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Do you eat pussy every time you have sex ?

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Started by joyraja at 14,Aug,19 17:27  other posts of joyraja

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New Comment

By Bigdaddy402 at 26,Sep,19 14:18 other posts of Bigdaddy402 

By woody4647 at 17,Aug,19 12:08 other posts of woody4647 
Yes 90% of the time. It gets me off and my GF loves it.

By Dong69 at 17,Aug,19 07:56 other posts of Dong69 

By cumonme1 at 17,Aug,19 07:15 other posts of cumonme1 

By knewbi at 16,Aug,19 11:23 other posts of knewbi 
Every time I have sex with a woman I do...

By Funsize at 15,Aug,19 23:01 other posts of Funsize 
Yes! And also move on to the next hole. I love eating ass, some women donít like that part, butt I keep trying until they tell me to stop.... Never been asked to stop eating their pussy though. I love it all!

By Spiralout462 at 15,Aug,19 13:36 other posts of Spiralout462 
Every time! I always get her off before me.

By Oddmanout at 15,Aug,19 13:25 other posts of Oddmanout 
Hell yeah!! Every chance I can get to lick a juicy box, Iíll do it!

By centexwill at 15,Aug,19 10:10 other posts of centexwill 
Every time I get the chance.

By WristThick at 15,Aug,19 02:07 other posts of WristThick 
Almost always... unless it's at my local swinger's club. Or if my hookup is extremely horny, soaked, stretched and ready to go.

By Scorps at 15,Aug,19 00:17 other posts of Scorps 

By shackles at 14,Aug,19 23:07 other posts of shackles 
Pretty much every single time.

By Gntlmn at 14,Aug,19 21:56 other posts of Gntlmn 
I certainly TRY to....

By cumcouplessa at 14,Aug,19 21:37 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. Actually cannot remember when last I had sex with wifey and never ate her first. I find that eating both her pussy and butt is what REALY gets me going, and makes her so wet aswell, that sex isnt the same without it.

By #587826 at 14,Aug,19 19:50
First pussy I saw was covered in hair.. F--ing 70's. I still loved it.First thing i think of with your pussy, is to lick it top the stink side..back then, it sucked because you were constantly pulling pubes from your mouth..

By nekekal at 14,Aug,19 18:32 other posts of nekekal 
Not every time. Some women don't like it all the time.

I would love to do it more. But then I would love to have my cock sucked more too.

You never want to have too much of a routine. Eventually we are going to end up with my cock in her cunt, but the journey to that point can be different and unexpected every time.

By onthelose at 14,Aug,19 17:35 other posts of onthelose 
Cant believe that's not a normal part of sex with a woman. If its not then you need to get with the program and realize its not all about you and your needs. The same goes for men on men. Unless you are one of those men who just love sucking cock. I have been with women who thought that getting them off was the only thing I was there for and if I came it was just secondary.
By Smoothmann at 14,Aug,19 18:27 other posts of Smoothmann 
Not every time.When my gf wants me too eat her pussy I will happily honor her wish!

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