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Public nudity

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Started by #580694 at 07,Jun,19 16:14
Why is it an offence to be nude in public? Why can we get arrested for that? Why is it allowed to show our noses, but not our dicks?

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By RodStroke at 20,Jun,19 08:25 other posts of RodStroke 
If you are not in a choir, is it legal then? (Sorry Smoothmann...). As far as I know, in many countries it is not illegal to be nude; the law that they use has more to do with being "immoral" in public. That is a much more subjective test. From my perspective, Emma Watson nude in public should be allowed, but someone's fat old granny would be immoral.
By Smoothmann at 20,Jun,19 17:10 other posts of Smoothmann 
No problem RodStroke!I believe that you should be allowed to be nude on your own privite property as long as you are not being overly sexual or drawing unneeded attention to your self when the public can see you.Just my view on this matter.

By Smoothmann at 07,Jun,19 17:29 other posts of Smoothmann 
I agree.Just being nude going about your daily choirs in life should not be illegal.

By #584599 at 07,Jun,19 16:19
Religion backed law makers. If the NRA stood for nudity rights association. We wouldn't have many indecency laws.

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