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should public nudity be legal?

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Started by #153584 at 19,Jun,11 01:53
let me know what you think about public nudity. should it be legal or illegal? i think it should be legal.

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By new2day at 09,Nov,19 11:27 other posts of new2day 
We should certainly be more relaxed about it, I see no harm in people being naked in a park or swimming in a river/lake when its warm enough. Trouble is there's always those who take advantage to expose themselves, seen that at WNBR events where guys wander about with erections wanting people to look at them... they didn't even have bikes.

By penis-misterluke3 at 07,Nov,19 15:09 other posts of penis-misterluke3 
I agree, it should be legal !!

By Smoothmann at 06,Nov,19 08:23 other posts of Smoothmann 
Nudity should be legal on your own property as long as it's not sexual in front of the public.

By phart at 05,Nov,19 17:55 other posts of phart 
Have you folks never saw a skid mark in a pair of underware?
Have you never dribbled a bit of pee trying to get to the bathroom half way to Hell from where you were when the urge hit?
Have you never sharted,thinking it was just a fart?
Have you neaver saw antiperspirant globs under your arms because it didn't spread right? who wants to see that?
Have you never had your dick fly up as soon as you spot a nice looking lady,only to later notice chi1dern near by?

Nudity in areas marked for it,like beaches,clubs,whatever,is ok for the folks that want to do it and the folks that don't want to exspose their youngan's to more than they care to explain at the moment will know to stay away.
Nudity at home,that is your bussiness,but if k1ds can see you out in the open,you should consider the fact their parents may object to their k1ds seeing such and bare that in mind when romping in the back yard.
But nudity in the mall,NO. I do NOT want to have to sit down on a bench that someone shit on,wizzed on,or whatever because they had nothing to keep it contained.

Think of it another way. Horses,dogs and such walk around naked.They all just stand around and shit or pee at will.
IF we allow humans to run naked around,if standing in the park,they will just let it roll and walk off leaving a pile of shit. gota draw the line somewhere.
And there is ALOT of people,none of us want to see naked.Can you imagine walking along in the mall and see Rosie Odonald walking naked? PUKE!

I think it would also prompt alot more sexual harrasment because men would see naked women and there would be nothing left to the imagination.
By #601496 at 05,Nov,19 18:15
There's nudity and nudity. I'm in favor of women nursing their babies in public. I would think their moms would have taught them to be discreet, but i don't believe it should be illegal. We are swingers and feel comfortable showing my nude body to other people. I also believe that the wrapping provides more allure as it promises delights that are not given away. We have had over 10,000 years to learn to not be animals. Nudity has it's place. Not in the general public

By wycowboy at 24,May,19 08:33 other posts of wycowboy 
I think so. If it was I would be undressed in public quite often
By tb1 at 05,Nov,19 11:45 other posts of tb1 
Not here in Winnipeg you wouldn’t, it’s too fucking cold these days

By #603877 at 05,Nov,19 11:12
It should be legal for anyone who wants to be nude in public.

By geranium at 05,Nov,19 10:34 other posts of geranium 
if it is meant on public beaches, nature or at home/garden, definitely YES! i would not feel comfortable to meet nude people in supermarkets or on the street, except a nude camping site or places like that i think

By SrCums at 05,Nov,19 10:27 other posts of SrCums 
Not as long as it remains a political spectacle. Morally I don't see anything wrong. The issue here is politics which most of our laws govern.

By sooperhoop at 05,Nov,19 09:47 other posts of sooperhoop 
I got arrested for being naked in my own garden for Outraging Public Decency. I was wearing penis jewellery at the time. Perhaps that's what upset the person who saw me. He was actually Trespassing on someone else's land at the time.

By nekekal at 22,May,19 13:01 other posts of nekekal 

If you don't want to wear clothes, don't. If you want to cover up, do it. There is nothing wrong with the body. That includes the erect penis. I actually think most of them look better hard than soft.

It is not that wearing clothing prevents perverts. Look at catholic priests. A lot of perverts and a lot of clothing.

I think it would be self regulating. In mosquito infested areas, i suspect you would see a lot of clothing. Same in winter. No one wants their tits frozen off.
By Ramil1 at 24,May,19 08:54 other posts of Ramil1 
Quite honestly I guess if somebody were to fondle me in a reasonable mannor . it would be ok. If somebody wants to touch let them? As long as there no unwanted 'penetration' or nobody else is ofended. Then I would have a good reason to show my erection
By nekekal at 24,May,19 16:12 other posts of nekekal 
Running around naked is not an invitation to touch. It probably is an invitation to look, but touching is no more encouraged than if you have clothing.

