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Fantasy question!

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Started by Asianwife at 25,Apr,19 05:31  other posts of Asianwife
Is it Oky to sleep with brothers-in-law? If both agree?

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By liccalottapussy2 at 03,May,19 17:26 other posts of liccalottapussy2 
Absolutely!!!!! The thought of doing something taboo will greatly increase the intensity of the experience. Enjoy.

By licksipsuckit at 03,May,19 17:24 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah, great way to rip your family apart, l haven't heard of anyone fucking family with a good outcome in the end.. but go right ahead, live life, you get one go it, and if you fuck it up. start again in someone elses family.. theres plenty of fish in the sea for fucking *Lix*

By nekekal at 03,May,19 17:22 other posts of nekekal 
It is ok to sleep with anyone that agrees. Although if little sleeping is going on, and you are really fucking, make sure that it was consent, not just agreement.

By leopoldij at 02,May,19 00:05 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes baby. I'm your brother in law, you know, let's fuck.

By Lovepussy at 01,May,19 17:13 other posts of Lovepussy 
Absolutely go for it

By Smoothmann at 28,Apr,19 08:24 other posts of Smoothmann 
Did you go ahead and do it?

By anyfun at 27,Apr,19 15:49 other posts of anyfun 

By leopoldij at 27,Apr,19 09:35 other posts of leopoldij 
Or with sister-in-law.
If they all agree, it's great.

By Smoothmann at 27,Apr,19 08:59 other posts of Smoothmann 
Go for it only if both agree to having sex.Be careful so you do not cause a rift in the family.

By countrynaturist at 26,Apr,19 10:09 other posts of countrynaturist 
Why not ... yes means yes. Go get naked and enjoy it.

By wycowboy at 26,Apr,19 10:00 other posts of wycowboy 
I don't see a problem with it. I'd fuck a sister-in-law if both are agreeable

By XXXCKYXXX at 25,Apr,19 09:45 other posts of XXXCKYXXX 
It's not blood and only married in. It's just a label stopping normal human.pleasures

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