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I.D.'s/other personal info exposure and Findom

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Started by #582282 at 10,Mar,19 19:25
Does anyone have experience in including I.D. or license in nudes? Or experience in findom, exposing financial details to a dom? (Credit card, online banking/PayPal info)? It's something I've done for two years or just a bit more and would like to chat with anyone interested or with similar experiences. Maybe I'd be willing to show off details here or on Kik

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By #582282 at 11,Mar,19 21:25
Yes Bella. And sorry to hear that Ed. I've luckily never been the victim of anything like that as far as I'm aware of.

By toohey at 11,Mar,19 12:11 other posts of toohey 
I have been victim of identity fraud due to an online ID. This is not pleasant, I can assure you. Someone had used my ID to buy computers worth several thousand euro's on credit. Of course he didn't observe the required payments, so the credit company hired a collection agency that eventually came knocking on my door. It took a lot of effort to sort this out, involving being interviewed by the police.

You either believe that I'm Ed Toohey, or you don't. I'm not supplying any ID, and I advise everyone against doing it.

By bella! at 10,Mar,19 21:35 other posts of bella! 
A member by the nickname probowler298 often posts pictures that include his state's Driver's License. Is that the type of member you're trying to connect with?

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