By #584076 at 22,May,19 00:53
Here's my contribution to this... Just my opinion but I'll share nonetheless...

Yes... It should be legal.


Doesn't make it mandatory - If you want to wear clothes, wear them.

The human body is beautiful.

Addressing the sexual predator issue:

1. If you do not want people to look at you or your kids in the nude, wear clothes!

2. If a potential predator is nude, watching you or your kids, it's very easy to identify if they're aroused and just as easy to steer clear or aim a good dropkick at the offending body part... Plus, if you are clothed you have pockets to carry a weapon.

Maybe clothing optional districts (just like beaches) would be a way to ease people into the idea...

I love being naked at any opportunity and have spent a fair portion of my adult life on nudist beaches and naturist resorts... The people there are generally very genuine and I've never seen hostility.

The hard-on issue on nudist beaches is easily sorted... General consensus is that if the flagpole goes up you wander into the surf for a bit until it dissipates (sometimes it requires a helping hand and quite often there is someone nearby to lend one).
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

I'm not saying where I keep my wallet and smokes...
Kidding... A padded strapped backpack is a must!
By Ramil1 at 24,May,19 08:44 other posts of Ramil1 
Im always wondering? Is it really frowned apon to find a quiet place to masturbate.. At the resorts or beaches? So that those that may not like to witness, don t have to..

By Ramil1 at 24,May,19 08:38 other posts of Ramil1 
definately.. I think it would solve a lot of obvious, conflicting issues. One obvious one being "flashing", so called 'wardrope malfunctions'. A lot of people get away with 'showing ' a lot. Not leaving much to the imagination. Anyway. And people should feel free to dress how they like. Ewen if they don t get dressed

By XXXKing808XXX at 23,May,19 11:56 other posts of XXXKing808XXX 
I say yeaaaas...it should be your decision anyway

By leopoldij at 29,Dec,16 01:29 other posts of leopoldij 
As far as I'm concerned, even sex in public should be legal. You see, even war is legal. What's "worse"?
By bi1953 at 23,May,19 06:26 other posts of bi1953 
Fuck yeah!
By leopoldij at 23,May,19 10:19 other posts of leopoldij 
Make love, not war.

By Apantyhoselovr at 23,May,19 05:38 other posts of Apantyhoselovr 
no, it would desenthesize the beauty of nude

By Smoothmann at 21,May,19 20:57 other posts of Smoothmann 
Yes! It should be legal!

By Boylover at 07,Nov,17 22:15 other posts of Boylover 

By #501472 at 06,Nov,17 23:47
Oh yeeeeeeeessssssssss I love being nude

By deekayL at 06,Nov,17 19:28 other posts of deekayL 

I get erections at awkward times

By #482237 at 06,Nov,17 10:15
I'm not one to be bashful and i don't have anything against public nudity,,but,,i think the opposite of "constant erections" would be the case,,if you see it all,,,all the time,,the brain becomes somewhat deadened to the excitement,,,think about this,,,even in primitive societies clothing is used to cover up,,,,i do think women's tits should be allowed to have the same freedom as men's chests..and that i do agree on,,

By DarkMax at 06,Nov,17 08:13 other posts of DarkMax 
in my country any porno is inlegal

By #510409 at 22,Jan,17 10:18
it most certainly should be legal

By leopoldij at 19,Jan,17 11:55 other posts of leopoldij 
As I wrote below, in a world where war is legal, it's only pretentious when public nudity is ****. Public nudity hurts nobody.

By #503470 at 19,Jan,17 11:17
Legal! !

By XXXKing808XXX at 30,Dec,16 08:07 other posts of XXXKing808XXX 
Most definitely

By #510409 at 29,Dec,16 05:31
we came into thisso why should we be against it

By #289712 at 29,Aug,16 07:59
All good in Theory, but if we all were naked, my dick would be so hard all the time..
By licksipsuckit at 30,Aug,16 19:57 other posts of licksipsuckit 
well theres nothing wrong with a hard cock on nudist beach, l don't see why everyone gets all offended by it, seems you cant do anything but get naked there, and god forbid if you look at someones pink bits there lol, its like a modern day life oxymoron, go to look at naked people but not show your appreciation of their body...l will never get it *lix*
By #289712 at 06,Sep,16 20:12
Agreed. It doesn't bother me, but rest assured a hard penis would ink someone..

