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Nancy Pelosi holds relief bill of floor for vote to take her birthday off

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Started by overeight at 26,Mar,20 23:52  other posts of overeight
Pelosi decided that taking her birthday off was more important than voting on the bill to give Americans their financial relief.

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By kebmo at 31,Mar,20 01:27 other posts of kebmo 
Well overeight, you can cancel your plans to be in a church full of fellow whatevers for Easter. I'm so surprised that Trump said something then had to walk it back because what he said was so outrageously stupid and he had to be told by someone with a fucking brain that it's not going to happen even though most of us knew that about a nanosecond after it came out of his shit spewing mouth.

But his ratings are great and at this time in history that's what's really important for him to be talking about isn't it? Well, that and the fact that nurses and doctors are slipping PPE out the back doors of hospitals after their 16 hour shift of taking care of people that are dying by the dozens and being stored in refrigerator trucks because the morgues are full.
By overeight at 31,Mar,20 10:34 other posts of overeight 
Thats bullshit he did not say that thing were going to be back open by Easter. I watched him in the press conference. What he said was hopefully we have this thing under control enough by Easter that we can get some parts of the country back to work where the pandemic isn't spreading. The press then came out and said Trump says he is going to open the country back up by Easter. Another example of how the press only tells a part of the story to make people think he is just a plain idiot. The next morning all over the news all they said was Trump says he is going to open the country by Easter,I was sitting here saying hell no he didn't.
By kebmo at 31,Mar,20 11:04 other posts of kebmo 
I didnít say that he said that things were going to be back open by Easter. Read what I said again. He did say that he hoped that the churches would be full of parishioners for Easter though didnít he? Yes he did.

He did talk at length about his TV ratings as his fellow countrymen lie dying though didnít he?

There are TWO questions for you there.

Oh, and this was on the holy grail of news sources, Fox News: only registered users can see external links
By overeight at 31,Mar,20 13:15 other posts of overeight 
Look I dint agree with you that in order fir something to be credible it must be a member of the associated press. I read the UPI and find out more about our country there than ever gets printed in the AP. If the AP isn't worried about everything they print being the truth and they claim they report the entire story everytime why does it matter that they can only report stories from the AP and its a violation of their contract to report from any other source. Why is the AP worried about them reporting from the UPI or the BBC or even American Free press. I'll tell you why. As an example in the coast guard news one day I read just a month after the hurricane tore up Puerto Rico that after a 8 ton cocaine and heroine bust that happened in plain clear view if Youlin Cruz's office by the way. The helicopter noticed something's on a hill flying over assisting the cutters with the bust. Once they secured the drugs and smugglers the helicopter flew back and landed and found a million bottles of water and 14 tractor trailer containers full of food that Youlin Cruz signed for one day before she went in Good Morning America to say Trump hasn't sent us anything he doesn't care about Puerto Ricans. Now this was Coast guard news homeland security certified site. It was also in UPI that day along with the huge bust. However guess what was the biggest AP headline,Stormy Daniel's gets arrested by Trump supporting cops. Nothing about the bust not one word about the food and water found.
--------------------------------------- added after 83 hours

The sad thing about it democrats claim they only want to do good for American people but I guess that includes hiding food and water from people right after a devastating storm and lying to Americans that the president didn't send any help. Yeah thats what they did. And then claim that its all because of Trump. Yeah right crooked democrats kept needed supplies from needy people for a political reason but that's what's best for the people isn't it. What's even sadder than that is idiots actually support them for doing it. Thats the saddest part. Hopefully a storm hits your house one day and destroys it and a Democrat keeps food and water away from you for a week or two and says its for your own good and see if you support them then. They did the exact same thing here after Michael too. I know the guy who is a Republican and he found a warehouse full of FEMA supplies that the Democrat leaders of my community kept away from people for the two weeks we went without power and water here. No way to go to a store and buy food there was none. No cell phones towers got blown down. No way to get gas because power was out. Three days after the storm a couple of stores had their generators up and running to get gas. About a month later someone I personally know found that warehouse full of food and water FEMA sent but they didn't give it out because if they did it might like Trump actually delivered something to help people out. My friend who found the stuff called the news station here and met them at the warehouse and showed them the stuff and they filmed ot and reported it. All of a sudden oh by the WA we forgot this stuff you people needed a month ago is available now if you still dont have stuff you need just come by and get it Saturday. We forgot we had it. Yeah right
By kebmo at 31,Mar,20 14:26 other posts of kebmo 
This is not a discussion about Puerto Rico. I'm right and you're wrong and that's how you deal with it. Diversion. I wonder where you learned that tactic. Oh yeah, from Trump.
By overeight at 04,Apr,20 00:22 other posts of overeight 
Diversion hummmm and I guess ever single Democrat just flat out says the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth in answering every question I definite direct answer huh. Not one single one doesn't answer a question directly and they never face around any answers at all right just ask Rachel Maddow she will tell you that. Hell she will tell you that no person should even watch ant press conferences at all that Trump has because she will tell you what he said and what he actually means so there is no reason at all to watch his press conferences. Oh wait she did say thats right. Hmmmmm

