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Has anyone else noticed the virus is only speading super rapidly in states run by democrats

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Started by overeight at 29,Mar,20 09:30  other posts of overeight
If you notice take a look and see,the virus is spreading like wildfire in states controlled by democrats. In states ran by Republicans they have lockdowns and curfews and meeting restrictions,parks closed down,even make it mandatory shutdown of gyms,hair salons,tanning salons,yoga studios,bars. If your out after dark you will be stopped and questioned. 9pm-6am,restaurants,coffee shoppes non essential stores must be closed. Only grocery stores,drug stores and dollar stores allowed to stay open that sell food and minimal supplies. Now New York is trying to declare that making them stay home is an act of war because other states will not allow people from NY come into their states. New Orleans mayor even claims its not her fault she decided to have Mardi Gras duuuuh idiot all news channels did stories on national news encouraging people to come to Mardi Gras. CBS,ABC,NBC,CNN,MSNBC they all did special 15 minute reports on just how special this year particularly was going to be at Mardi Gras. Did anyone else notice that.

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By phart at 29,Mar,20 09:38 other posts of phart 
I don't think it has anything to do with party as far as where it is the worst.
I think most of it is that in those major citys you have people living in very tight quarters with no where to hide.
Alot of wealthy people live in those areas and are able to afford to travel to far away lands and bring back sickness.
The politics is more relevant to passing blame around for lack of this or that and I blame the democrats for closing down entire states ruining the economy.Using this crisis to make the President look bad.
But party has no real bearing on where the virus is worse.
By overeight at 29,Mar,20 12:00 other posts of overeight 
Phart I just saw a chart on NBC meet the press for Huxley look it up yourself. But the chart showed over 80% of counties who voted for Hillary and run by democrats have multiple cases and less restrictive quarantine rules on public and less than 49% of counties that Trump won in have even one case if the virus in them. I'm not saying that the virus is party affiliated but it goes back to the mixed messages that everybody is talkin about. Those who only watch and follow liberal media are getting infected,those who have been on top of this since January when fox news and conservative media started the coverage and liberal media just said it was stupid racist tricks like Nancy Pelosi called it back then have kept it spreading. I mean it is a little particular how most conservative followers aren't being effected and infected and liberal media followers are still spreading it around.
By phart at 29,Mar,20 17:25 other posts of phart 
Most of the cases when it started here in my state were along major interstates,like from New York to florida route.
Then in my Theory, and I am sorry I am not a scientist,But I am thinking as the store clerks that served them and the waitress's and such that waited on them as they traveled got into the lesser areas they carried it.
There was a medical related convention in New Jersey and alot of cases were seeded from it. But of course at the moment the web has been cloroxed of that info. As with alot of other stuff.
By huxley999 at 29,Mar,20 18:32 other posts of huxley999 
I'm just grabbing my popcorn and enjoying the spectacle of overeight linking the spread of covid 19 to Hillary Clinton. It also seems that what TV channel you watch influences your susceptibility to infection.

Ha fucking ha! Too much, overeight.
By overeight at 30,Mar,20 00:16 other posts of overeight 
Huxley your just trying to hook things in yourself,as bad as the liberal media. All I did was state the percentages that were posted on political shows today,if you have a problem with those percentage that meet the press posted today on their show then harass their ass. All I said was it was particularly to me that they came up with those numbers in their percentages. I'm not the one that calculated those numbers it was someone in their information calculations dept. That did that. You just assumed that link. What I said was the press has been so used to feeding the public bullshit for so damn long telling people shit that hasn't happened or half of what happens in a way that makes them assume something that is completely wrong and putting words in Trumps mouth. Hell I even saw it this week here with the governor. He had a press conference and said that a retirement home here had one confirmed case of the virus of one person who died from it. Then two other people in that same home died also but tested negative from the virus. Five minutes later when he took questions from the press the reporter started off Mr. Governor about those three cases in the retirement home. He asked what three cases in a retirement home. She said well you said three people died from the virus in a retirement home. He then told the press look let me get this clear there was not three cases in any retirement home there was only one case. Two more people died in that retirement home but they did not have the virus they tested negative,is that clear now there was only one case I'm the retirement home period. Then ten minutes later after the press conference ended it went back to regular local news. Well guess what they reported on the same channel even. Three people died in a retirement home from the coronovirus today. So right there tells you they were reporting bullshit. Let me ask this why is it the state infection chart map of the state and actual cases in my immediate viewing area has a total for 5 surrounding counties 8 total cases. So why does my local news channel have a total of 25 total cases in those same counties. Well for one one guy who grew up here but is stationed in the army in California has it. Boom one case in my county he hasn't been here,doesn't live here and is clear across the country from here but they claim that gives us a case in my county. 4 people from the next county over are on a cruise ship that is still in Panama at the canal. They aren't here they are on the ship still in panama bang 4 more cases counted in that county. Two more people were on the ship that docked last week in California they haven't been home yet and tested negative but are in Georgia under quarantine currently,bang two more cases in that county. Another man is ip in New York has it not here but under quarantine there bang smother case. Now right there thats 8 cases the media has counted as being in my viewing area and not one of those people are here,have been here or even under quarantine here. But just because they live here or were born here that adds a case in those counties.
By huxley999 at 30,Mar,20 09:44 other posts of huxley999 
Your lack of punctuation and rambling style makes my fucking head hurt!

