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If you are so damn "bored"...

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Started by JustWill at 08,Mar,19 13:13  other posts of JustWill
...then go away and find someone else to whine about it to.
The rest of us are having fun.

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New Comment

By furluvr at 08,Mar,19 20:39 other posts of furluvr 
Thanks, dear friend, for providing a reminder of why I've sworn off the Forum for quite some time now. The "witty" exchanges are not worth popping even a kernel of popcorn.
By cody8789 at 08,Mar,19 20:57 other posts of cody8789 
I kinda like the exchanges, it's entertaining
By furluvr at 08,Mar,19 21:06 other posts of furluvr 
That's what I used to think. Give it time.
By cody8789 at 08,Mar,19 21:09 other posts of cody8789 
Well I've been here seven years, isn't that long enough
By furluvr at 09,Mar,19 01:56 other posts of furluvr 
I *bow* to your experience and your ability to put up with toxicity.

Incidentally, and possibly ironically, this is the kind of exchange I enjoy.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Mar,19 10:09 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
That's what I say,,,who wants to read about bologna sandwiches??
My opinion
By dgraff at 09,Mar,19 14:25 other posts of dgraff 
I got your bologna right between my legs now on your knees bitch
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Mar,19 14:57 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Bologna!!!! You wish, hahaha
My opinion
By dgraff at 09,Mar,19 18:51 other posts of dgraff 
Just make sure you take your teeth out first
By cody8789 at 09,Mar,19 18:52 other posts of cody8789 
By phart at 09,Mar,19 18:54 other posts of phart 
Good 1!
By dgraff at 09,Mar,19 18:59 other posts of dgraff 
She ain't got nothing I could do this all day

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Mar,19 18:58 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Why? There's nothing there to bite, cunt
My opinion
By dgraff at 09,Mar,19 19:02 other posts of dgraff 
Sorry Charlie only starkiss has fresh tuna yours expired in 1958
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Mar,19 20:09 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Yours died on arrival
My opinion
By dgraff at 09,Mar,19 20:18 other posts of dgraff 
Arrival of what your lips ?......
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Mar,19 20:24 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
What ever you mean but, remember. Keep it in the USA. No fighting in American soil. Hahaha
By whatsupcocks at 09,Mar,19 22:54 other posts of whatsupcocks 
wow I haven't seen this much h o r s e shit all in one pile for a wile. I wounded if bela and lix want to jump in. ITS OK I'M JUST TALKING H O R S E SHIT.
By dgraff at 10,Mar,19 12:35 other posts of dgraff 
Hot pockets is bored she thinks bickering and fighting on line is fun so I thought I would help a sister out a little
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Mar,19 13:12 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
you are just jealous because i thought about it first

By 2nice at 11,Mar,19 16:27 other posts of 2nice 

By cody8789 at 11,Mar,19 16:03 other posts of cody8789 
I can't seem to visit a forum without a certain person being in it. Talk about minding their own bussiness, some people just can't keep from stirring trouble.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Mar,19 18:14 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
In the last 4 day at least 5 different forums lit up like the 4th of July fireworks display. There were several people using their noodle to make me jump through hoops. Some members liked it, some did not, but, they got curious and commented on the goings on. That, people, is how you get out of "BORING". There's so many other interesting subjects than peanut butter ice cream. Do as you like, but, if the forums sink, so do you. Think about it.
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My opinion

By phart at 09,Mar,19 18:26 other posts of phart 
I think I have wound "her" spring a bit. I don't think it is a woman behind the name.
I never met a woman that would act like this in public or private.

Exchanges we have had. She calls me a double dealing rat.
Copied and pasted.

I aint no one's minion. I make my own decisions,
As for being a "Real" man because they ban you,it is just the only way the site has setup for us to get rid of annoying people that are causing issues to us.
Nothing anti man or wimpy about it.
Go play with your voodoo dolls or something

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By hotpussy [Ignore] at 08,Mar,19 18:42 other posts

WOW, you are really brave out in the public forum. You are different in the private mesgs

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By phart at 08,Mar,19 18:51 other posts

Here are the only private messages you were sent? How am I different?
Is it that I said go play with your voodoo doll?

Mar 8, 18:15 phart: I just got into this mess that you have with these other folks,don't understand it,and think it is a bunch of silly bullshit.

