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I love older men!

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Started by #617078 at 12,May,20 11:00
My daddy is 54...Iím 23

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New Comment

By Boeb7 at 17,May,20 11:53 other posts of Boeb7 
Would love to get some tributes off older would make me so wet. Can anyone help? /oobwduhz39m6pic.html

By Jamie at 12,May,20 11:35 other posts of Jamie 
I'm 69 and I like you to
By cody8789 at 14,May,20 20:32 other posts of cody8789 
Jamie, I thought you said you liked me, are you cheating on me again,
By Jamie at 14,May,20 20:59 other posts of Jamie 
Oops you caught me

By ANGEL1227 at 15,May,20 12:05 other posts of ANGEL1227 
You are 69? What are you doing in this site? According to Skittles thatís shameful.
By Jamie at 17,May,20 07:46 other posts of Jamie 
He get there in time.
By ANGEL1227 at 17,May,20 08:34 other posts of ANGEL1227 

By Cutone45 at 16,May,20 02:44 other posts of Cutone45 

By leopoldij at 14,May,20 13:00 other posts of leopoldij 
Both these pics look great, but which of the two is you baby?
By #617078 at 14,May,20 21:41
What do you mean? Both pics are of me
By leopoldij at 14,May,20 21:48 other posts of leopoldij 
Oh, I'm sorry. I thought the boobs were bigger on the right, but it's probably because you're standing. You're hot baby, really really sexy!

By Jaymann79 at 12,May,20 11:21 other posts of Jaymann79 
Very interesting. Youíre hot
By Scorps at 12,May,20 11:36 other posts of Scorps 
By the looks of them bruises on her she's also abused... Take a skillet to that motherfuckers head while he's sleep.
By #617078 at 12,May,20 11:39
I like him abusing me
By Scorps at 12,May,20 11:42 other posts of Scorps 
🙄 Oh boy! Ok
By #617078 at 12,May,20 11:43
Whatís wrong with that?

By ANGEL1227 at 14,May,20 03:43 other posts of ANGEL1227 
Not sure who is worse, him or you.
By #617078 at 14,May,20 06:41

By Scorps at 14,May,20 12:47 other posts of Scorps 

By phart at 12,May,20 18:37 other posts of phart 
Yep,no sense in that.if a man aint got any more respect for a woman than that, he ought to be casterated.
By Scorps at 12,May,20 20:19 other posts of Scorps 
Well, as much as I may agree, she seems to encourage and likes it. What else can you do, other than shake your head and move on?

I suppose there's a term for people that enjoy that, masochists? 🤔
By phart at 12,May,20 20:30 other posts of phart 
I don't know what the term would be,Just glad I aint got to try to understand it
By Scorps at 14,May,20 02:38 other posts of Scorps 
No doubt...

By 0-00 at 14,May,20 12:42 other posts of 0-00 
Very nice indeed! You know who to look for if you ever visit my country! I will be your guide...

By cumcouplessa at 13,May,20 23:58 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. Your daddy is an extremely lucky guy

By biggerdick at 13,May,20 22:37 other posts of biggerdick 
I just turned 70! Come and make me cum!

By Pantyhose1 at 13,May,20 22:00 other posts of Pantyhose1 
I love older men too! I can't be with a man my age or younger. And older men will buy you anything..

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