By cody8789 at 31,Mar,20 22:56 other posts of cody8789 
I'm not dem. Or rep. But I seen him say everything would be open for easter, I also heard from most people including members on this site that this is just another flu outbreak, yeah, what do you think now, hhmmmm
By overeight at 02,Apr,20 13:38 other posts of overeight 
Actually what he said was hopefully we can get parts of the country back open by Easter if there is an improvement in the general health and we feel we have contained it reasonably. That was back before the world health organization had a doctor come forth and claim that China lied about how many had it and how many died from it. And now that guy disappeared all of a sudden. So no telling.
By cody8789 at 02,Apr,20 21:02 other posts of cody8789 
Me, I don't get involved with politics, I don't like anyone, lol. I would like to know how country's like Iran and Russia are doing with this outbreak.
By phart at 02,Apr,20 21:49 other posts of phart 
Russia has a good many cases but Putin sent a military plane load of supplied to New York Monday night.I read a artical I can't find at the moment but Putin ask Trump since our companys are ramping up production, if he needed supplies that Trump send them some back. Not bad for 2 countries that the liberal media thinks should not get along.
Media to busy reporting negitive shit.
The sports Team Patriats,I think they do foot ball? Anyhow,their jet was flown to China and brought back 1.2 million mask. some went to new york most to new jersey I think.It took 2 weeks for the folks involved to crawl thru all the loops holes just to fly a airplane over to get supplies. Feds required retrofit of electronics on the plane before it could go over seas, China only gave them 3 hours to be on the air feild.
By cody8789 at 02,Apr,20 21:52 other posts of cody8789 
Good to hear Russia helping out

By overeight at 03,Apr,20 09:58 other posts of overeight 
Yeah its good Russia did that and bad. Now its just going to give democrats fuel to say see we told you Trump was working with Russia he got his Budd to fly I some mask. I can't wait to see the liberal media imagination stories we get out of this. I bet Adam Schiff has a field day and add to his new impeachment investigation he and Nancy put against Trump for the next impeachment they have started the ball rolling on. Adam Schiff is calling for another impeachment hearing over the negligence of the way the virus was handled with Russia bringing supplies that's going to mean we will be spending probably another $50 million investigating why they bright that load over here.
By phart at 03,Apr,20 19:52 other posts of phart 
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You have got to be fucking kidding? Another investigation,at a time like this? SHEESH!
By overeight at 04,Apr,20 00:05 other posts of overeight 
Yeah Phart thats correct Adam Schiff ole George Soros brother in law at it again starting another impeachment investigation. I think its time Americans stand up and just tell the democrats look Hillary lost get over it. You want sn investigation fine get Georgie boy to pay for it not taxpayers.
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

All there going to do is waste more taxpayers money investigating Trump,then set up some BS crap again a reason to vote to impeach again and no facts,no proof,pure partisan impeachment again then the senate will vote against it again. But who cares it taxpayers money anyway I mean we all have tons of money right. Thats why Nancy wouldn't agree to the stimulus unless the house got a raise and $25 million secured for house members pay and $25 million secured for the Kennedy center so they could make their annual donation to the DNC of $5 million dollars and then the Kennedy center didn't pay its employees. They did make the $5 million donations to the democrats though with the money it got from taxpayers though.