Mar 8, 18:15 phart: who is that?

Mar 8, 18:08 hotpussy: so, did you collect your tit suck from the Cyclops???

Mar 8, 16:36 Hotpussy: you guys are right about one thing,,,i like excitement. the more you rattle my cage the more i snarl, but, i have to be careful.

Mar 8, 15:39 phart: Hehahahaha, rattleing your cage.

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By hotpussy [Ignore] at 09,Mar,19 07:54 other posts

You left something out. It's what you posted on the Cyclop's forum that puts your PMs in perspective.

now you know why I planted that comment! You give a person enough rope,they will hang themselves, all you have to do is wait.
And really I am wondering if it is a woman.

Phart, you are a double dealing RAT.

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By phart at 09,Mar,19 16:09 other posts Edit

Who cares?

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By hotpussy [Ignore] at 09,Mar,19 17:01 other posts

I don't know. Being a dishonorable man, i already assumed that you don't care. It was an observation.
My opinion

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By phart at 09,Mar,19 18:20 other posts Edit

You are a outright waste of time whoever or whatever you are.
You say your father taught you to stand and fight.i seriously doubt he taught you to pick a fight.You are doing that on purpose with whoever you can just to stir trouble.Funny thing is,trouble here is of no real issue in the real world.A couple clics and you are out of my world and I am out of this 1.So for your twisted mind to consider me dishonorable for not copieing and pasting what could be read by anyone here and calling me a rat, really doesn't bother me.
I would say Fuck you, But you would just lay there. So I will just say fly a kite whoever or whatever you are.
I honestly think you are a old guy in the hand dug basement under his ex mother in laws single wide trailer getting his jollies trying to make others miserable..
A real person would not act the way "you" do.
By dgraff at 09,Mar,19 19:06 other posts of dgraff 
It's Charlie tuna that's who were hassling with
By phart at 09,Mar,19 19:16 other posts of phart 
You would think someone that causes trouble and headache could be gotten rid of wouldn't you?
By dgraff at 09,Mar,19 19:31 other posts of dgraff 
Yeah I tried to end it quickly

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Mar,19 10:10 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Phart,,,I know new concepts elude you but I will try again. If you don't want to experience trouble or headache from me then skip my posts or even do the cowardly thing, block me.
BTW,,,,,,,,, I don't think it is a woman behind the name.
I never met a woman that would act like this in public or private.
Phart (and Dgraff) it's obvious you've never experienced the wrath of a woman. I'm not surprised. Neither one of you two ever had a real woman to learn from.
My opinion

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Mar,19 10:14 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 

If I'm a waste of time you just wasted a good chunk of it. And if it doesn't bother you to be told why then why are you here for? You want to insult me more? You want others to see how clever you are? You want to show others what a twisted mind I have? Well, go ahead, tell the world how a pussy was mean to you, RAT. Then go report to your handler, little pee pee

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Mar,19 13:24 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Now,now, JW. And you agreed not to. See? You get pushed far enough, you are liable to do things you shouldn't
My opinion
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BTW, tell Mrs Bella I never claimed to be a lady. And I carry grudges as well as her or maybe him. We've never seen her pussy. Maybe she/he has ED.
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My opinion
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I want to amend that last sentence, slightly. There is NOTHING ladylike about her. She is a sad, delusional and hateful woman.

This applies perfectly to you too, you, pompous ass.
Funny how your minions are coming out of the woodwork. How much did you have to put out?
My opinion, of course.
By JustWill at 08,Mar,19 13:39 other posts of JustWill 
Sorry, but my allergy to stupid acts up on occasion.
If you have something to say to bella, why not grow a set and tell her yourself?
After all, you're pretty damn brazen when it comes to talking shit on people you've banned. Why not try the less cowardly path for once.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Mar,19 14:16 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
I would but I don't have her blocked. She has me blocked. Who is the coward? You don't think I'd be going through you if I did not have to, do you?
My opinion
--------------------------------------- added after 3 hours

So how is that going???? Haven't heard from the Cyclops,,
By dgraff at 08,Mar,19 21:01 other posts of dgraff 
She don't have you blocked any more I just talked to her
By furluvr at 09,Mar,19 01:59 other posts of furluvr 
Ah, dgraff, ever the diplomat. Interested in the UN job?
By dgraff at 09,Mar,19 06:21 other posts of dgraff 