By leopoldij at 23,Dec,16 19:53 other posts of leopoldij 
Exactly. It's not a man's fault that when he gets excited the signs are visible. A woman can get excited too but nobody would know: her pussy doesn't double in size. So why should a man be penalised for something that mother nature equipped him with? It's her fault, not his.

So, of course nudity should be legal and of course hard cocks should be legal too.

By #454258 at 07,Sep,16 05:36
I don't think so. maybe at first, you would, but after a while you would get use to it, and it wouldn't effect you as much

By bikev at 07,Sep,16 11:11 other posts of bikev 
Nothing wrong with that.

By #519960 at 16,Sep,16 04:45
In certain places, beach, countryside etc it should be acceptable. In the UK, public nudity is technically legal as long as it does not cause offence to others.
By milesbferry at 16,Sep,16 06:00 other posts of milesbferry 
The police seem to have taken offence at the Naked Rambler for years: only registered users can see external links The very last two sentences seem to sum it up: “Yet he should still go to jail. The refusal of individuals to abide by court rulings is deeply injurious to a free society based upon law, and we have to protect ourselves against it."

By bikev at 07,Sep,16 11:10 other posts of bikev 

By #497672 at 07,Sep,16 08:40
Of course it should.

By #497672 at 03,Sep,16 08:10
I have always thought that clothes are worn only to keep warm, and nothing else.

By hotlicker69 at 29,Aug,16 08:25 other posts of hotlicker69 
to each his own.... yes it should

By Ramil1 at 19,Aug,16 10:20 other posts of Ramil1 
yes, so many people dress in a way that leaves nothing to the imagination anyway. It should be choice of the individual to either look or dress how they please. I walk around my house naked most of the time and get annoyed when I have to get shorts on when I go out in public areas. Once or twice I have ventured out naked quickly, because I forgot and nobody batted an eyelid .
By yeahright at 19,Aug,16 23:37 other posts of yeahright 
I'm the same way. Once I get home for the day I shower and I'm naked for the rest of the night. It is annoying if I realize I forgot to do something once I've showered and have to get dressed again. Granted I'd still probably wear clothes most of the time it would be nice to be able to run to the store or something real quick without having to get dressed first.
By Ramil1 at 27,Aug,16 10:04 other posts of Ramil1 

By #514830 at 26,Aug,16 05:57
The whole point of being nude socially is not to judge other people.once you see everyone nude you stop looking at everyone as a sexual thing. You stop using their body image as something sexual. You change they way you think about sex because it not about how people bodies look anymore. Once you change that view then you can't really have riff raff anymore. If more people see each other nude just being nude its less sexual.
By bella! at 26,Aug,16 08:07 other posts of bella! 
As much as I believe the thoughts that you shared, I have to disagree that public nudity will not rid the world of riff raff. I'm not sure what riff raff is supposed to mean in the context of this thread but I feel that some folk's brains are not wired correctly and you just never know who is leering at your mate, little Susie or little Bobby.

By licksipsuckit at 27,Aug,16 00:14 other posts of licksipsuckit 
that's a good point, even more of a reason not to legalise it, takes half the fun out of sex, as the visual side of sex and the naked body is a lot of the fun..taking away that would dull sex down a level, ld rather it ramped up more *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 24,Aug,16 17:21 other posts of licksipsuckit 
as much as ld like it, l don't think its a good idea, the wrong kinds of people would take advantage of it. when at nudist beaches you see it all the time, and wouldn't wont to see sex offenders and riff raff getting their jollies in public, it wouldn't work *Lix*

By onthelose at 24,Aug,16 16:32 other posts of onthelose 
I am all for public nudity but I have seen many videos of nude beaches and nudity isn't kind to the less sculptured body. Perhaps if nudity were more common we would all be in better shape physically.

By BushPilot at 03,May,13 16:54 other posts of BushPilot 
I have always believed that nudity is natural and if one decides to go completely or partially nude it shouldn't be censored. Throughout history nudity has been normal in some form or the other in many societies, particularly female nudity and that still exists today in countries where topless bathing is acceptable. Sadly, Queen Victoria is the author of western societies prudish outlook on nudity, both public and private, and we're stuck with that perspective for the foreseeable future.

While there are some venues where nudity should be discriminated against, such as in food preparation, clean rooms, surgical theaters, etc.; nudity shouldn't be a crime. That said, overt sexual displays and other sexual harassment should indeed be outlawed and punished to the fullest.

There are many arguments both for and against public nudity but suffice it to say that at the arguments root, nudity is no more offensive than wearing clothing that hints at nudity and that is common in today's dress choices nearly everywhere.

