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Fuck My Whole Life......Please Help

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Started by #586508 at 04,May,19 04:12
I am right around 30 years old and within the last year my dick has decided that it doesnít want to get hard anymore....isnít that just fucking super!!! I can still get off and shoot off loads like a champ but itís always soft /semi-hard. I donít have much to offer but I will like, share, comment, favorite, whatthehellever to the person who can stimulate me enough to get hard as a rock and explode!!!! Thank you ahead of time and yes this isnít easy to say or ask for but I need to get my mojo back like RIGHT NOW!!!

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By Ray10754 at 04,May,19 07:43 other posts of Ray10754 
Dude there are so many things that could cause this problem! My advise to you would be see your doctor for a check up,could turn out to be something simple to correct.

By 2nice at 04,May,19 07:04 other posts of 2nice 
They have pills for that. Give them a try.
By #586508 at 04,May,19 07:06
Just canít bring myself to believe that I need them already at my age. When I go to have sex with a girl it works a lot better than just trying to play with it so Iím all confused...

By dgraff at 04,May,19 05:03 other posts of dgraff 
Calm down and relax remember when your mind gets iffy you can't get a stiffy
By 2nice at 04,May,19 07:04 other posts of 2nice 
Very true.

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