By overeight at 04,Apr,20 10:19 other posts of overeight 
A new article posted in National Review written by Jim Gerihty (not sure I spelled name right) but he posted an interesting article about the virus. A student is doing a documentary on the virus and found some interesting facts about it. The Wuhan institute of Virilogy posted ads back in November 2019 for jobs of scientists to help test a new strain if SARS cO-v2 or now known as covid-19. This new found virus supposedly initiated in bats in remote caves who generally dont come in close contact with humans. However bats are sold in a seafood market near Wuhan for a delicatessen for bat soup. These bats are smashed and their blood and urine splatters when smashed and can spread the virus. Now the remote area where the bats WH can naturally carry the virus is 900 kilometers from the seafood market in Wuhan. However people catch bats to sell in the market and if one gets the virus its natural to keep bats alive until time to make the soup so they are fresh. So this doctor who worked at Wuhan institute of Virology loved bat soup and self quarantined three different times since 2015 and was removed from the institutes records in early 2019 no other records from that doctor exist. Then in November 2019 the ad was posted in multiple newspapers seeking a scientist to conduct test on this new strain of SARScO-v2 at the Wuhan institute. Do basically the Chinese have known about this virus for at least a year but didn't inform world health organization until in December.

By overeight at 09,Apr,20 08:13 other posts of overeight 
Yeah Phart I finally saw this weeks Greg Gutfeld show. He showed a clip from back in January if I remember right the date was Jan. 25th. In the clip was a Republican member of the house and the reporter was only asking impeachment questions. The representative then told the reporter look I'm not on here to talk about the impeachment,the reason I'm here is to warn people about this coronovirus,its a very aggressive bad virus. If you reporters were actually trying to report real news and interested in informing America about events you wouldn't be covering the impeachment 24/7. If you want to help Americans out you would be warning them about this virus. In 2-3 months your going to be reporting it like crazy if not sooner but if you warn them now you might actually be doing something worthwhile. Then the reporter asked another impeachment question.

By overeight at 11,Apr,20 21:59 other posts of overeight 
Well that investigation on the FISA court submissions is getting pretty heated. I saw a report it wasn't just misinformation on the applications it was proven fake facts. Barr says it looks like their may possibly be a number of arrested high ranking democrats and some nsy surprise the public. But first they are going to declassify copies of the applications and also said the Obama CIA director was involved along with DOJ attorney general and they definitely face criminal charges for issuing and approval of investigation into a US citizen under false pretenses,filling false reports and illegal investigation of a presidential candidate. Brennan and Rice both got their top secret clearance revoked about two years ago by Trump but Brennan has still been going on political shows spewing false supposed secret political propaganda because the associated press never reported but once that he lost his top secret clearance. So basically the public still believes that he actually still gets top secret briefing reports. It was funny I saw him on one political show about 6 months ago and the host was interviewing him as if he was current on his top secret info. I laughed and said to myself how the hell do you know anything about any top secret stuff your clearance was pulled a couple of years ago. Hahaha

By kebmo at 31,Mar,20 02:08 other posts of kebmo 
Here's what happens when an adult runs the country.

"Why Canada's response to COVID-19 is so different from that of the U.S."

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By Jamie at 27,Mar,20 15:16 other posts of Jamie 
And you didn't sing happy birthday to her .lol
By overeight at 30,Mar,20 13:35 other posts of overeight 
Yo be honest I don't like to wish bad upon anyone by any means or wish them any misfortune but it wouldn't really hurt my feelings if Pelosi and George Soros dont have another birthday.

By kebmo at 27,Mar,20 14:43 other posts of kebmo 
What are you talking about? Add a link of NEWS and I'll read it. She was at work yesterday and the bill was passed.
--------------------------------------- added after 10 minutes

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By huxley999 at 27,Mar,20 15:07 other posts of huxley999 
Good luck with getting a link from overeight!
By kebmo at 27,Mar,20 15:11 other posts of kebmo 
Alternative facts?

By overeight at 27,Mar,20 18:41 other posts of overeight 
Look I'm no computer geek I dint know how to post links I get reports in real time from BPR media and American Wire directly in my email. Also if you doubt any post I make I have found them on very reputable sources. Anything about the border I get from homeland security site Border Patrol Newsroom. Anything about drug bust major bust come from there or Coast Guard News. You might not lil what i post but I do have valid news outlets that back it up. Just because I'm not computer savvy enough to post links and do computer stuff does not mean I'm stupid or believe everything I read from some fake facebook story or just because someone says it.