So, get naked, enjoy the nude beaches, campgrounds, and resorts, and see (and feel) how the world would be if people were predominantly nude in every aspect of life.

By #496814 at 18,Aug,16 06:48
If we were predominantly nude most of the year here in Holland, we would be terribly cold. It surely wouldn't help guys to feel more secure about themselves.

By #496814 at 18,Aug,16 06:45
While Im pro legalization of public nudity, I do see the sexual component in nudity which us a risk. While I and most nudists out there would surely be able to restrain theirselves from acting upon seeing nudity, not all people will.

To legalize it won't mean everyone out there will suddenly walk naked. I wouldn't. But there's something weird about making it an offence to be and walk around as your natural self, as you were born.

By cumonme1 at 18,Aug,16 06:29 other posts of cumonme1 
oh yes

By pifad at 17,Aug,16 22:17 other posts of pifad 
Of course!

By routemaster at 17,Aug,16 21:54 other posts of routemaster 
Actors appearing nude on stage is perfectly legal now and you can't get more public than that

By leopoldij at 17,Aug,16 15:32 other posts of leopoldij 

By bigone21 at 26,May,13 17:57 other posts of bigone21 
well, nudity is harmless!!

By Ray10754 at 26,May,13 14:51 other posts of Ray10754 
I myself wouldn't have a problem with open public nudity.
I have been a nudist for most of my life and live the lifestyle when home all year round . I only wear clothes when needed.
Unfortunatly here in the United States, The majority of the general public is not Ready for it.To many sexual deviants and people that associate basic nudity with the act of sex.

By #305812 at 26,May,13 14:25
Being a nudist I would like to see more options where all nudists can have more freedom to walk around with no clothing.

By #274357 at 03,May,13 11:15
I went on a Hedonism vacation at a Jamacia resort once. My only comment is sometimes nudity is not a good thing.
By #354961 at 03,May,13 11:28
I can understand you a little but on the second thought most of us are not pretty as you are.
Is your opinion that I should not be naked in public?
By #274357 at 03,May,13 15:02
Don't be ridiculous. My comment was not directed at you or anyone else. I am far from pretty, sir...average at best.
By #354961 at 03,May,13 15:37
Why not? It's nice to be .... ridiculous. ... and pretty too.
By #274357 at 03,May,13 16:31
I will further explain my first comment.

The resort had two beaches, one aptly named the "nude" beach, the other referred to as the "prude" beach. Well...I am certainly no "prude" so you know where I was kicking it.

First and foremost, sand. That stuff gets everywhere.

Without the barrier of protection clothing provides, the sun can be a right bastard. Half of the guests looked like boiled lobsters (but only on one side) after Day #1. Including myself.

Have you ever sunburned your testicles, my friend?
By Ray10754 at 03,May,13 20:49 other posts of Ray10754 
The key to being nakid on a nude beach with out toasting your testicals is to keep moving,cooling off in the water and use lots of sunscreen!!!! I use(Australian Gold Accelerator w/Vitame E!! The most important thing is to do it all in moderation! Once you have a base tan you good to go! Been tanning au natural for many years,and only burned once! that was enough for me to learn the correct way to go about it! I have photos on my profile of my tan for those that my be interested!

By m22r at 03,May,13 15:45 other posts of m22r 
Nudity isn't **** in the uk so long as you're not nude with the intention to shock or cause a public disturbance

By Odin_york_pa at 03,May,13 15:06 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
I think it should be if you want to be. The only problem with it is society today, at least here in America. There are so many ****philes out there these days. Think about people that are smaller than us(kids). Their height would put them right at a level they would get cock slapped in the eye from a large guy simply turning around abruptly lol. I am all for public nudity, but society isn't.

By Ray10754 at 10,Jul,11 07:14 other posts of Ray10754 
In my opinion it should be legal! But with the way the average public acts I truly dont see it happening anytime soon.
I myself would be happy with being able to be nude any place on my own property with out having to look over my shoulder all the time.
Fortunatly I have a situation here where I live that afords me to be able to be nude on just about all of my 4 acers of land.
The only place that I need to use caution is out near the road that passes my property.
Both of my neighbors are aware that I am a nudist and have no problem with it at all,their only request is that I respect the fact that they have family and friends that are not as accepting as they are.
I am greatfull that they are so accepting and will always honor their request with out hessitation,my problem is why should I have to,it is my property and I should be able to do as I wish on it

By #88520 at 10,Jul,11 02:34
Only for hot girls

By slipper at 10,Jul,11 00:08 other posts of slipper 
You bet!!!

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