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Mar,19 07:58 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
So what? You want a medal or something? You want to put something on your colors? Here's something.
"Hey, I get tit from the Cyclops"
My opinion
By dgraff at 09,Mar,19 14:22 other posts of dgraff 
You have the sagging tits to pin a medal on not me
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Mar,19 16:48 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!! What a great comeback!!!!Wait,,let me shed a tear!
--------------------------------------- added after 54 seconds

Your colors are "The Philadelphia Pussies"
By dgraff at 09,Mar,19 18:42 other posts of dgraff 
Hahaha I'm not from Philadelphia so cut on them all you want
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Mar,19 18:50 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Your bio says
claims to be living in United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
My mistake. Rat hole, USA? Whatever. You still get your jollies from the Cyclops. Does she finger ass good?
By dgraff at 09,Mar,19 18:56 other posts of dgraff 
Better then you all you ever do is blow smoke up my ass

By bella! at 08,Mar,19 13:24 other posts of bella! 
This reminds me so much like the guys that post a message on the "Say Something" wall of the main page. They will post something about being "bored". Really? You are bored and you think that that attitude is going to attract someone to chat with you? For sure, if anyone feels bored, they need to search within and make some changes.
By JustWill at 08,Mar,19 13:48 other posts of JustWill 
Bottom line is that it isn't our job to entertain your "bored" ass. If you aren't having fun, that's on you, Skippy.
By dgraff at 08,Mar,19 21:03 other posts of dgraff 
Out of all the different names I called her I like Skippy the best

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Mar,19 16:45 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Professor, you are so ignorant of human behavior. It's not your job, nevertheless, you are still BORIN. If i'm not having fun, I can say that. It bugs you? Good, That's how I get my fun,
--------------------------------------- added after 52 seconds

By phart at 08,Mar,19 15:50 other posts of phart 
I think I understand now what is going on.
The person behind the half dozen names is probably a russian spy that was hacking into the election info and now that is over and THEY are bored and are hacking into sex websites to stir trouble.
They have done me no harm and I have no desire to cuss them or do hurtful things to them.But frankly I must say it is very childish to say the least to hide behind a half dozen fake names when 1 is enough.
If you are bored, go the heck on over somewhere else.Don't make others miserable so you won't be alone.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Mar,19 16:25 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Hey, guys. You have to admit this is a lot more
entertaining than bologna sandwiches. Tell you
what, what if I give you my blessing to come to my forum and bash me and my opinions? You can say whatever you like. No holding back. I also get to tell you what I think of you and your opinions of me or anything else I pick up in the other forums? You guys can “COPY” your other comments in other forums and “PASTE” them in mine. That way I can have the last word all the time. For instance I can state:
“Little pee pee’s like 2nice have little opinions. I’ll not say anything about our resident author, but, we can invite everyone that wants to vent even if it’s not about me.
At the end of the day we can sign off and grab whatever flavor of poison we like and think about good comebacks for the next day. Heck, I’m willing to invite even the Cyclops. It would be like the chat rooms where everyone insults everyone. It might save the rest of the site from falling asleep reading the other forums,
My opinion
--------------------------------------- added after 43 minutes

By JustWill at 08,Mar,19 17:00 other posts of JustWill 
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Mar,19 17:12 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
typical answer from a great mind,,,
--------------------------------------- added after 51 seconds

Maybe we should have a Mensa club here,,,hahaha
My opinion
By dgraff at 08,Mar,19 20:58 other posts of dgraff 
I'm your huckleberry

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Mar,19 13:36 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
A person can't have an opinion around here without the site police getting involved
By JustWill at 08,Mar,19 13:40 other posts of JustWill 
You are free to have your opinion. Other's are equally free to tell you that your opinion is stupid.
That's how life works...
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Mar,19 14:20 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
It sure does. And you understand that, even if you did poke me. Some people don't. Please let me know if I cross the line with you. I was stupidly wrong about you. I don't want it to be like that again.

By bella! at 08,Mar,19 13:14 other posts of bella! 
Haha! Ain't that the truth!

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