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Foreskin Permanent Retraction Advice and Tips

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Started by Greek18cm at 27,Mar,21 09:46  other posts of Greek18cm
So as a Greek I am uncut but in my puberty my female cousin thought me that having your glans out is sexier and it kinda imprinted in my mind.

I like my cockhead free. I like the look the sensation anything. But don't want to get cut. So for years I retract it only when having sex or masterbate (no lube).

The last year and a half I try to permenately retract it. It stays behind for hours that's not the problem.

The problem is that if I masterbate (I can't cum so I masterbate for hours) when I let my cock rest and I go sleep the other day the skin that is behind and around the head is a little bit swallen.

No hurt or anything. I just put it back on the helmet and in 5 to 10 minutes it's OK again.

The thing is I want to avoid that. In fact what I want is to retracted it once and make it stay there like it is one and only layer of skin, not a lot...

A friend who is nurse told me that it will tighten by the time but it s been a year and I see no tight...

Is it because I masterbate for long sessions?

Can anyone have any advice on how to make my foreskin less or tighter on I don't know go even more back... Not to swallen after 12 hours of retraction...

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New Comment

By whitebriefs at 09,Apr,21 19:29 other posts of whitebriefs 
I sometimes practice retraction and mine just stays retracted naturally as I have a large ridged glans. Iíve never noticed any swelling on my foreskin when I do this though, just the glans drying out after a few days.
By Greek18cm at 09,Apr,21 20:04 other posts of Greek18cm 
Well it's more of that it swallena after 12 or so hours if I masterbate a lot in the meanwhile... If I just retract it and let it it will not swallen...

I don't know!!!

By johndoe at 09,Apr,21 18:47 other posts of johndoe 
I have the same problem when it is retracted it can stay like that for hours I have to pull the skin on each side for a few minutes gently to return to normal I like my cock with the glans visible and I do it it works regularly and it is easier and easier to practice I think ...

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