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CNN apologies to Trump for debunking virus in state of union speech

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Started by overeight at 01,Apr,20 10:55  other posts of overeight
Turns out CNN apologize to Trump after it debunked the severity possibility of the virus claiming it was just a distraction to keep minds off the impeachment. Trump warned Americans about the threat of the virus on Feb.4th state of the union speech but it got dismissed because Nancy Pelosi said it was lies all lies every single word. Then American wire posted videos of Nancy asking people to please come out and visit Chinatown its safe and there is no virus here. Then shows a video of Bill Deblasio on a news report telling people I'm on a subway car and its completely safe there is no such thing as a virus on here and you have nothing to worry about. The video aired on New York local news back in late Feb. But I guess democrats have to short a memory and to much hate for Trump to remember the democrats trying yo debunk the virus and encouraging people to get out and socialize when the virus was first spreading.

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By SrCums at 25,Apr,20 11:47 other posts of SrCums 

By Ananas2xLekker at 03,Apr,20 11:07 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Maybe it is because I live in the Netherlands, I only see fake news, but for a long time I've only seen video's of Trump saying corona is just like the flew and the left warning about corona and urging Trump to do something.
By ANGEL1227 at 03,Apr,20 11:19 other posts of ANGEL1227 
Its not fake news. These Trump supporters first lie, then they take speech out of context, and if that doesn't work it becomes fake news because it's impossible to refute, but, let me remind you, Trump himself refered to this pandemic, in February, that it was FAKE NEWS. Mr Overeight has a long history on site of spewing shit in favor of that jerkoff in the presidency.
By Ananas2xLekker at 03,Apr,20 11:55 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
So when the news makes me think that Trump is a dangerous, self absorbed idiot, that's correct?
By ANGEL1227 at 03,Apr,20 19:15 other posts of ANGEL1227 

By overeight at 04,Apr,20 00:01 other posts of overeight 
Oh yeah my fake news comes from homeland security certified websites not CNN lil Angels Democrat dribble

By overeight at 04,Apr,20 00:48 other posts of overeight 
I actually believe Angelis Adam Schiffs sister who is married to George Soros to be honest the way she claims not one word any conservative person says can possibly be true because it wasn't reported on CNN

By overeight at 05,Apr,20 22:02 other posts of overeight 
Actually that must be Associated press your watching over there. To be honest Trump put a travel ban from China back I January and they said it was because he was racist here in the US. Then he did a state of the union speech that our presidents do each year and he warned we needed to close our borders and restrict travel worldwide and that was on February 4th. Then middle of February the opposite party did lots of big public service advertising telling people to get out go party and socialize and go to all the big parties we have here in America. One is huge its called Mardi Gras in New Orleans Louisiana. Then they advertised going to Miami for the superbowl,they even said come just visit and enjoy yourself even if you dont have tickets to the game there is plenty to do. That was middle of February. Then the press wants to now claim them and the democrats were telling people to watch out for the virus and stay home and how bad it is but it was actually the opposite. Trump and his party were telling people how bad the virus is while the democrats were telling people get out socialize and party the virus is in China there isn't any chance at all you can catch it,its not even in the US. The sad thing is their base now claims it was just that way even though the conservative press has even proven them wrong by playing old news reports and press conferences with Trump and even played news clips of democrats telling people to get out and party but they don't believe its real. I honestly think one news channel here in the US has some sort of hypnosis on their channel the channel is CNN. I can't believe people dont believe real actual TV clips from a month ago and claim they are fake made up propaganda. They have just been told since he was elected hate Trump,hate Trump,hate,Trump and now they hate him so much they don't even believe any conservative news now. And they are even erasing their own facebook post from their own pages in disbelief I dont know what those liberal channels are doing or have going on on their satellite and cable stations. I dont have that I just have an antenna and my phone so I know I'm not hypnotized.
By Ananas2xLekker at 07,Apr,20 13:01 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Actually, the only cable news I watch is Dutch. I think Fox is right wing propaganda and CNN and MSNBC are democrat propaganda and fear mongering about Russia. I do watch a shitload of progressive YouTube channels. I have never caught them on a lie. Whenever I do watch Fox News or right wing YouTube channels, the lies make me sick very quickly.
By overeight at 07,Apr,20 15:24 other posts of overeight 
Well I don't know how to post links or anything but CNN is about the worst I've seen about lies and false stories. They have actually been caught a proven they made news stories up completely out if the blue 18 times at last count. I dont like I said watch any cable or satellite news I go to homeland security news websites that are certified by them. At least that way I'm not getting any political view its just facts no politics included. Just real life stuff that happens. No reporters only reporting parts of a story to make anyone bad or good. Kinda like the old show dragnet "just the facts".hahaha
By Ananas2xLekker at 08,Apr,20 12:12 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Just the facts is good advise. Always check several sources and use basic logic and common sense. Never take anything on faith, trust no one and check public records. In most countries those aren't screwed with yet. They do censor more and more though, but at the end most leaks out. That's why we need Wikileaks.
By overeight at 13,Apr,20 10:59 other posts of overeight 
The senate has now filed paperwork to block the small business bailout funding unless George Soros media conglomerate receives $250 million in funding claiming it provides an essential service getting news to the public and advertising is at a record low.

By Skittles at 02,Apr,20 12:55 other posts of Skittles 
De Blasio rode the subway ONE stop -- with a security detail then got back in his SUV...

And he was encouraging us here in NYC to go to dinner in early March...

After he told everyone to stay home, De Blasio went to the YMCA in Brooklyn!

