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Masturbation Question

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Started by #157809 at 02,Jun,11 07:06
How many men have fantasized about a friends partner while masturbating? Male or Female? If so do you ever feel bad after, or was it just a little fantasy

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By #568737 at 19,Oct,18 10:30
Iíve certainly masturbated fantasising about a friendís female partner. With the looks, legs and boobs sheís got any guy would fantasise about her. Hasnít every guy fantasised about someoneís partner. After all most women and men are someoneís partner!

By eager4cum at 19,Oct,18 10:06 other posts of eager4cum 
I have fantasized about my friend many many times over the years. I always feel real good doing it and after as well. I really do wish I could have a RL experience with him again. yes, we used to bate and have oral sex with each other many years ago before we moved apart.

By Buckeyedog at 19,Oct,18 09:46 other posts of Buckeyedog 
All the time and I never feel bad I just enjoy the thoughts I have next time I see her.

By #285354 at 25,Jul,14 06:29
I've fantasized about pleasuring friends and coworkers, thinking how enjoyable it would be if it was not taboo to delight in sex with people that you love and want to feel good.

By cumaddik at 19,Jul,14 10:34 other posts of cumaddik 
I do fantasize about my best friend often when i masturbate, and i love the thought of me sucking him off or getting fucked by him ...but it will remain a fantasy

By BushPilot at 04,Jun,11 19:20 other posts of BushPilot 
Yes, and it's always just a fantasy. I'd never let a situation arise that would jeopardize a good friendship. Good friends are too hard to find and keep.

By oldbugle at 02,Jun,11 08:24 other posts of oldbugle 
I would have thought that most intelligent people fantasise, including about friends and aquaintances. While it stays private it is nobodies business other than the fantasiser.

More difficult to rationalize is when a woman imagines that she is with another man when she is having sex with her partner..... Apparently, this is very common also, bu is hardly just the womans private business.

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