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How to last longer?

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Started by merolado at 13,Feb,19 19:36  other posts of merolado
How long can you last in bed?
Be honest guys!
What are the techniques to last longer with wife?

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By lawrenceo at 06,Mar,19 06:23 other posts of lawrenceo 
At 22 you are still a quickie. Latency comes with advancing age.

By wycowboy at 20,Feb,19 08:49 other posts of wycowboy 
When I was younger I would cum pretty quick. As I aged I found I could last longer, probably from experience. Now I can last pretty much as long as I want to which my wife loves, lol.

By bil47 at 20,Feb,19 08:04 other posts of bil47 
Smoke some marijuana.

By liketoedge at 19,Feb,19 14:21 other posts of liketoedge 
As a teenager I would secretly masturbate before having sex just so i wouldn't cum to quick.

By nekekal at 19,Feb,19 13:58 other posts of nekekal 
Fuck more.

Seriously. When younger I would get to fuck only weekly. My intensity level was so high that I would cum when my cock head got inside of her cunt lips.

So i would jack off before i thought i was going to get to fuck and that helped a bit.

But if you fuck the wife or girlfriend every day, you will be more relaxed and last longer.

The down side is that she might want you to cum and be done. The wife ask me one night if i was going to cum or be there all night. I just pulled my cock out of her and jerked it.

By Greek18cm at 14,Feb,19 09:01 other posts of Greek18cm 
Since i cant cum at all when fucking I thought I should answer by telling you what i believe can help you.

So it happens that i masterbate a lot even when i get regular sex. So i think my firm and fast grip made my cock to get aroused only by this sensation. So when fucking a cunt pussy ass or mouth cant feel the same. Deepthroat can provide some more pressure but not enough.

So I guess you have to practice it. It will take time. Also it will consume time. Once i masterbate for over 12 hours just to see how long can hold.

Also when masterbate dont let your self cum. Torture your dick untill the point you can hopd. This will make your dick champion of long last fucking sessions.

Now when i fuck girls dont stand to wait me to cum. After an hour or two,when they are satisfied they give up.

So be aware. If you do apply this technique, maybe then there's nothing that can make you cum except a hard and hursh and firm grip
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

Also a less productive thing is if you are uncut, retract your foreskin for all day or night. Let your glans to get harder by touching whatever clothes you have. It is a way to make you feel less when fuck. But not as much as practice

By cody8789 at 14,Feb,19 00:00 other posts of cody8789 
I take a sleeping pill, I can last all day in bed

By cumcouplessa at 13,Feb,19 22:52 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. Honestly, as I've got older, so has my staying power . When my cock makes contact with her soft, moist labia, I'm ready to blow a load. Usually I just have a quick wank before hand, as always have some staying power the second time around. Best however is to have a friend give her pussy a good workout first, that way she's not rely'ing on me to make her cum

By #532695 at 13,Feb,19 22:28
When I was younger, my ex and I loved to make it last a long time and tried to cum together. We'd take a couple of hours sometimes. I might get soft a bit, she'd lose concentration, so we'd just cuddle for a while until the mood returned.

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