By overeight at 27,Mar,20 18:44 other posts of overeight 
That bill wasn't passed day before yesterday it was in the senate but not the house. Nancy got it right after it was approved in the senate.
By kebmo at 27,Mar,20 19:09 other posts of kebmo 
Yeah, I call bull shit on your "facts". If you think I'm going to search a "News" site that I have never heard of to find your outrageous story when I can copy / paste ten reliable news sources that state she was at work yesterday, you've got another thing coming.

The bill has to pass the house and the senate. It passed the Senate early Thursday morning and the house today then it went to trump's office for a signature.

I'm sure you love CNN but here's a story from a valid news source for you to read then you can even fact check it all night but I'm not going to flog a dead horse here with you any longer. It got passed really quickly and that's a great thing. Canada did the same thing on a smaller scale. I already received my direct deposit funds.

Your statement that she took yesterday off for her birthday is bull shit because she was at work yesterday planning for today's vote.

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By overeight at 30,Mar,20 13:30 other posts of overeight 
Oh yeah and CNN is the most upstanding most believed reliable source in the world right just ask any biased Democrat. They have never reported one thing that isn't 100% completely true oh unless you count the 47 news reports that the RNC and Fox news proved they just made up out of the blue to make Republicans look bad or things that they made a calculated guess to try and decide secret codes out I comments Trump made and then report them as the truth. Or the fact that they completely said the statements that Adam Schiff made in the impeachment hearing that he made up that Trump never said one word of and they swear it was verbatim exactly what Trump said in the transcript that every person who wants can up and read but are just to lazy to.

By huxley999 at 28,Mar,20 07:18 other posts of huxley999 
In case you were in any doubt: I call bullshit on your "facts" too.

I'm feeling benevolent though, so try reading this:

only registered users can see external links

I don't think you're stupid. I think you're as myopic as that other tower of intellect, phart. You see only bad of those whose politics you disagree with, and only good of those you agree with. That's intellectually dishonest and, frankly, gullible. Politicians, of ALL stripes, do reprehensible things. The fact that it's only Bernie, Nancy, A-O-C et al that make you froth at the mouth is YOUR problem.

Try reading your "facts" from a source you DISAGREE with. It will challenge your prejudices and, if you take time to really think about what people you disagree with assert, might even change your mind.

By kebmo at 27,Mar,20 16:19 other posts of kebmo 
So you're just going to throw that out there with no NEWS link to back up your "facts"?
How Trumpian of you. Just say whatever you like with no source of your "facts".
By huxley999 at 27,Mar,20 16:55 other posts of huxley999 
Are you detecting a pattern here?

Overeight seems to have a real fetish for slagging off anybody left of centre, and not providing any evidence (however dodgy that evidence might be). If this wasn't a cock flashing site I would suspect him of being a troll. I suspect, however, that the truth is a lot simpler.
By kebmo at 27,Mar,20 19:18 other posts of kebmo 
Did you hear that Donald Trump sleeps with his daughter? Well I can't remember where I saw it but he does. There, you read it on the internet so it must be true*.

*Not true, just an example of how bull shit is spread by stupid people.
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

Not true that I know of but everyone knows he would if he could.

By Skittles at 27,Mar,20 12:50 other posts of Skittles 
PigLosi is a loser on so many levels.. thank god her birthdays are limited
By overeight at 27,Mar,20 13:16 other posts of overeight 
Ain't that the truth. Now that crazy ass bitch AOC is bitching that people have to have am actual Social security number to get a check for the relief. She claims they should just hand out checks to everybody in America unless they make over $100k a year. Stupid bitch,this virus might possibly run some of the illegal idiots back to Mexico or wherever they came from. She also claims now is not the time to watch the border we should just ignore it and put the CBP giving out food and medical equipment instead having them worry about the border. I read the border patrol newsroom trust me that 3 1/2 tons a day of heroine,coke and meth they catch at the border would just flow in here like a damn faucet if they did that.
By kebmo at 27,Mar,20 16:22 other posts of kebmo 
Tell me more about her taking her birthday off and holding up the bill because she did. Did you read this somewhere? Just add a link from a reputable news source, I'd like to read it.
By overeight at 27,Mar,20 18:34 other posts of overeight 
BPR media and American Wire

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