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What is the best thing that happened to you on this site?

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Started by abagurio at 19,Apr,20 12:43  other posts of abagurio
Did you have an experience on SYD/SYC that actually changed something in your life and perhaps even made it better in some way?

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By cmsdude at 07,May,20 23:53 other posts of cmsdude 
I met a guy through here and we have had some great suck sessions including 3somes.
By abagurio at 08,May,20 07:09 other posts of abagurio 
That sounds great!
Is it common to meet people from here in real life?

By #615887 at 03,May,20 11:03
I met someone we got together and I finally got to suck my first cock also got my first taste and swallowed cum from another man so now I want a bigger cock and load of cum

By JackS at 03,May,20 04:18 other posts of JackS 
Just getting to see so many perfectly beautiful penises, and then others saying it is just normal to love beautiful penises and just loving that! Getting off to so many nice ones, but still being mostly straight and loving a lady! Just something else, a personal 'guy thing' maybe!

By knewbi at 27,Apr,20 12:07 other posts of knewbi 
Probably the chatting with like minded people. Men and women. It is great chatting about sexual activities and not being judged in a negative way. Met some great people that talked me through a verbal sexual encounter

By Oddmanout at 21,Apr,20 16:27 other posts of Oddmanout 
Overall, the friends that Iíve made here. Just having some folks outside of my normal circle to talk to about shit that I donít want to talk to my day to day friends about. Thatís been the best thing for me...
By abagurio at 21,Apr,20 17:18 other posts of abagurio 
Are there any friends from here that you meet in the "real" world, or is this relationship virtual only?

By cumcouplessa at 20,Apr,20 21:39 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. I used to think I was a pervert of some sort, simply because I crave cock. I love sucking cock, I love watching my wife suck cock. I love to share her with other men and watch her ride a nice hard cock. I thought this very strange because I still love pussy and definatelly love my wife. Then I joined syd and realised just how many guys there are like me in the world. I'm not ashamed anymore, and simply just enjoy what we do
By abagurio at 21,Apr,20 03:21 other posts of abagurio 
Thank you. That is interesting
By X_Y_Z at 21,Apr,20 15:34 other posts of X_Y_Z 
sure is, I agree

By spermkiss at 19,Apr,20 16:06 other posts of spermkiss 
I came for the pictures of the dicks and I still enjoy them.

But I stay for the exchange of thoughts and ideas here on the Forum. I've learned a lot from other members and I hope others have learned from me.
By tb1 at 20,Apr,20 05:33 other posts of tb1 
I share your sentiments my friend, your insight and knowledge that youíve shared with me is invaluable, many many thanks.

By abagurio at 20,Apr,20 06:18 other posts of abagurio 
Can you say what new things you have learned here? Can you say it opened your mind to new things?
By spermkiss at 20,Apr,20 13:10 other posts of spermkiss 
Oh, where to begin? I suppose the things I've learned could be broken down into the sexual and the non-sexual.

First concerning the sexual, perhaps the biggest thing I've learned is how widespread is the interest in dicks among straight men. As a practicing gay man who has hooked up over the years with numerous men who self identify as straight, I knew this interest existed. But I didn't fully appreciate how pervasive it is. Men like dicks. All men do. Looking at dicks and liking dicks is almost universal among men. It's a guy thing.

And for many men the interest goes beyond looking. I seem to have become the "go to" member here at SYD for straight men who want to do a bit of switch hitting. I've lost track of the number of messages I've gotten from members who consider themselves straight but want to suck cock. I advise them to make it happen in a safe and controlled way, because this desire will not go away. If not satisfied it could drive them to do risky things. And they don't have to stop considering themselves as straight just because they've sucked a cock. I've even coined a name for these men: straight cocksuckers. Many embrace this description.

As for the non-sexual, the sky is the limit. Anything and everything including science, technology, politics, the arts, you name it.
By abagurio at 20,Apr,20 13:57 other posts of abagurio 
Thank you. That was very interesting

By ANGEL1227 at 20,Apr,20 07:26 other posts of ANGEL1227 

By Sailee at 20,Apr,20 02:56 other posts of Sailee 
i can express myself here which i think and my view about sex,sexuality,nudity to stranger which could not possible direct face to face with stranger..
By abagurio at 20,Apr,20 03:53 other posts of abagurio 
So this is an opportunity for you, but can you say it actually changed or improved your life?
By Sailee at 20,Apr,20 09:32 other posts of Sailee 
not sure for changed but improve ... something which in my mind can express so i feel happy to talk with stranger..

By oldbugle at 20,Apr,20 08:15 other posts of oldbugle 
The best thing that happened to me is that the c0mments of other members helped me to see that I was normal and had an adequate penis......

I only began to 'display' because of the comments of a former partner (woman) who made various remarks during our intimate moments to the effect that It would have bee nmuch better for us if I had not been "deformed"

I came to this site after hearing about it in an overheard conversation and immediately wanted to see if other men had 'normal' was a cathartic experience that essentially freed my personality, such was the stress that I had become unwitingly prone to.
By abagurio at 20,Apr,20 08:39 other posts of abagurio 
good one man

By nakedjim at 20,Apr,20 07:52 other posts of nakedjim 
Able to express my experiences with guys that need to express their pleasures with other people. Perverted & fetish.

By AustrianCouple at 20,Apr,20 03:13 other posts of AustrianCouple 
My girlfried got a bit more daring thanks to this website

But also me (the guy) got a bit more perverted
By abagurio at 20,Apr,20 03:51 other posts of abagurio 
That sounds like a real chage. Do you think this site caused it or it would have happen anyway?
By AustrianCouple at 20,Apr,20 03:54 other posts of AustrianCouple 
Probably it would have happend anyway (due to my fetishes). But this site sped up the process
By abagurio at 20,Apr,20 04:31 other posts of abagurio 
Maybe it provided you with the approval that your fetishes are accepted and respected by other people

By Smoothmann at 19,Apr,20 16:15 other posts of Smoothmann 
I have met some very nice people on this site and I enjoy chatting with like minded friends!

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