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Tons of shopped photos on the site - most don't even recognize?

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Started by #582293 at 29,Mar,19 04:10
I've noticed tons of shopped photos on the site. Very few people seem to notice or care. Why is this? Why can't we recognize a shopped pic? Why even photoshop your photos? Thoughts?

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By #578610 at 05,Apr,19 21:38
There are plenty of pics that have been altered but, most, like mine, are to enhance a poor photo. The others, the ones that change the size or even the body? That I don't like. However, why is it important? If I look at a pic and find it pleasing, why would I care if it's photoshoped? I wouldn't even wonder if it is.
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

I noticed that the forums are loaded with all kinds of different subject. Some are rediculous, most are the "Am I gay because I want to suck a dick?" Variety and some are like this thread. Well, to each his own, but, aren't we missing the point of being on site? Showing ourselves off, finding other people that want to show off too? And talking sex?
By bella! at 06,Apr,19 06:32 other posts of bella! 
You do realize that you contradict yourself, don't you? You say in one breath that you don't care, but you do care.
By #578610 at 06,Apr,19 07:18
It's two different things. I don't care if a photo is photoshoped if I like it. If the photo is stolen that is something else. Baddly done photoshopping is not pleasing and then I would not like it

Caring about the health of the site is totally different. I believe that the future of the site goes hand in hand with how happy the member's experience is. If they have to put up with harassment about their pics, or about their posts, or even about their politics and also getting rejected by other members for the way they chat, they will go to friendlier sites.
By bella! at 06,Apr,19 08:14 other posts of bella! 
How is the SYD member that alters the size of his penis any different from another person who uses Photoshop?

It's nice to know that you understand that the health and future of the site depends upon member's experiences. You know, it is important to lead by example therefore I'm going to count on you to not refer to me as a witch or a bitch throughout the forum.
By #578610 at 06,Apr,19 08:30
All right, lets say JohnBigDick Photoshops his cock. Can anyone really identify it from the millions on line? And, I bet, there's an identical cock to every cock on this site. If the member makes it ridiculously long then why look at it? Like all things in life, as you so eloquently reminded me in your forum, there's always an exception. Again, unless the member steals a whole pic or a large part of a pic, I don't see a problem. The other thing I don't care about is when a man passes himself as a woman member or when a woman asses herself as a man member (yes, I know it's usually a man passing himself as a woman)
I say, if other members don't care, why should I?
The second part of your post merits a separation
--------------------------------------- added after 10 minutes

I understand from where you are coming from. I have called you a witch and a bitch all over the forum. Even in your own one. That is wrong and,in my defense, it was in the heat of the moment. However, and this is an FYI type of explanation, you have a reputation for being a loose canon with a very bitchy attitude. Members (and I won't say many as I don't know) have expressed to me that you are this way. Perhaps, I just put on a post the sentiments of other members. I will try very, very hard to be more respectful. What I won't do is stay quiet if I feel slighted, but, I don't think you expect that.
By bella! at 06,Apr,19 10:19 other posts of bella! 
Do you really feel justified that your name calling is appropriate because it is in "the heat of the moment"? I don't. If we are to believe who you are, a responsible person with a job of importance, do you find yourself evaluating people based on other's opinions? I cannot "control" anything that others say about you and/or any other member(s). So how you interact with me should be based on how I treat you. Yes, I referred to you as bat shit crazy, I could have left the bat shit part out.
By #578610 at 06,Apr,19 10:41
But, Bella, i just said it was wrong. I can't change what happened. What's more, if you are equating a real life job with all the rules of work that is expected to a porn site rule of conduct, then I have to dissolution you. If I'm in a raunchy bar jiggling the girls to the men and calling them fucks and assholes, that's accepted. It's not the same in a hospital admitting hall. But, in my opinion, you don't really believe or care if I'm a responsible person with a job of importance. And, I don't expect you to have control of anyone else. That reference is only because it makes the other people (and you sometimes) even madder. Your smartest statement has been "Don't engage her." I'm one of those people that even when I get furious in an argument, on the whole, I'm having a blast twisting your collective noses. It must be the crazy in me, bat shit or not.
I do believe you made all the points I would have brought up, though.

By kebmo at 06,Apr,19 00:21 other posts of kebmo 
MoeJoe photoshopped himself into one of my photos and I love it! I wouldn't post one without stating that it's photoshopped.

By bella! at 06,Apr,19 06:37 other posts of bella! 
MoeJoe has skills! Quite frankly, I can't tell that the picture is Photoshop'd, can you?
By kebmo at 06,Apr,19 09:52 other posts of kebmo 
It's awesome!

By #582293 at 06,Apr,19 09:57
Yeah, this is a cool photoshop!

By #584365 at 02,Apr,19 04:43
Well, that's a point. So let my try to explain my toughts about this.

I'm shopping some of my photos - but just to increase their quality.
Example: You took a nice photo of yourself, or even let someone take some sexy pictures of you. But uhhh, that pimple right next to your balls, left from the shaving, doesn't look very satisfying although the picture itself looks fantastic - why not shop it away?
Or this: Oh no, there is a really bad shadow covering up half of the picture (well, must be a bad photographer). One can't really see what the picture is all about... shop it away...
I think you get the point.

I think Photoshop (or similar software) gives us a great opportunity to take and post nicer pictures. Everybody has some blemish and I personally love nice pictures. I don't wanna see every little detail.

But yes: Using Photoshop in the way you think of sucks. Swapping heads, enlarging something, remove wrinkles or something like that doesn't seem to be fair.

After all I think: Yes, use Photoshop! But just use it to increase the quality of your great, sexy and adorable pictures...

Oh and I forgot - In the case you go and check MY pictures. I'm not really good with Photoshop, but I do what I can...
By #582293 at 02,Apr,19 04:56
There is nothing wrong with enhancing the quality of your photos with photoshop. Using it for enlarging your cock is sad. You're in the clear!

By DJS at 02,Apr,19 05:01 other posts of DJS 
Very well put mate

By DJS at 29,Mar,19 07:31 other posts of DJS 
Besides the enlarged cocks,what gets me is,swapping heads on some pics looks fking ridicules,,
By #582293 at 29,Mar,19 07:34
Swapping heads? Sorry, I don't really understand this, could you please elaborate?
By DJS at 02,Apr,19 04:58 other posts of DJS 
Photo-Shopping,seen so really bad ones on here..

By Skittles at 29,Mar,19 07:28 other posts of Skittles 
Like Razzle4 and his muppet Analtear? Both use photoshop

By toohey at 29,Mar,19 05:13 other posts of toohey 
Not all shopping is bad. I have had quite a bit of creative fun with Photoshop.

By #582293 at 29,Mar,19 05:18
Your photo is fun and creative.
I agree, there is no problem with being creative and artistic, but making your cock seem bigger with photoshop is lame and cringy.

By Whoknows at 29,Mar,19 04:14 other posts of Whoknows 
I think they do get noticed, but if we spend time bothering with them, we'd never do anything else on this site
By #582293 at 29,Mar,19 04:14
I see your point.

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