****. Some people do.
By #219622 at 25,Jan,12 02:50
i plan to give it if u look at my page im pretty big.

also so do u need lube im uncut if it matters i know it can help entering a girl
By spermkiss at 26,Jan,12 14:39 other posts of spermkiss 
When I made my previous answer to you I just kind of assumed that you were thinking about anal sex with another man. If you're thinking about it with your girlfriend, a lot of the precautions about using a condom just do not apply. If you've never received anal penetration it's not likely that you are infected with AIDS. If you've already had un-protected vaginal sex with her, then it's a moot point about using a condom for anal sex.

You didn't indicate if she was willing, but a good way to make her more receptive to opening her ass for you would be for your to open your ass to her. Let her have a go at you with a dildo, either hand held or strap on, so that she knows you're man enought to take it as well as give it.

By #220362 at 25,Jan,12 06:13
Lots of lube. Start with something smaller like a finger then 2 fingers the muscle that hurt when you stick something up there is an inch or so in it. You have a good size cock. But your not huge.. look up jak now that is big and would hurt but i could slip down on your cock with no problems

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