"someone in their information calculations dept"? You've just made that up, haven't you? You have no idea whether the political shows have "information calculation" departments, do you?

Why your local news channel is fucking up the statistics is beyond me. Perhaps the people running it are dumb fucks. How's your water supply locally? It could be that you're all suffering from lead poisoning.

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By overeight at 30,Mar,20 09:59 other posts of overeight 
Get bent you your the dumb fuck asshole just trying to make an fucking argument just to disagree. I bet you can't even agree with your fucking fog asshole if a dog wouldn't run the fuck away because your such a dumb shithole of a dick. The only thing you want to do is arguing in not one to get pissed with anyone but you really are such a senseless fuck your not even worth argument

By stiffone4u at 29,Mar,20 17:49 other posts of stiffone4u 
are you fucking kidding me? who is running the country? 2,000,000 is now the estimated fucking dumb ass. Maybe if the leaders didn't say it was nothing to worry about 3 months ago or do anything to prepare we'd be better...yes bumblefuck America is doing ok...wait until you find a friend outside you family...
By overeight at 29,Mar,20 18:23 other posts of overeight 
Exactly my point,three months ago Trump shut down travel from China during his impeachment and requested congress and the press help him spread the word that the virus was spreading faster than China claimed it was. However The associated press only then reported that Trump was shutting down travel from China because he was racist and thought it would help his trade agreement. Not one single word then and tho was January 22 CBS,ABC,NBC all reports the same thing that it was racist and to help his trade deal. Nancy Pelosi got asked about I and she said something to the effect that was Trumps racist deal ir something not one word about the virus then. Then when Trump put in for congress to act on it Nancy Pelosi held the vote off the floor for 2 weeks and then blamed Trump because it was more important to Impeach him than to worry about funds to buy medical supplies thats two weeks for funding for supplies because of Nancy holding the vote off the floor for funding the supplies. Then it went to senate and Chuck Shummer tried yo block voting on it for three more days then waited the weekend out then didn't come back till Tuesday,held up one more day it finally got passed that Wednesday night. Do it got signed Thursday. Do now that makes it Feb. 18th before funding for medical supplies was approved because of democrats bullshitting around. By then it was all over the place with the press encouraging people to get out to parades,all associated press encouraging people go to Mardi Gras in New,Orleans got to your doing celebrations go here go there. New York then started getting hit hard but by then no telling how many people had it or had been exposed. Then people started hauling ass from New York. Now Florida Governor has troopers posted to stop anyone from New York or Louisiana tags and hold them for national guard to come check them for fever. The press what I said in the last post was causing the confusion. I watched each press conference each day then not 30 minutes later saw the news on the same channel report something completely different from what I heard in the press conference for a solid week.

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 18:38 other posts of overeight 
One more thing you also have to calculate in is media mathematics. For example one man who grew up here in my town, local news reported one case in my county. However the guy was in California and has been there for 8 months but that's a case they counted in my county and one in California,then the guy got moved to quarantine in Arizona they added a case there. Thats only one case that counts as three. Ok next a retirement home about 25 miles from here. One person died from it two others died but tested negative for the virus the press counted that as 3 deaths from it. Now in only two local reports from here in my area thats four cases that don't and never have existed and two deaths that weren't caused by it. I'm not saying things aren't serious but they are adding every single digit they can try to so it sounds worse. Now multiply that times every tv coverage area across the nation how many cases would that add. Like I said media mathematics.

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