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would you want to suck this dick?

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Started by solonely30 at 12,Feb,10 17:55  other posts of solonely30
i havent had a blow job in over 3 years. would you want to suck my dick or is it more of a take it or leave it dick?

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By solonely30 at 02,Mar,10 15:49 other posts of solonely30 
and id LOVE to suck all of you right back!!
By hornybicurious at 20,Aug,17 15:32 other posts of hornybicurious 

By hornybicurious at 20,Aug,17 15:30 other posts of hornybicurious 

By #35822 at 17,Feb,10 16:55
3 years? Your wife is insane! I'd gladly suck your cock. Everyday
By solonely30 at 20,Feb,10 00:53 other posts of solonely30 
i wish you could!
By biggerdick at 25,Jul,17 16:10 other posts of biggerdick 
would you suck mine?
By #534895 at 26,Jul,17 23:10

By #539402 at 20,Aug,17 13:05
glad to suck your cock

By JustWill at 25,Jul,17 16:22 other posts of JustWill 
No, but thanks for asking.
By bella! at 25,Jul,17 17:02 other posts of bella! 
Your response is so kind, JustWill, you are always so thoughtful and polite. Are you sure you're not interested? Maybe you know someone who would be.... who knows! And on the plus side, the guy lives in PA. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
By JustWill at 26,Jul,17 15:09 other posts of JustWill 
Manners are important, ma'am.

By PartyWife at 25,Jul,17 11:50 other posts of PartyWife 
I would be on that dick in an instant!! Yum!!!

By #23516 at 03,Mar,10 09:44
i would love to suck u forever... where u from
By solonely30 at 10,Mar,10 00:11 other posts of solonely30 
im from jersey
By cruz69696969 at 24,Jul,17 12:23 other posts of cruz69696969 
I'm from new jersey and I have already said to you that I can't believe someone with such a gorgeous cockhhasn't gotten your dick sucked everyday

By Sindee at 22,Jul,17 08:50 other posts of Sindee 
No it's a nice cock! Good size and good thickness! I would LOVE to suck it for you!

By boypenis at 22,Jul,17 07:51 other posts of boypenis 
yes I would love to suck your dick

By spermkiss at 27,Feb,10 15:35 other posts of spermkiss 
Poor boy! No blow job for three years. I'd suck you off in a heartbeat and you wouldn't have to do anything but lean back and enjoy it.

By solonely30 at 26,Feb,10 16:58 other posts of solonely30 
ugh!! i wish i knew you guys...i need it!!!

By #55796 at 20,Feb,10 14:10
i'd luv to suck that dick. And ur balls and lick ur asshole, nibble on ur tits. i'd give you a great blow and make other parts feel so good that u would never have believed it. I'm ready, are u ?
By solonely30 at 26,Feb,10 16:57 other posts of solonely30 

By pifad at 23,Feb,10 01:35 other posts of pifad 
I'd def suck your big cock over and over.

By camcock1 at 18,Feb,10 03:01 other posts of camcock1 
Given the chance-yes I would.

By hornyuncut at 17,Feb,10 16:51 other posts of hornyuncut 
deffo i'll suck it!!!

By solonely30 at 17,Feb,10 16:30 other posts of solonely30 
why cant any of you live next door!

By gradurgaur at 16,Feb,10 07:28 other posts of gradurgaur 
I wil love to suck your have hot cock....

By solonely30 at 15,Feb,10 11:05 other posts of solonely30 
thanks everyone! im married...wife doesnt know im bi. she wont even look at my dick let alone suck it. im getting restless and more and more curious!

By penisadmirer at 13,Feb,10 13:10 other posts of penisadmirer 
you got a big and tasty dick, i would!!!
Don't you like to be sucked, why 3 years?

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