Yikes! Beter bet Little Adam Shit to investigate!
By overeight at 02,Apr,20 19:59 other posts of overeight 
I'm not sure if your a Greg Gutfeld fan or not but this last week he called out associated press who tried to claim Trump didn't say one word about the virus or try and report it until late February early March. However he played on his show a clip fro January 28th where he and the crew from the five had a roundtable about the virus and that was the last time they had a show where they didn't socially distant themselves. That was only a few days before when Trump tried to warn the public in his state of the union speech on Feb. 4th. Just after that all the associated press started news clips about how safe it is to get out in the public and get out to events like Mardi Gras ,the superbowl festivals they tried to encourage people to get out and socialize. Nancy Pelosi did a public service message about how safe it was to get out and explore Chinatown telling people you can't get the virus here. Thats when Deblasio did his little video you talked about where he claimed the subway was safe and clean you can't get the virus here its not Woohan China. However Fox news was already starting to warn people about social distancing and staying 6' away is safest way. If you doubt that check the online reports Fox news was the one warning people when the associated press was telling people to crowd together.

By overeight at 04,Apr,20 01:02 other posts of overeight 
Adam shit is already investigating the Virus oh excuse me not the virus Trump and how the virus got to the US. After him and the democrats tried to stop his travel ban he put out in January thats right January. Dont believe it check Greg Gutfeld he proved to the liberal press that Trumps admin was promoting social distancing back in January 28th. He showed a clip from the show the fives where he talked about the virus and how to keep spreading to a minimum. Then all liberal press had special reports telling people to get out go to Mardi Gras go to the superbowl Nancy Pelosi did a public service message encouraging people to go to Chinatown. Get out it spring dont worry they said the virus is on China not here its safe take the family out. Every AP news outlet out there did it. Dont believe me look it up. Just look back a month you'll see its true. Every single news report except Fox news was telling people to get out and do stuff. I dare you but we know not one single Democrat is going to look because they know I'm right and they wont be able to disprove their own misinforming news so instead they will just claim its bullshit or fake or a lie. I dare them to look back and find one single AP report that was telling them just over a month ago in February that was talking about social distancing. I bet they can't.

By overeight at 05,Apr,20 22:09 other posts of overeight 
Well Skittles I dont see a bunch of Associated press links of news clips from back in February pilling up at the bottom of this page from the challenge I posted for them to find clips of the associated press back in February telling them to social distance and stay at home,hmmm guess they can't find any.
By kebmo at 05,Apr,20 23:38 other posts of kebmo 
Or maybe like me, people are sick of reading your unsubstantiated bull shit. I don't even waste my time trying to rebut the crap that you post. Never a link to prove that it's factual; just spewing the shit.
By overeight at 06,Apr,20 02:26 other posts of overeight 
Whatever I've explained that if you dont like it don't read it,at least for now its still a free country and for now still have free speech unlike the democrats want with their new constitution of the new north America that they have written up. But lil I said not one single one of you will anything up unless its a one sided story that proves only a portion of what point you want to make. Like I said just because I'm not some clip and post computer geek means that I don't have the resources and have more than one story I got information from. One more thing not only do I have some dirty inside info about the dirty democrats in Florida but I have a little on Georgia and Alabama too. I live right where those three states meet and have friends and family in all three governments in all three states. I also have other people in Washington but I wont say where they work or what part they work for but I get info that can actually be exposed put it that way.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

So actually the press isn't really the best way to get information in my opinion. Most of the press is assumed stories not the real inside politics behind the story.

By overeight at 06,Apr,20 05:01 other posts of overeight 
Perhaps you might be interested in checking out a video,Professor Simon event201 on YouTube. It was loaded up back in October just after Bill Gates,Johns Hopkins University,"economic investors" and a political party. They ran a.practice scenario of a coronavirus pandemic and its global effects. Mind you this meeting was in October 2019 and in the scenario globally in the simulation 65 million died,the global economy crashed and all political parties worldwide blamed it all on false news reports and world leaders who were made to appear incapable of handling the situation. Its a very interesting video and I found it a little odd they didn't name the economic investors or the political party involved in the pandemic simulation.

By overeight at 09,Apr,20 07:49 other posts of overeight 
Oh yeah and we all know that has to be a CNN clip for it tone factual because if it isn't a liberal press report its fake or made in Russia or at least thats what you will claim

By overeight at 09,Apr,20 07:57 other posts of overeight 
Oh by the way Kebmo I might be possibly able to cut and paste if I were to own a computer but simply I dont and never have. Dont even have the internet except on my phone. For some reason the cut and paste doesn't work or I have no way to work it so just give up trying to shut me up. This is a country at least as for now that allows free speech the last time I checked the constitution. But if course if the democrats win and nullify the constitution and adopt the new constitution of the new north America you will need a license to practice free speech because they want to restrict what regular people are allowed to say but journalists will have the rich to free speech or it will infringe there creative abilities.
By kebmo at 09,Apr,20 13:35 other posts of kebmo 

Android: only registered users can see external links

iPhone: only registered users can see external links

Keep the bullshit excuses coming and I'll help you overcome them! Don't tell me you have a flip phone because we both know that it would take you over eight hours to type one of your longwinded bull shit posts.

By kebmo at 08,Apr,20 14:18 other posts of kebmo 
Since you know how to find YouTube, go there and search “How to copy and paste”. Sick of your bull shit “I don’t know how to prove my statement” bullshit.
--------------------------------------- added after 10 hours

Well overeight did you learn how to copy/paste today? If not, why not?

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